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What, Why, and How-To’s of Livefyre for WordPress

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What, Why, and How-To’s of Livefyre for WordPress

In the past two weeks, you probably noticed that we switched our commenting system. We made this crucial decision after attending BlogWorld Expo and WordCamp Raleigh. Thanks to Patrick O’Keefe (@ifroggy) for suggesting this platform in his presentation at WordCamp Raleigh, and Lewis Howes (@LewisHowes) for introducing me to the Livefyre team at BlogWorld Expo. Many of you have asked us the benefits of this switch, and our experience so far. In this article, we will cover what is livefyre, why we are using livefyre, and how you can use livefyre in your WordPress site as well.

Note: After a whole year of using Livefyre, we decided to switch back to the default WordPress comments. Here are 6 reasons why we switched away from Livefyre.

What is Livefyre?

Livefyre is a real-time engagement focused on building a community around the content of your website. It replaces your default WordPress comment system with a live stream of comments, images, tweets, and facebook posts. The whole purpose of Livefyre comment platform is to bring the social-web conversation about your content back to your content. This gives your community the most quality online conversation experience possible.

Why use Livefyre?

There were various features that influenced our decision on using Livefyre as our comment system. One of the coolest aspect about livefyre comment system is that it is in real-time. Users can actually have a chat-like experience in the comments (believe it or not this has happened already with us interacting with our users). The next most awesome feature is that it reduces comment SPAM to almost zero. The reason for that is user-authentication. Most spammers are not willing to connect their social accounts (twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc), or register with livefyre to comment. There is a centralized admin panel that lets you flag comments as spam, ban users from commenting, assign multiple moderators (for each post or the entire site), and white-list users. Users can also flag comments or like comments which shows up as points on your community profile which is visible to everyone (so it is like a reputation system). Right now, there is no award system or cool titles for users with good reputation, but it would be a cool feature to have.

Livefyre integrates with the social web to boost social interaction. Users can connect their twitter account and facebook account. This lets them tag their friends in your site’s comments. For example when we comment, we can mention any user that we follow by simply adding the @username. It will also notify the user in the specific network. If that person choose to reply to the tweet or facebook status, that conversation will be pulled back to the specific post.

Want to try a live demo of how all this work? Simply comment on this post. Connect your twitter and facebook to see what we are referring to above (Yes you can disconnect if you don’t like it).

It has built-in threading of comments, live listener count, mobile-specific interface, new comment indicator, gravatar support.

How to Install Livefyre in WordPress

You would probably think that integrating a system with so many features would at least take a while. The truth of the matter is that we installed and deployed Livefyre on WPBeginner in less than 10 minutes at the Livefyre booth at BlogWorld Expo. (No lies, ask @lewishowes he was there).

All you have to do is install the LiveFyre plugin for WordPress (Use our Step by Step guide to Install a WordPress plugin).

Once you activate the plugin, it will ask you to register an account with Livefyre, so your user can be assigned as an administrator of the site. After you create an account, Livefyre will be ready on your site. Really the steps are this simple. If you don’t believe us, then check out the video that the Livefyre Support team put together (its 1 minutes and 13 seconds long).

Questions that we had prior to installing?

It would be silly if we didn’t have questions about the platform before we installed it. (Heck we made a live change from the middle of an expo hall at a conference).

How easy it is to get all the older comments to be on Livefyre?

It’s very easy. You don’t have to do anything. Depending on the amount of comments your site has time varies. For our site it took roughly 10 minutes. But that also depends on your internet connection (conference internet are not the best).

How does livefyre affect site speed?

It is a relatively light weight script, so it doesn’t slow your site down too much. We haven’t heard any complains.

How easy it is to revert back if we did not like the system?

Livefyre follows the command of your WordPress database. Each comment is stored in the database by default, so it is fairly easy to switch back.

Our Experience

We have been using Livefyre for a little over two weeks. Its been a great experience using this platform. You are probably wondering did the number of our comments went down because it now requires users to login before commenting. The answer to that question is NO! Did the number of spam comments went down? The answer to that is significantly.

Some users complained about the platform because they did not want to log in to comment. But to be honest with you, it is not that bad. There is way too much SPAM on the web. Same user commenting twice on the post just to get backlinks while they try to stuff keywords. This is the vary reason why top tech sites like Mashable, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb etc. all use user-authentication. TheNextWeb actually uses Livefyre. You just need to login once, and then forget about it. You will be able to comment without any issues. Some folks think that connecting their twitter or facebook account will somehow give us permission to post on their account. NO, it does not. There is a check box that says Share on Twitter and Facebook which by default is UNCHECKED. Unless that field is checked, the comment will NEVER be posted on any of your social media profile.

Loving the chat style system. We have actually had real-time conversations in our comments answering support question. The users were so impressed that the response was almost instant. It was a great experience for us as well. There is one email that is dedicated to receive notifications from Livefyre. We check it regularly and do our best to respond.

Instead of moderating for SPAM, we can now spend that time engaging with the users in comments. This is a lot more productive way of spending our time.

Want to try a demo? Just comment on this post below.

See the Full list of LiveFyre features

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  1. Hemthirth says:

    Great looks good

  2. Zeeshan Atta says:

    but you’re now using default comment system, why is that so?

  3. Nick says:

    It seems to me that you have stopped using Livefyre comments now. Is that correct or it is a different interface? If you stopped why did you do so?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Yes we have stopped using Livefyre starting last week. A post with explanation will be coming in a few days.

      • Meg says:

        I saw you stopped using Livefyre and am wondering why…I’ve installed it, but I deactivated it after I received a complaint from a user having to login twice…once for the WordPress interface and once for LiveFyre. I’m curious as to why you aren’t using it?

        • Editorial Staff says:

          If you scroll to the top of this article… there is a bold note that will take you the follow-up article.

  4. ipd says:

    I made the switch for my website, International Policy Digest but how do I customize the box itself?  Adding a comments policy above my username and adding logos to replace the boring Twitter and Facebook icons.  Any help would be appreciated.   

  5. Technopsis says:

    I am thinking about switching to livefyre for my website, but I noticed some oddities. When I comment on other blogs sometimes my comments arent actually showing. They are showing when I am logged in, but not when I am logged out – thus they arent actually showing to other people and I cant figure out why. Is this just because they are not approved yet, or because they are sent to spam for some reason?
    Things like these make me want to wait a bit with switching to livefyre.

    • wpbeginner says:

       @Technopsis Its because your comments are not approved right away. If your comment doesn’t get approved, then you should email the webmaster asking to see if they are going straight to SPAM.

      • Technopsis says:

         @wpbeginner Thanks for the quick answer. I’ll keep an eye on it, and if this happens more often I’ll send out some emails. I’m happy to see my comments appear on other livefyre blogs like this one :) – thanks!

  6. that1960chick says:

    I switched to livefyre today but it’s taken over an hour to import my comments from WP
    and secondly how do I enable users to be able to comment as a guest
    my url is :

    • wpbeginner says:

       @that1960chick If you go in Livefyre to moderate the comments… look at the top it says Site Settings. The option for Guest comments are there.

  7. kennytheecat says:

    I have a wordpress site with a lot of registered users. Would they have to login with livefyre before commenting or can they comment automatically as they are signed into my site?

  8. sparklecleanerz says:

    I think LiveFyre is great :)

    The like and listening features are great for social interaction!

    I think it’s about time WordPress did something with their commenting system and LiveFyre could just be the kick up the backside they need to enhance it a little.

    And the added bonus of reducing junk comments? Can’t complain about that!

  9. Mahmoud Maamoun says:

    My livefyre is stuck in wordpress and i keep getting the same message “Livefyre is almost ready. You must confirm your blog configuration with for it to work.” though i clicked on it numerous times but nothing works.

  10. headfonia says:

    Been a disqus user but now I’m giving Livefyre a try. The features look awesome!

  11. MarkWashburn says:

    I have been using Disqus and found that this also helps with spam, although I’ve heard the complaints about logging in and all that. It’s a trade-off but for me, I’d rather not have the spam. Does anyone know how Livefyre compares to Disqus?

    • wpbeginner says:

      @MarkWashburn For one, it doesn’t hijack your comment hooks like Disqus likes to. The social feature on Livefyre is more powerful than disqus. But overall they are pretty comparable.

      • aatif says:

        @wpbeginner one question about this commenting system , Some people want backlinks from comments in my name link it is showing livefyre profile link , How can i change it to my blog ?

        • wpbeginner says:

          @aatif If you go in your profile and add a link to your website, then it will show that instead.

        • aatif says:

          @wpbeginner Oh thanks i did that before but now it is appearing :) Thanks

  12. Bosch says:

    Great, definitelly will try it!

  13. tonygreene113 says:

    Having a great time with LF after using ID, Disqus and the native system of bland comments wrapped in commentLuv – which simply died after removal.

    But that’s another story..

  14. CristianMonroy says:

    Thinking about using livefyre on my website.

  15. Scholar Mel says:

    I just uploaded this to my site Dummies of the Year and am loving it. Only one problem so far: instead of displaying my most recent post, it is displaying a really old post.

    But all in all I am very impressed.

  16. waytosay says:

    Wow.!! Its good to know about it. I have been searching for this kind of information.Its really useful..

  17. wmwebdes says:

    Hi Guys

    I’ve got a new site up and running and I’m giving Livefyre a try.

    Having a few problems but the Livefyre support are very helpful.

  18. xiloact6 says:

    Hi, Cell phone cases are a integral part .

  19. 3dmodelsart says:

    First I was impressed by IntenseDebate at first, but a problem with apperance in Google Chrome was enough to make me search for another system after 2 hrs with it. I searched for another, saw this comparison and then switched to Livefyre :)

  20. 3dmodelsart says:

    You made me make my choice faster. I was impressed by IntenseDebate at first ( !!! ), but a problem with apperance in Google Chrome was enough to make me search for another system after 2 hrs with it.

    I searched for another, saw this comparison and then => switched to Livefyre :)

    Alan Almonte

  21. gmachlan says:

    first time, sounds good… is there a video tutorial?

  22. Fforf says:

    how do i override comments.php in my custom theme and use livefyre instead

  23. MarkMcNatt says:

    Are you using the free or paid version of livefyre?

  24. KennyHandelman says:

    what if your readers don’t have a social media account? will they still be able to comment on your wp blog?

    • Fitoschido says:

      @KennyHandelman Yep, Livefyre devs just enabled guest commenting, but it seems it has to be enabled individually by site admins.

    • tonygreene113 says:

      @KennyHandelman site admins have to enable “guest commenting” in “extras” settings of profile page.

  25. GardenWMedia says:

    Thanks. I’m signing up all my blogs.

  26. GardenCenterTV says:

    Sounds like what I need.

    • Dhara Mistry says:

      @GardenCenterTV Hey there, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve any questions for us. We’ll be happy to help! :)

  27. Faizan Elahi says:

    Good overview of LiveFyre. Is it better than Disqus?

  28. YogaHub says:

    Just met Jenna at BlogWorld LA and about to install and hook this little ditty up to several of our sites. I’ll write a report or blog post once we weigh in with the full results. What I’m most excited about at this point is the fact that this livefyre gives me a way to leverage JanRain without having to take the time to integrate their service which we looked at twice over the past few years but due to both the fees and deployment time, we had to turn it down or postpone until a future date. Now we can have our cake and eat it too. ;-)

  29. dustinporchia says:

    I’m currently building a new wordpress site and installed the livefyre plugin. There is one problem that I’m having though, I can’t get rid of notification at the top of my admin screen that says “Livefyre is ready to use, but your old comments are still being imported and will become visible as they are processed.” I know this cannot be possible because the site only has the two test comments I created to style the livefyre plugin…its not even a public facing site yet!…lol.

    Please someone explain to me how to remove this notification because its been up for the past few weeks and still hasn’t went away. :-(

    • jennalanger says:

      @dustinporchia Hi Dustin, can you email support at livefyre dot com with the link to your site? We’ll take care of it for you on the back end. Thanks!

      • dustinporchia says:

        Thanks! I sure will. I’m writing the e-mail now. Should I let support know that you told me to e-mail them?

      • dzulhelmiqi says:

        @jennalanger i cannot continue installing LiveFyre from WordPress, it keep showing the troll Access Denied page. Whats wrong, this is very bad first impression to me.

        • jennalanger says:

          @dzulhelmiqi Hey there, looks like our support team got in contact with you, we’ll help you get it all figured out. Thanks!

        • wpbeginner says:

          @jennalanger@dzulhelmiqi Thanks for taking care of this Jenna :)

  30. M_oa_SD says:

    Switched about a week ago from comluv to livefyre – so far, so good with one minor exception. I was logged into my WP admin and was responding to comments using the ‘reply’ found in-line in the comments section. None of the comments that I posted were visible on the post, but they did get counted in the comment count. I suspect this was because I was bypassing the livefyre interface?

    • jennalanger says:

      @M_oa_SD Hi Daniel, you’re correct in that comments need to be left through the Livefyre interface in order for them to be seen on the page. Livefyre will write all comments back to your WordPress database, but we don’t grab them from the DB to make sure we don’t pick up extra spam.

  31. ArianeDavid says:

    Just started using Livefyre on a client’s site. It will be very interesting to see how the comments start trending with the requirement to login.

  32. EvanDawson says:

    Hey guys, we just added this feature on the @thirdoptionmen blog and wondered how we can see/edit the features in WordPress. So far the Livefyre program isn’t in the settings, and all we see in the plug-ins section is deactivate or edit (do we need to know coding to do things like switch the default cascading?). Thanks!

  33. HendrikHenze says:

    The plugin is just what I was looking for. Problem is that it does not word with MyReviewPlugin. At least I do not know how yet.

    This is of major importance as I run a review site… arghz

    • BrainCandy says:

      Can anybody tell me whether it is possible to integrate other comment plugins or ratings into livefyre?

      • Dragon Blogger says:

        @BrainCandy I can tell you there are no other known plugins that work with Livefyre directly, but ReplyMe will still email users because the comment still syncs to the WordPress database and ReplyMe works off the database. Though you don’t need to email users since Livefyre emails users when they get a reply by default. CommentLuv does not work with Livefyre.

        • JMattHicks says:

          @Dragon Blogger@BrainCandy Hey Fellas, as always, Justin knows what he’s talking about. Just to follow-up, we’re not featuring an other integrations at the moment, but we are current working on that and will be available soon. I’m not a liberty to give a ton of details at the moment, but we do have things in the work that we think the community will love!

          Feel free to send any questions my way, I’d be more than happy to help and to answer them!

          P.S. Pretty soon, Justin is going to need a commission check or something ;)

        • BrainCandy says:

          @Dragon Blogger Let me know when new features are available and what they do. Until then I will not be able to use livefyre… Thanks

        • BrainCandy says:

          @Dragon Blogger Let me know when those new features are available so I know whether they solve my problem. Until then I cannot use the system on my site…


  34. jonathonhewitt says:

    I have been an avid disqus user and have numerous blogs using it, I wanted to switch away from Disqus or figure out how to use their API due to the fact that none of my comments are being indexed on my website, instead they are on Disqus’s website. Does this comment system actually publish the comment conversations on your web page?

    • jennalanger says:

      @jonathonhewitt Hi Jonathon, Livefyre gives you SEO credit for all the comments coming through the system to your page, and writes all comments back to your wordpress database so you own all of the data. The switch is super easy with the WordPress plugin. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • AsianMoviePulse says:

        Planning the switch today myself… wish me luck! hhaha @jennalanger @jonathonhewitt

      • jonathonhewitt says:

        @jennalanger I made the switch that very day for quite a few of my websites. Once I’m done I will have switched over more than 20 blogs over to using your comment system.

    • Dragon Blogger says:

      @jonathonhewittdisqus I can confirm this first hand, I validated comments in source html and actually show up on Google SERP when you search for items in comments on your site. You can easily test this by doing a Google search for in site: <sitename> “comment string” and you fill find it. You can even test against this site. Do this and you will see part of another persons comment show up in SERP: in:site “I wonder if spammers will find a way to abuse it though”

      • jonathonhewitt says:

        @Dragon Bloggerdisqus This is great, and how it should be. Maybe livefyre will integrate akismet to fight spam.

        • jennalanger says:

          @jonathonhewitt@Dragon Blogger We’re using another spam filter by impermium – they offer the only real-time spam protection, and the filter learns over time.

    • zeeg says:

      If you use the Disqus WordPress plugin it syncs your comments (the same as LiveFyre) and embeds them on the page for search engines to crawl.

  35. joanpique says:

    Thx, i implemented on my site.

  36. JustinGermino says:

    I am seriously considering switching to either Livefyre or Disqus myself and trying to find a good pro/con of the two to see which one I choose.

    • Dragon Blogger says:

      @sanood Turns out I chose Livefyre for 2 of my blogs and CommentLuv premium for 2 others.

  37. jennalanger says:

    @Nollywood Let us know if you have any questions :) Our real-time spam filter is one of a kind as well

  38. NollyWood-Forever says:

    I too am testing. My spamn has gone from about 30 a month to 30,000 a month to the extent that my site has been shut down multiple times AND I’ve had to stop commenting on older posts which SUCKS… I think I am ready to give this a shot.

  39. wpbeginner says:

    @Aahan Krish Great work @jennalanger and the Livefyre team.

  40. Aahan Krish says:

    @wpbeginner Looks like it’s been fixed, and it’s working on your site as well! Good luck!

  41. Aahan Krish says:

    @wpbeginner Hey, Jenna got back to me over here ( and this is what she said, “…we’re in the process of fix the links that are not following WordPress to make them no-follow as well.”

  42. Aahan Krish says:

    @wpbeginner In the mean time, this is something you’d like to know (from Jerem Hicks at Livefyre)…

    “A lot of members of our community have asked that, like other comment systems, their user name can link to their blog. It’s a great feature, but at the same time it allows people to “smart-spam”, where the comment isn’t necessarily spam, but they’re only doing a “hit and run” to get their link out. So to combat that, we’ll be adding the option for the blogger to select whether or not that link goes to that person’s Livefyre profile or to their website so they get the control.”

    But still 100s of links will be going to Livefyre, which still is an issue.

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