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How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress

WordPress comes with some pretty neat tools to manage and edit images. You can easily upload images, align them, and even edit them inside WordPress.

Most beginners are not aware of these WordPress image editing features. It takes users a while to discover out some of them while other features go completely unnoticed.

If you ever had a question about WordPress images, then you’re in luck. In this article, we will cover the most common image issues in WordPress and how to fix them.

Fixing common image issues in WordPress

Since this is a detailed article, here is the list of image related issues that we will cover this article.

  1. How to Upload Images in WordPress?
  2. How to Align Image to the Left or Right in WordPress?
  3. How to Add Caption below Images?
  4. How to Display Photos in Columns and Rows?
  5. Create Beautiful Responsive Image Galleries in WordPress
  6. How to Fix Missing Post Thumbnails / Featured Image?
  7. How to Add Cover Images in WordPress Posts and Pages
  8. How to Fix Featured Image Appearing Twice Issue?
  9. Image too Big? How to Crop Images in WordPress?
  10. How to Add a Header Image in WordPress?
  11. How to Add a Background Image in WordPress?
  12. How to Find Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts?
  13. How to Tag Images in WordPress?
  14. How to Import External Images in WordPress?
  15. How to Require Featured Image for Posts in WordPress?
  16. How to Set a Default Featured Image in WordPress?

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

1. How to Upload images in WordPress?

WordPress makes it super easy to upload images to your posts, pages, and non-content areas like sidebars.

To upload images in WordPress posts and pages, you simply need to add the image block to the content editor.

Adding an image block to a WordPress post or page

You can also add the image block by simply typing /image in a paragraph block. The editor will start showing blocks you can insert as soon as you start typing.

Adding image block

WordPress will now add the image block to the editor. You need to click on the ‘Upload’ button to select and upload the image from your computer.

Select and upload image

You can also select a previously uploaded image from your media library.

After uploading the image, you’ll see a live preview of the image in the content editor.

Image preview

You’ll see a bunch of image settings on the right panel. From there you can provide image alt text, select image size, and image style.

2. How to Align Image to the Left or Right in WordPress?

WordPress makes it easier to align images to the left, right, or center. Simply select the image by clicking on it, and then click on alignment button from the block toolbar.

Image alignment options

You may have noticed how some popular blogs use images with text wrapped around them. This is done by using the align feature.

Image aligned left with text on the right

Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Media & Text’ block instead of the image block. This block is made specifically for adding images next to the text.

Media and text block

You can then upload an image and text side by side. You can also use the block toolbar to change the image or text side.

Image next to the text in WordPress

3. How to Add Caption below Images?

WordPress allows you to easily add caption for images. After you upload an image, you’ll see the option to add caption right below the image preview.

Write caption for an image in WordPress

Similarly, you can also add captions to image galleries in WordPress. For more details, see our guide on how to add captions to images in WordPress.

4. How to Display Photos in Columns and Rows?

Often users ask us how to neatly display photos in columns and rows.

Let’s say you want to share photos of a birthday party or vacation photos. You can add them one by one into a post, but this will look like a lengthy list of images.

The better way to group your photos is by creating image galleries.

WordPress comes with a built-in gallery block that allows you to easily add images in rows and columns with thumbnail previews.

Simply add the gallery block to the post editor and select the images you want to upload.

Adding a gallery in WordPress

For more detailed instructions see our guide on how to create an image gallery in WordPress.

5. Create Beautiful Responsive Image Galleries in WordPress

Envira Gallery

You will notice that the default WordPress image galleries lack several features. For instance, they are also not very easy to browse.

If you often upload images and photographs to your WordPress site, then you will need a proper WordPress photo gallery plugin.

We recommend using Envira Gallery. It allows you to easily create beautiful and fully mobile-friendly image galleries on your WordPress site.

The best part is that it adds additional functionality like albums, gallery templates, social sharing, slideshows, watermarking, pagination, password protection, tagging, fullscreen view, and much more.

6. How to Fix Missing Post Thumbnails / Featured Image?

Most WordPress themes allow you to prominently display a featured image with your articles. Here is how to set a featured image in WordPress to avoid missing thumbnails.

Setting a featured image for a WordPress post

Now, you can click on ‘Set Featured Image’ to upload your post thumbnail. After uploading the image, you’ll be able to see your post thumbnail in the featured image meta box like this:

Featured image preview in post editor

For more details, see our guide on how to add featured image or post thumbnail in WordPress.

7. How to Add Cover Images in WordPress Posts and Pages

Cover images are the wide or full-width images that can be used as a separator between different sections of an article or a lengthy sales page.

They are highly engaging and help users easily scan a page without feeling overwhelmed by too much text.

To add a cover image, you simply need to add the ‘Cover’ block to the content editor.

Adding cover block to WordPress post editor

Next, you need to upload the image you want to use from your computer or select one from the media library. If you don’t want to use an image, then you can also select a color background as the cover.

Tip: It is best to use a large image for a better result.

You’ll now see a liver preview of your cover image in the editor. You can change the cover image display options from the block toolbar or using the settings on the right.

Cover image preview

To learn more see our guide on the difference between cover image vs featured image in WordPress and how to use them effectively.

8. How to Fix Featured Image Appearing Twice Issue?

Inserting the featured image inside content is a common mistake made by beginners.

Once you set a featured image, you don’t need to insert it into the post editor along with your post content.

Doing so, will make your featured image appear twice. Once as the featured image, and once as an image inside the post.

Featured image appearing twice

You can add other images in your post, but your featured image goes in the featured image box.

For more details, see our guide on how to fix featured image appearing twice in WordPress posts.

9. Image too Big? How to Crop Images in WordPress?

When you are uploading images from your phone or camera they are usually too big.

WordPress automatically creates small, medium, and large image sizes for your original upload. But sometimes you may need to crop the image in a different size.

WordPress is no Photoshop, but it comes with some basic image editing features like scale, crop, flip and rotate images.

Go to Media » Add New and upload your image. After uploading the image, you will see an Edit link next to the uploaded image.

Clicking on it will open the Edit Media screen where you will see an Edit Image button right below the image. This will open the WordPress image editor.

Editing image in WordPress

From here you can click on the ‘Edit Image’ button below the image preview. This will open the image editing screen.

On the image editor screen, you will see buttons to perform some basic image editing tasks such as cropping, rotating, resizing, etc.

WordPress image editing features

For more detailed instructions see our guide on how to crop, rotate, scale, and flip images in WordPress.

10. How to Add a Header Image in WordPress?

A header image in WordPress is a theme feature. Many WordPress free and premium themes comes with support for header image.

You can upload your own custom header image from the Appearance » Customize page.

Header options

Since it is a theme feature, many WordPress themes come with their own header options. Some allow you to set a site-wide header image, while others allow you to only set a header image for the homepage.

11. How to Add a Background Image in WordPress?

Just like the custom header image, custom background image is also a WordPress theme feature. Many WordPress themes come with support for custom background images.

Visit Appearance » Customize to launch the theme customizer. If you can see the Background Image option, then your theme has support for custom backgrounds.

Custom background

It is a theme feature which is why it varies from one theme to another. Depending on your theme you’ll see different options for styling your background image.

If your theme does not support background image, then you can still use a plugin to add full-screen background images to your website.

12. How to Find Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts?

Finding images for blog posts

Images can make your articles stand out. However, you must respect copyrights of other people and try to find images that you are legally allowed to use.

We are often asked by our readers about how to find best royalty free images to use in their posts?

There are many websites where you can find free images to use. However, you will soon notice that images on those sites look overused and generic.

See our list of the best sources for free public domain and CC0-licensed images on the internet.

13. How to Tag Images in WordPress?

If you run a photography blog, then you will notice that WordPress does not allow you to sort photos and images.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add tags to your images, so that you and your users can easily browse them?

Luckily, there are some great plugins that allow you to do just that.

For a photography related blog, the best option is to use Envira Gallery which comes with an add-on to add tags.

Envira Gallery allows you to create beautiful, mobile-ready, photo galleries in WordPress. Using tags, your users can easily filter and sort photos without even reloading a page.

Envira Gallery tags feature

For more details, see our article on how to add categories and tags to WordPress media library.

14. How to Import External Images in WordPress?

This question often comes up when you are migrating your site to WordPress. Some images on your website may still be pointing to older location.

Specially users importing blogs from Blogger, Squarespace, or may face this problem.

While the images on your site may appear correctly, they are still loading from external source. To solve this issue, all you need to do is install and activate Auto Upload Images plugin.

Auto upload image settings

The plugin will check for external images once you update or save any post or page. You can manually do that for each post or page or you can bulk edit all posts and simply click the update button.

For detailed instructions, see our guide on how to import external images in WordPress.

15. How to Require Featured Image for Posts in WordPress?

When running a multi-author site in WordPress, some of your authors may not be familiar with the featured image functionality.

In this case, you may want to remind yourself or your users to upload a featured image whenever they are submitting a post in WordPress.

You can do this by installing and activating the Require Featured Image plugin.

Once activated, the plugin will display a notification box in the post edit area, informing users that this post requires a featured image.

Require featured image

You and your users will be able to save posts as drafts, but you cannot publish the post until you add a featured image.

See our article on how to require featured images for posts in WordPress for more instructions.

16. How to Set a Default Featured Image in WordPress?

Finding the perfect featured image for every post or article is a tough task. Sometimes you may not want to add a featured image to a post, but your theme may look awkward without a featured image.

This is where a default featured image can come in handy. A default featured image is used when an article does not have a featured image of its own.

You can set a default featured image by using the default featured image plugin.

Default featured image

We hope this article helped you fix some of the most common image issues in WordPress. You may also want to see our list of the most common WordPress errors and how to fix them.

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  1. I’m having trouble with featured images warping when published. They look fine in the media library, but they distort horizontally when I set them as featured images.

  2. When I am sharing my post the image is not coming up as a thumbnail on other social sites…. ? How to fix that ?

  3. Hi, I am using the cutomizr theme on wordpress. The “Add media” button doesn’t work, because of this I am not able to upload any images.

    Can you please provide some help in this regard?

  4. I can’t believe this! I just spent 20 minutes typing out my problem and then had to sign in and everything I worked on seems to be lost!

    I guess I have to start over. I am Executive Director of a Not-for-Profit. I picked WordPress because it was supposed to be user friendly. But I have not found that to be the case; especially when updating. Our theme doesn’t work properly and I’m afraid to update WP because last time it blocked my site completely and I had no way to get in. I had to have our server manager access the site to disable plugins. Anyway, right now we are running a Christmas fair as a fundraiser and I have a vendors map that has to be updated a number of times a week. We create the jpeg and no matter how we upload – using drag and drop to the media file or directly to the post, or select files to either of those, or the different browser scenario – multi or otherwise, there is no consistency as to whether the post will show as the new picture or the old picture, even when we can see that the post and media show the new picture, when we log in to the front end with more than one different computer and check the link on the post for the picture, the last uploaded one shows up. We have not been able to figure out how we finally upload and it usually takes an hour or more of trying. There should be a consistent way to upload the new image directly to the post and then be able to click the hyperlink on the front end to get the new picture. I don’t know how to do code.

  5. I am Using Nextgen gallery for slideshow in my posts. Previously it was working fine. I am not sure what went wrong, it is not working like before. I can upload images to create nextgen gallery , but not able to see the thumbnails. If i click that broken thumbnail it’s displaying an image. Getting an error message saying “GD Library missing” . Suggest me to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

  6. I’m new to WordPress. I just imported 400 plus posts with images and the images doubled on every post. Any fix?Do I have to remove the featured images manually?!?!

  7. To troubleshoot this issue, we would recommend you to deactivate all plugins and switch to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Twelve or Thirteen. After that try to reupload the images that caused issues earlier. If you are unable to reproduce the problem then this means there is an issue with your theme or a plugin on your site.

    Hope this helps

  8. Whenever I include a caption on a photo, the photo gets cropped––a chunk gets taken off the right side. Without a caption, every photo is perfectly responsive.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Is it a WP thing, or my theme?

  9. need some help here. On some post when I publish them the images wont load, it shows a broken image icon, but if you click the icon the image opens fine.

    i detected that this happens with some pictures with dimensions bigger that 3.000 x 3.000 pixels but it ts not always and reducing the resolution not allways solve the problem.

    I also notices that the problematic images change the URL type from multimedia to custom URL, so y changed it to multimedia URL when edit the post and the image loads fine again.

    so my question is, why the wordpress editor change the url of some of my images to custom URL generating this load image problem? and how to solve it

  10. Their are two common causes of this issue.

    1. Your theme is displaying images that are not regenerated for the image size used by the theme for featured images. In this case, you need to regenerate new image sizes

    2. Your theme does not have an image size associated with featured image and it is using the img width and height parameters to scale images down to fit in the thumbnail area. In this case, you need to add a new image size for your thumbnails.

  11. Hello WPBeginner Community!

    I have a question about WordPress that has left me dumbfounded. I am currently running version 3.9.1, and something weird happened. In the image editor window, the tabs have disappeared, so I can no longer toggle between Edit Image and Advanced Settings. I was wondering if you know how I can restore the tabs.

    Thank you in advance.


  12. Thanks for the tip on Importing External Images! Just wondering if any one came across a problem with uploading gifs, only to have them automatically renamed (by wordpress) as a jpg (via add media)? And when you physically check your files via FTP or file manager, the so-called .jpg file is just not there. How to solve this problem?

  13. The text doesn’t always align correctly anyway. The problem with text wrapping is that if your last line is too short the sentence is cut and ends below the picture instead of being align with the rest of the paragraph. That looks like shit.. I have solved most of these issues by using tables.


    your photo or text

    your photo or text>

    That solution works great for me. It prevents pictures from resizing and it makes the text aligned perfectly and prevents some other issues. I create a third cell that I leave blanc to have a space between the two cells.

  14. I am new to WordPress and I notice sometime when I add a photo to a web page the photo is simply white (not the photo I selected). If I click on the photo, I can see the image I was trying to upload onto the page but when I hit the back arrow the image goes back to being just white. Have you an idea how to fix this. It doesn’t happen all the time.

  15. Contact your web host. Check the support threads for all the plugins you have installed, see if someone else is having the similar issue. Also check your theme’s support forums to see if some users have reported similar issue.

  16. Some great tips! I generally do not have problems with images, only once posts are over 6 months old. I do a lot of beauty and product reviews so even after 12 months my posts are still valid and searched for but images seem to disappear from the post? Even on my pages, every 8 months or so I have to re-load images as they just disappear.
    Any suggestions?

  17. Hi. I’m having a different problem and am wondering if you can help. I am using the adament theme. It creates sliders for the galleries in a portfolio. However, the slider is cutting off everyone’s faces and showing only feet, and is also too big. Is there any way to fix this?

  18. I am still wondering about something. I removed the default image linking. When I go into my wordpress media files, they all have their own web addresses than can allow comments, allow me to do seo, etc.. Can I get rid of those webpages? It is a different address than the one that was used in image linking before I removed it.

    Thank You.

  19. I have been using WordPress since September and I have found it to be a great way to publish articles with an insane amount of GIFs and images! Before I used to be able to simply paste everything (gifs and photos) from my google doc into my wordpress post without any issue. But now it seems that whenever I try to do so the images and GIFs don’t come up and I have to input them (add media) into the article individually. Is there a reason for this change? I find that it’s a lot more time consuming and tedious and I’m not sure why it’s this way now. Am I missing something?

    • Connor, we never tried copy pasting an article with images from Google Docs into WordPress. We believe that on your older posts WordPress was able to show images as remote images, this means your images were probably stored with public viewing access on Google docs. It seems like they are not publicly viewable on Google docs so when you copy paste your article from Google Docs to WordPress, it is unable to display the images.

      It might be tedious and a bit extra work for you, but we think that importing images through media is a much better approach. Also you can try Import External Images plugin and see if it helps you easily import images.


  20. I have an image question – I publish posts with no problem, but when it comes to sharing them on Facebook, I am only able to select a thumbnail from an option of three images, even though I include many more than that, and the one I want to be the thumbnail with the link I share on Facebook, is unavailable, even if I have set it to featured image. How can I specifically select the exact image I want to appear beside the Facebook link?

    • This is a known issue with facebook. When a Post is shared through the Like button on a site facebook correctly detects featured image. However, when the URL is posted in the status box, then facebook fetches the images inside the article and ignores the featured image.


  21. Hi,

    I’m facing problem with featured image when i make a new post, successfully set featured image, but the image isn’t show up after posting. I’d checked the screen options, and the featured image is selected. What did I do wrong ?

    Need your advice.


    • Featured Images are basically a theme feature, this means how a featured image is displayed on your site is handled by your WordPress Theme. There are thousands of WordPress themes so it is difficult for us to provide you theme specific support. Please contact your theme support and they will be help you better in this regard.


  22. thanks for all these helpful tips. I have a problem on my wordpress blog which i hope you can solve. I have a tempera theme installed and have manually set the width of the content area and sidebar widget area. however when i upload photos to my posts, the images get cut off from the right side. They also appear really stretched out in the “Add new post” composer. How do I resolve this problem?


    • Nikhil it seems like your modifications to the theme are not working as you expected. First backup your theme files so that your modifications are safe. Then install a fresh copy of theme and try it on. If the image problems do not appear in the theme with no modifications, then you need to fix the changes you made to your theme.


  23. This is a very useful site, very helpful. One thing I’m having a problem with that I’ve not seen a question about.

    I’ve got a page for a client that lists everyone there. I’ve needed to add a new person to the gallery – image and details, all done and correct. The order of the gallery has been correct, the new person needs to show on the page as the last person. This looks correct in the order in the gallery, but when I publish the updated page, they’re appearing first in the column, not last.

    I’m sure it’s something really obvious that I’m missing… any one got any suggestions? It would be really helpful.

  24. Lately when I’ve been adding a permalink to a SM site such as FB or Google +, the image that appears automatically has nothing to do with the post I want to feature but with another post I wrote about three months ago.

    Any clue as to why this is happening?

    Thanks so much!

    • Facebook has a size limit and sometimes this is all it is. I say sometimes because in my experience, FB is full of surprises. I believe any dimension must be at least 400px. Works for me.

  25. one of my fav features was being able to customize the size once a picture was added to a post by clicking on the buttons in the top left hand corner – this afternoon i updated my site and now it seems those buttons aren’t working. they still appear but don’t lead anywhere.

    HELP?? :))

  26. Hi – I’m following your instructions, but I’m having a lot of trouble “wrapping’ text around images in WP. Sometimes the text will wrap, but when I do the exact same thing on the next page, it won’t. Also, sometimes the images will resize for me, sometimes not. It’s getting frustrating.

    I’ve googled for the answer to this but the closest I could come up with was this post on your blog (I’m a subscriber to you guys – great info).

    I’m not new to WP, but this is a new portfolio site for my writing and I want it to look nicer than what I’ve been doing and have some consistency across the pages… again, frustrating when the behavior of the CMS isn’t consistent.

    Any advice you can give me would be great. Thanks!

    • Valerie, if you use the Visual post editor, then after adding an image you will be able to see how the text around the image behaves inside the post editor. Or you can click on the preview button to see how it behaves. In visual post editor all you need to do is click on edit image button on the image and then adjust the alignment. Hope this helps.


  27. Hi, I have a problem. I can’t add any pictures to Media Library, it says ” Error saving media attachment” or ” “xxxxxx.jpg” has failed to upload due to an error
    Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2014/02. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”
    I tried to change file permissions for /wp-content/uploads/ folder to 755 but it still the same problem. Do you have any idea what can i do?
    Many thanks.

  28. I am working on localdev of a new site using content downloaded from the current live site. I was told by the guy who hosts it that I could export posts, pages etc but not the images. In localdev, I am seeing images, even in the media library, but no image is rendering properly on the new theme because of sizing being different.

    I thought I’d go in an upload new resized images and add to all our old posts replacing the former ones. However, even if I do remove featured image and place the new sized one, I am still seeing the old image skewy. What’s the problem here, and will it be resolved only when I move the localdev site to live hosting? I am not sure what to do. Thanks.

  29. My posts have several images. Being a food/cooking blog I tend to put the end results at the end of the posts. However, that leaves me with a picture of dough as the main image (that shows up as a big picture in the carousel on the homepage). I seem to have no contol over what image is chosen. Is it possible for me to choose the image shown?

  30. thanks for the tips. I am wondering if you can help me. I am trying to add a gallery onto a page. The images all get uploaded, but will not save? I try to click save and its as though it is frozen nothing happens? Any thoughts? TIA!!

    • Quick fix: if the images were successfully uploaded to media library you can create a gallery by selecting images from media library. As for frozen issue, there could be a few things. Check your directory permissions, increase php memory limit on your site, try testing by uploading one image at a time.


  31. Hi,
    Very useful basic information, But I have a strange problem in my wordpress. You talked about broken images in library and permission problems. But mine is another thing.
    Images in media library are OK but when I want edit them for example to crop a specific area for thumbnail image,(just this page the broken image is shown and I can’t edit my images totally. What’s wrong? please help me?
    Thanks in advance

  32. I created a simple animated GIF. When I place it in WordPress, Responsive theme, all I see is a non-animated image with the background changed from white to black (checked multiple browsers to see if this was just a Chrome issue — wasn’t). The uploaded image in the media library, however, is animated and looks just as it should. It just doesn’t work when placed on my page.

    Any solutions/work arounds?


    • The most likely cause of this could be the image sizes. When you upload an image to WordPress, it automatically creates several copies of the image in different sizes those copies will not have your animation frames. You need to insert the image in full size to make sure it works.


  33. Very interesting information. What I’ve had trouble with is getting an e-mail picture –or scanning an image– and trying to include that in my post.

    I save the image in My Pictures and can see it there. I upload it to my Media file and can see it there. I can edit it and save the edit. I click Add media and see it in the draft. But when I post the article the picture doesn’t show up in my post. Rather, a few words like –Family photo– will show up and if you click on that, the image comes up separately.

    Why won’t this picture go into my post? I like to draw and am dismayed that I can’t post my own scanned pictures.

  34. I have posts with the link to photo’s to a old domain name that I no longer have. is there a way to change the links is each post with out editing each of the one at a time?

  35. After uploading image on wordpress, my image is coming very small. i am not able to fix this small size. please help ?

    • You probably need to change the image size to medium, or large. If that does not work, go to Media > Library and make sure that your uploaded image is there and is available in Full Size.


  36. I have a problem with the featured image

    If i’m using set featured image, caption on the image will not show in the post, but if i’m using add media the caption for the image will show.

    how to fix that ? if i have 2 different gallery that not problem, but if the post is only need one photo it will be double post thumbnails :(

  37. Regarding images for a moment, I’ve been having this problem uploading images.

    I keep getting this “Error saving media attachment..” I changed my site’s settings. My host changed permissions. And the error persists. I can’t upload anything to the site, and for an image-heavy site like mine, that’s a bad thing.

    This has been plaguing me for a month, and I need help.

    • The most common reason for this error is usually either file permissions or file size limit. Try changing file permissions for /wp-content/uploads/ folder to 755 or ask your host to do this for you.


  38. Hi!
    May be you can help with resolving one more issue related to images.
    If a website uses front-posting or guest posts then how to restrict user access to their own images?
    The problem is users can see all images in Media Library.
    Thanks in advance!

  39. My dream is that some site like this will have a grandma adviser. Not that you have to be an elder to be a know-not-much about techie stuff. Young people too haven’t a clue.
    I post images by putting them in my Open Office, and pasting the whole thing in. Works okay.

  40. GREAT information! I have a question — maybe you can help? It makes me crazy that after uploading multiple images to the media library if you click edit next to one of the images to add a caption or alternate text it opens in a new tab which does not close when you hit update! So you can end up with the dashboard open in a bunch of tabs. I am running 3.6.1 and this didn’t happen with older versions — I think it started with 3.5 — do you know a way around this? Thanks!

    • Unfortunately there is no way around this. The Edit link is supposed to open in the new tab so that users can edit multiple images at once. We understand that you would want that new tab to close when you hit the update button, we agree it is kind of annoying to have these tabs opened. However, for other users clicking the update button does not necessarily mean that they are done editing image so I guess this is why the does not close automatically.


      • Thanks for the answer! I appreciate it. Must admit I liked the old way better….. But thank you!

  41. The first couple tips seemed very obvious, but as I progressed down the list it got more and more interesting. The gallery tips and fixing the double image post issue were my two favorite tips.

  42. Recently i subscribe in your website, i got a lot of knowledge, especially in this post everything explained and easy to understand any one. thanks to share this image related post thanks a lot and share more knowledge as well..

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