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SeedProd is the best WordPress drag and drop website builder. It has everything you need to create high-converting landing pages, beautiful custom home pages, and more.
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  • A drag and drop page builder
  • Over 180 page templates
  • A WordPress theme builder


  • Only compatible with WordPress and doesn't work with any other website builders

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SeedProd Review: Is it the Right WordPress Page Builder For You?

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Are you looking for a SeedProd review to help you decide if it’s the right page builder for you?

The right page builder can help you design custom landing pages, homepages, high-converting product pages, and more with ease. If you choose the right plugin, then you can even create custom WordPress themes without having to write a single line of code.

In this SeedProd review, we’ll look at this popular plugin to see whether it really is the best WordPress page builder.

The SeedProd page builder plugin for WordPress

SeedProd Review: Is It Really Good?

SeedProd is the best WordPress drag and drop page builder designed to create custom landing pages, sales pages, homepages, and even custom WordPress themes.

With SeedProd, you can create unique page designs and themes without writing any code or hiring a WordPress developer.

To help you get started, it comes with over 180 professionally designed templates.

Choosing a professionally-designed page design for WordPress

Simply choose the template you want to use, and then customize it using SeedProd’s drag and drop editor.

In the editor, you’ll find over 90 ready-made blocks that you can simply drag onto your layout. This includes advanced multimedia blocks such as optin forms, social profiles, countdown timers, contact forms, and more.

How to collect leads and email addresses

If you run an online store, then SeedProd even comes with WooCommerce blocks such as Add to Cart, Best Selling Products, Product Price, and Product Rating.

This allows you to create custom WooCommerce checkout pages, cart pages, product pages, and more.

A custom WooCommerce page design, created using SeedProd

If you want to design your own WordPress theme, then SeedProd has over 150 website kits.

These kits have everything you need to create a consistent design, including templates for webinar registration pages, 404 pages, eCommerce product pages, homepages, and more.

Choosing a website kit using the SeedProd page builder plugin

If you’re just getting started or have a limited budget, then you can download the free version of SeedProd from the official WordPress repository.

With this plugin, you can create beautiful coming soon pages and maintenance mode pages for your website.

Creating a maintenance mode screen using a page builder plugin

It also has a good selection of landing page templates.

This allows you to create professional-looking pages no matter what your budget.

How to create a high-converting sales page for WordPress

However, if you want to build a custom theme, unlock additional blocks, customize your WooCommerce website, or perform other advanced tasks, then you’ll need to upgrade to SeedProd Pro.

SeedProd Review: Why Use It in WordPress?

With the right page builder plugin, you can design an eye-catching and high-converting site that makes a great first impression on visitors.

With that being said, in this SeedProd review we’ll see of it really is the best WordPress page builder plugin.

1. Over 180 ready-made templates

Designing and building your own pages can be daunting. With that in mind, SeedProd comes with over 180 professionally-designed templates that you can use as a starting point.

To help you find the right template fast, SeedProd’s designs are organized into categories such as thank you, custom login pages, and lead squeeze.

SeedProd's template categories

SeedProd has many templates that can help you get more conversions, such as landing page and sales page templates.

It also has designs for niche use cases. For example, the Personal Links template is perfect for making a link in bio page to share with your followers.

A link in bio page, created using SeedProd

All of SeedProd’s templates are fully customizable, so you can add your own content, or remove any content you don’t like.

For example, you can type in your own messaging, add a custom logo, and more using SeedProd’s drag and drop editor.

Adding custom messaging using a drag and drop editor

2. A User-Friendly Editor

After choosing a template, you can customize it using SeedProd’s drag and drop editor.

This shows a live preview of your page to the right and some block settings on the left.

SeedProd's drag and drop page builder

Blocks are a core part of SeedProd, and you can use them to create any kind of page.

Most templates come with built-in blocks that you can customize using the settings in the left-hand menu.

Customizing a SeedProd block

Typically, you’ll start by adding your own content, such as text, images, videos, and more.

After that, you can fine-tune how the block looks by changing the link color, button color, adding a drop shadow, and more.

Adding a drop shadow to a SeedProd block

You can even add custom CSS animations, or hide the block on desktop or mobile devices.

For example, SeedProd makes it easy to show different navigation menus, depending on whether the visitor is using a desktop or mobile device. In this way, you can create a mobile-ready responsive menu without installing an extra plugin or learning how to code.

How to create a mobile-responsive navigation menu

SeedProd has over 90 blocks that you can add to your design. This includes advanced options such as pricing tables, search forms, and animated headlines.

In the left-hand menu, just find the block you want to use and drag it onto your layout.

How to create a pricing table using SeedProd

Depending on the plugins you’ve installed, you may see some extra blocks.

For example, SeedProd integrates perfectly with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, so you’ll find blocks for both of these popular plugins.

Creating a custom WooCommerce checkout page using SeedProd

After adding some blocks, you can move them around your design using drag and drop.

SeedProd also comes with ‘Sections,’ which are blocks that are often used together such as testimonials, contact forms, features, FAQs, and more.

SeedProd's ready-made sections

These sections can help you create custom page designs, fast.

3. Seamlessly Integrates with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Many popular eCommerce platforms come with built-in page designs. For example, WooCommerce has ready-made checkout and cart pages.

However, these default pages aren’t always optimized for conversions. You can often get more sales by replacing them with your own designs.

This SeedProd review won’t be complete without exploring its WooCommerce support. To start, SeedProd has a range of WooCommerce blocks, so you can create custom thank you pages, checkout pages, a shop page, and more.

SeedProd even comes with blocks such as Top Rated Products, Best Selling Products, and Sale Products, which are perfect for upselling and cross-selling.

Adding upselling and cross-selling content to a WooCommerce page

Although SeedProd has special WooCommerce blocks, you can add any block to your pages.

For example, you might add the Optin Form block to your order confirmation page so customers can sign up for your email newsletter.

Creating a high-converting custom thank you page using SeedProd

If you’re using Easy Digital Downloads to sell digital products on WordPress, then SeedProd comes with several EDD blocks. This includes a Downloads Grid that shows all your digital products in a single place.

Simply add this block to any page to create a custom digital storefront.

SeedProd's Easy Digital Downloads blocks

While Easy Digital Downloads already has a seamless checkout experience, SeedProd lets you customize it with EDD Cart and Checkout blocks.

SeedProd also has a Buy Now Button that allows customers to start the purchasing process from any page on your online store.

Adding a buy now button to your online store

4. Connect Your Page to Third-Party Tools

If you’re creating a custom page to capture leads, then you may want to add a signup form.

The good news is that SeedProd seamlessly integrates with all the best email marketing services like Constant Contact and ActiveCampaign.

Integrating email service providers with your page builder plugin

By connecting these services, SeedProd can help you build an email list. It will also track the pages that are getting the most subscribers.

You can use this insight to see what’s working and what isn’t, and then optimize your pages to get even more signups.

To connect SeedProd to your email marketing provider, simply click the ‘Connect’ tab.

Connecting SeedProd to your email service provider

You can then choose your email service provider, such as ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or Drip. SeedProd will walk you through the process of connecting the page to your email provider.

If SeedProd doesn’t support your email provider out of the box, then don’t worry. SeedProd works with Zapier, which acts as a bridge between SeedProd and more than 3,000 other apps. Just scroll to the ‘Other’ section and hover over ‘Zapier.’

When the ‘Connect’ button appears, give it a click and then follow the onscreen instructions to connect SeedProd and Zapier.

Connecting SeedProd to Zapier

5. Dynamic Text

Dynamic text is content that changes depending on different factors, such as the visitor’s name, behavior, and location. It’s a great way to show personalized content to visitors, which often makes your content more engaging.

Dynamic content can also help you get more signups and sales. For example, you can show the date dynamically in a countdown sale, and it will automatically update each day. In this way, you can create a sense of urgency and get more conversions.

SeedProd comes with an ‘Insert Dynamic Text’ setting that allows you to add dynamic content to your headings and text.

Inserting dynamic text using SeedProd

Here, you can set the time and date by selecting options such as Tomorrow, or Next Month.

This is an easy way to create evergreen content or use FOMO to increase conversions.

How to insert dynamic text using a page builder plugin

If you’re running online ads, then you can pass data to SeedProd using a query parameter.

For example, you can pass in a keyword from the ad or personalize the SeedProd page with the visitor’s name or location.

An example of dynamic text, created using SeedProd

For more on this topic, please see our guide on how to add dynamic content in WordPress.

6. WordPress Theme Builder

Typically, if you want to build your own WordPress theme, then you’ll need to learn how to code PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or hire a theme developer.

If you hire a developer or agency, then the cost of a custom WordPress theme can reach thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, SeedProd lets you create a custom theme without having to write a single line of code. In fact, you can create themes using the same blocks, sections, and the SeedProd drag and drop page builder.

SeedProd has a growing library of professional website kits that you can add to your site with a single click. 

An example of a complete website kit

These are collections of pre-designed templates, layouts, and other elements that allow you to create a professional-looking website, fast.

SeedProd has template kits for different industries and niches like restaurant websitestravel blogs, marketing consultancies, and more, so you’ll have no problem finding your perfect SeedProd template.

An example of a complete website kit

SeedProd’s template kits are designed to be used together, so you can simply install a kit and use the same design across your entire WordPress website.

Many of these kits also provide templates for areas that appear across multiple pages, such as a header and footer template.

Creating a custom footer for a WordPress theme

This makes it easy to create a consistent look and feel across your custom WordPress theme.

All of SeedProd’s website kits are easy to customize. Simply open any design in SeedProd’s drag and drop editor, and then you can add, remove, and customize content in exactly the same way you design any other page.

For example, you can add custom fonts, change the colors, add your own logo, and more.

When designing your theme, you may want to customize each template individually. However, SeedProd also provides a Global CSS template where you can change the template’s default fonts, backgrounds, colors, and more. This can save you a ton of time and effort.

Customizing the global settings for your WordPress theme

For example, you can use the SeedProd editor to change the colors used in the kit’s headers, paragraph text, links, buttons, and more.

SeedProd will then apply these changes across the entire template kit.

How to customize global CSS styles on your WordPress website

For more on this topic, please see our guide on how to create a custom WordPress theme.

7. Integrates Seamlessly with the Best SEO Plugin

SeedProd makes it easy to create well-structured pages that look great. This will encourage visitors to stay on your site for longer, which sends positive signals to the search engines. In this way, SeedProd can improve your WordPress SEO and help your content rank higher.

This is a great start, but if you use AIOSEO then you can go one step further.

AIOSEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin, and it integrates seamlessly with SeedProd. Inside the SeedProd editor, simply click on ‘Page Settings’ and then select ‘SEO.’

Optimizing your SEO using SeedProd

You can now optimize the page’s title, meta description, type in a target keyphrase and more, directly inside the SeedProd editor.

You can even add schema markup, and fine-tune how the page will look when it’s shared on social media.

Adding schema to a custom WordPress page design

For detailed instructions, please see our guide on how to setup All in One SEO for WordPress.

8. Built-in Access Controls

Both the free and premium versions of SeedProd allow you to create beautiful coming soon and maintenance mode pages. You can show visitors these designs while working on your WordPress website.

Designing a coming soon page for your website or blog

However, sometimes people may need to access the site while it’s in coming soon or maintenance mode. For example, if you’re a WordPress development agency, then your clients may want to see their site while it’s under construction so they can provide feedback.

If you upgrade to SeedProd Pro, then you’ll get access to powerful access controls. In this way, you can allow limited access while the site is in maintenance or coming soon mode.

SeedProd's access control settings

If you offer user registration, then you may want to enable the ‘Exclude Default’ toggle. This allows visitors to access URLs that contain the following terms: login, admin, dashboard, and account. This is an easy way to stop people from getting locked out of their accounts.

You can also grant access to users with specific browser cookies, or with a particular role.

Controlling who has access to your site in maintenance or coming soon mode

You can even include or exclude user roles created by your WordPress membership plugin or eCommerce plugin.

For more on this topic, see our beginner’s guide to WordPress user roles and permissions.

9. Domain Mapping Made Easy

By default, every page you create will have the same domain name as the rest of your WordPress blog or website.

However, sometimes you may want to use a custom domain instead.

Imagine you review home gym equipment on your fitness blog. Now, you want to expand your brand by selling training and nutrition courses.

You want to keep your reviews and online courses separate so it doesn’t confuse your existing audience. Instead of setting up an entirely new website, you can add a custom domain and then point it to a landing page on your existing website. 

This may sound complicated, but SeedProd makes it easy to map a custom domain to any page. Simply create your page as normal, and then select ‘Page Settings.’

Here, just click on the ‘Custom Domain’ tab.

Adding a custom domain alias to a landing page

After that, click the ‘On’ button next to ‘Custom Domain.’

You can then simply type in the domain name you want to use for the custom page.

How to setup domain mapping using a page builder plugin

After that, you just need to make some changes in your WordPress hosting dashboard. The steps may vary depending on your hosting provider, but you’ll typically need to edit the DNS nameservers under your domain registrar account.

For step-by-step instructions, please see our guide on how to add a custom domain alias for your WordPress landing page.

10. Community and Professional Support

SeedProd is designed to help you create custom pages and even entire themes, without having to code or hire a designer. However, sometimes you may need some extra help.

If you prefer to research problems yourself, then the SeedProd website has detailed online documentation and a regularly updated blog.

You can access these resources, no matter whether you download the free plugin or upgrade to a premium license.

SeedProd's free online documentation

If you buy a SeedProd license, then you’ll also get access to professional support.

Simply create a support ticket and the SeedProd team will aim to respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

Submitting a support ticket for a page builder plugin

SeedProd Review: Pricing and Plans

If you have a limited budget or want to try before you buy, then you can download a free version of SeedProd from the official WordPress repository.

However, if you want to create a custom theme, unlock additional templates, or customize your online marketplace, then you’ll need to buy a premium license.

SeedProd's plans and pricing page

SeedProd has four premium licenses you can choose from:

  • Basic. $39.40 per year, for 1 website. The Basic plan also unlocks 50 extra templates and gives you access to professional support.
  • Plus. $99.50 per year, for 3 websites. If you want to grow your mailing list, then SeedProd Plus integrates with all the best email service providers such as Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), Constant Contact, and MailerLite.
  • Pro. This plan gives you access to SeedProd’s theme builder and website kits, for $199.50 per year. It also unlocks all of SeedProd’s professionally designed templates, blocks, and sections.
  • Elite. If you run a design or development agency, then this plan allows you to use SeedProd on an unlimited number of client sites. It also integrates with WooCommerce and supports domain mapping.

SeedProd Review: Is it Worth It?

After looking through all the features, we’re confident that SeedProd is the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress.

If you’re just getting started, then there’s a free version of SeedProd that allows you to create beautiful coming soon and maintenance pages. It also has a drag and drop page builder, so you can create custom pages no matter what your budget.

However, if you want to create high-converting landing and sales pages then we recommend upgrading to the premium plugin.

If you’re a WordPress blogger or starting a new online business, then SeedProd Basic is an affordable option that allows you to create custom page designs for a single website.

If you want to grow your email list, then we recommend SeedProd Plus. This plan integrates with all the best email service providers such as Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit, and Aweber.

This allows you to create pages that collect the visitor’s email address, and then add that information to your mailing lists automatically.

Do you want to create your own WordPress themes? Then SeedProd Pro comes with a powerful theme builder, plus website kits that can help you redesign an entire website, fast.

Finally, the Elite plan allows you to use SeedProd on an unlimited number of sites. This makes it the perfect choice for design and development agencies, or marketers who manage lots of client websites.

If you have an online store, then SeedProd Elite also comes with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads blocks. These allow you to customize your store to get more conversions and sales.

We hope this SeedProd review helped you decide whether it’s the right page builder for your WordPress website. You can also check out our guide on how to choose the best web design software, or see our expert pick of the must-have WordPress plugins for business websites.

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  2. Samantha says

    Absolutely amazing product!! I’m not the most tech savvy person but SeedProd made the process of starting my own website beyond easy!!

  3. Ashley Zabel says

    SeedProd is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables users to effortlessly create stunning coming soon, maintenance mode, and landing pages. It’s a fantastic tool for website owners, designers, and developers looking to create a professional online presence even before their site is fully launched.

    One of the standout features of SeedProd is its user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy to customize pages using its drag-and-drop builder. With a plethora of templates and customization options available, users can tailor their pages to match their brand identity seamlessly.

    Moreover, SeedProd offers robust functionality, including integration with popular email marketing services, social media platforms, and seamless compatibility with various WordPress themes and plugins. Its responsive design ensures that created pages look great on all devices, further enhancing user experience.

    The plugin also boasts excellent customer support, providing timely assistance and resources to help users navigate any challenges they might encounter.

    In conclusion, SeedProd stands out as an exceptional WordPress plugin for creating captivating coming soon and landing pages. Its intuitive interface, extensive customization options, and robust functionality make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to make a strong first impression online.

  4. Peter M. says

    Seedprod has a ton of great templates and apps to help anyone build a better website.

  5. Moinuddin waheed says

    Seed prod is the go to plugin for page builder. This is one of the best page builder out there.
    I would recommend everyone out there to use this plugin

  6. Prince Batubo says

    SeedProd is an amazing Website builder, I use them to work for my clients effortlessly.

    I can recommend them to anyone with 100% satisfaction, they’re the best.

  7. Shafqat Khan says

    Outstanding offerings featuring a diverse array of options and features, ensuring optimal choices for your needs. This company stands out, and I wholeheartedly endorse SeedPod as an excellent choice.

  8. Saiful Islam says

    SeedProd totally rocked my website launch! As a non-techie, the drag-and-drop features were a lifesaver. Crafted a sleek coming soon page without breaking a sweat. The pre-designed templates? Pure genius – made my site look like a pro’s handiwork.

  9. Mathias says

    One of the better tools I have used, easy to learn and feels helpful. Need to use it more to really understand all its different tools and extensions

  10. Melinda Gaines says

    I’ve got to say you’ve hit it out of the park with SeedProd. It’s so user friendly for even a novice such as myself.

  11. Sharon Smith says

    SeedProd is an excellent website builder that allows easy creation of custom pages!

  12. Debra Taylor says

    I have heard a lot about this.Just started using it and I really like it

  13. saikumar j says

    Easily build WordPress custom themes.
    Create custom template parts like: Headers, Footers,
    Content Pages, Category Pages, Tag Pages, Sidebars.
    Best tool to build website like wordpress.


    Fantastic products with many different options and functions to give you the best way to choose . it’s a great company and I would highly recommend seedpod

  15. Barb Hadley says

    SeedProd is a great company that offers wonderful giveaways! Give them a look and you won’t be disappointed.

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