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10 Best Writing Assistant Software for WordPress (Compared)

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on WPBeginner. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations. Learn more about Editorial Process.

Are you looking for the best writing assistant software for WordPress?

Since there are a lot of such tools in the market, it can be difficult to find the one that suits your needs. To make this easy, we tested the most popular writing assistant software and took a look at factors like ease of use, features, and pricing.

In this article, we will share the best writing assistant software that you can use to improve the content on your WordPress site.

Best writing assistant software for WordPress

If you are in a hurry, then take a quick look at our expert picks to make a decision:

#SoftwareBest ForPricing
🥇All in One SEOOverall best writing assistant$49/yr + Free
🥈SEOBoostCreating SEO optimized content$22.50/month
🥉SeedProdGenerating content with AI for landing pages$31/yr + Free
4Semrush SEO Writing AssistantPowerful writing assistant that prioritizes SEO$129/month
5RytrCreating content for WordPress blog$7.50/month + Free
6WritesonicCreating AI chat interfaces, images, and content$15/month + Free
7JasperGenerating ad copy, email copy, and landing page copy$49/month – per seat
8FraseGenerating blog posts$15/month
9Copy.aiCreating product descriptions and social media content$49/month + Free
10GrammarlyLanguage correction$32/month + Free

How We Tested And Reviewed Writing Assistant Software in WordPress?

Writing assistant software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users improve their creative process. Using it on your WordPress website allows you to find and correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, making your writing clearer and concise.

Plus, you can brainstorm new ideas for articles, product descriptions, and copywriting.

However, various writing assistant software have different strengths and weaknesses and our goal is to help you find the one that you need. That is why we reviewed some popular writing assistant software and paid attention to the following criteria:

Ease of Use: We have prioritized software that is easy to use, has extensive documentation, and can also integrate with WordPress to provide real-time suggestions in the block editor.

Features: We have tried to include writing assistant software that can improve SEO, generate headlines and meta descriptions, create content, generate images, boost readability, and check your content for plagiarism.

Reliability: For this list, we have only included writing assistant software that we have used ourselves to generate content and tested on real websites.

Why Trust WPBeginner?

WPBeginner has a team of experts with years of experience in WordPress, SEO, hosting, online marketing, and more.

Our team thoroughly reviews and extensively tests each tool that is a part of this list to give you some solid recommendations. For details, see our editorial process.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best writing assistant software for WordPress.

1. All in One SEO for WordPress

All in One SEO

All in One SEO for WordPress is the best WordPress SEO plugin that can also be used as a writing assistant.

The plugin comes with a powerful keyword research tool that can help you find the right keywords to target in your content.

AIOSEO encourages authors to improve their writing by providing suggestions to use active voice, insert transition words, distribute subheadings better, and hit a specific Flesch reading score.

It is the best writing assistant that comes with a built-in content analysis tool that analyzes your blog posts for keyword density, readability, and title tags.

Page analysis tool

The plugin also comes with a headline analyzer tool that helps you write SEO headlines to drive more traffic to your website.

This tool checks the word balance, sentiment, power words, and emotional words used in the heading to help rank your blog post higher.

Click the SEO headline analyzer button


  • The plugin allows you to generate AI titles and meta descriptions for your WordPress posts.
  • All in One SEO helps you optimize your content for both SEO and readability.
  • It comes with a schema markup feature for content improvement.
  • We were impressed upon finding out that it lets you add a title, description, and image for your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • All in One SEO comes with a Chrome extension that lets you evaluate your content’s SEO on the front end.


  • Its schema markup feature is only available in the paid plan.

Why we recommend using All in One SEO: All in One SEO is the best AI writing assistant on the market because it allows you to improve the overall content quality directly in the block editor. It helps you target the right keywords and improve your site’s SEO.

Plus, it offers other features like HTML sitemaps, redirects, social media integrations, and a broken link checker. These features make it the perfect choice if you want a writing assistant tool designed specifically for search engines.

2. SEOBoost


SEOBoost is a powerful writing assistant software that uses artificial intelligence to help you research, plan, write, and optimize your content for better search engine rankings.

With the Topic Reports tool, you can enter a focus keyword and generate a complete report on what you should target in your content based on the top 30 topics or SERPs for it.

This includes average word count, keyword frequency, readability level, important phrases to use, alt text, and more.

Use Topic Reports tool in SEOBoost to do keyword research

SEOBoost also comes with a Content Optimization feature that will analyze your content for keyword density, readability, and relevance.

It offers real-time recommendations for improvement, including keyword suggestions that your competitors are using, to help you boost your on-page SEO.

Content Optimization feature in SEOBoost

The editor style interface allows you to write, edit, save, and optimize your content all in one place.


  • Provides real-time SEO scores and automated optimization suggestions to improve your content’s performance in search engine results.
  • Analyzes the top ranking content in Google to identify content gaps, determine keyword frequency, discover People Also Ask questions, and more.
  • We like the intuitive Content Brief Editor that helps you quickly structure your content.
  • It’s not just a writing assistant, you can use it for keyword research and competitor analysis.
  • You can use it as a collaboration tool to organize your content calendar and assign writers to content campaigns.


  • It’s not a plugin, so it doesn’t integrate directly with WordPress.

Why we recommend using SEOBoost: SEOBoost is a must-have tool for creating better-ranking content. This AI-powered writing assistant will analyze the top 30 ranking content topics for your keyword and give you real-time SEO optimization suggestions.

Not only does it help you create content from start to finish, you can also invite team members for seamless collaboration.

3. SeedProd

SeedProd website

SeedProd is the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress. It lets you easily create custom WordPress themes and landing pages, with no coding required.

Plus, it comes with a smart AI Assistant to help you instantly craft engaging content for your website. You can generate headlines, descriptions, calls-to-action, body text, and more.

You can also use the tool to optimize your text for improved readability, adjust the tone of the text to match your brand’s voice, and even translate the text into 50+ different languages.

SeedProd AI assistant for writing website content

With SeedProd’s AI Assistant, you can write effective website copy in minutes.


  • It lets you automatically generate headlines, descriptions, body text, and calls-to-action for your website pages.
  • You can adjust the tone, style, and formality of text to maintain a consistent brand style across your site.
  • You can change the length of your text, making it longer or shorter, in 1-click.
  • We particularly liked that SeedProd lets you translate text into 50+ different languages.
  • It also comes with 300+ website template kits and helpful features like ready-made page blocks, built-in maintenance and coming soon mode, subscriber management, domain mapping, and much more.


  • The AI Assistant is only available as a separate addon with SeedProd’s paid plans.

Why we recommend using SeedProd: If you want to build custom WordPress themes and landing pages, SeedProd is the best writing assistant software for you. The AI Assistant makes it quick and easy to fill your website with copy that converts.

4. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush offers a complete suite of SEO tools that help you improve your search engine rankings. It comes with an SEO Writing Assistant that provides real-time SEO suggestions for your content to improve the overall SEO score.

With this tool, you can see your content’s readability and make it more natural sounding. You can also identify text that needs to be rewritten, and get an estimate of the ideal content length.

It also recommends keywords, adds alt attributes to images, finds and fixes broken links, and even provides suggestions to avoid keyword stuffing.


  • The SEO writing assistant comes with a plagiarism checker.
  • You can easily integrate Semrush’s writing assistant with WordPress using a free plugin. For detailed instructions, see our tutorial on how to use the SEO writing assistant in WordPress.
  • It is the best keyword research tool on the market.
  • Upon testing, we discovered that Semrush can even help you optimize the article headline for SEO.
  • Semrush’s other features include competitor analysis, site auditing, domain analysis, social media management, topic research, traffic analytics, and much more.


  • Semrush’s paid plan can be expensive for small businesses.
  • It has a learning curve and can be a bit difficult to use for beginners.

Why we recommend using Semrush SEO Writing Assistant: We recommend using this tool if you are looking for a powerful writing assistant that prioritizes SEO and helps increase your website’s rankings.

5. Rytr

Rytr website

Rytr is another AI writing assistant software that allows you to easily create high-quality content for your WordPress site.

It comes with over 40+ templates that can be used to make content for blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and more.

This software can easily be integrated with popular website builders like WordPress using an API.

It even optimizes your content for SEO using its powerful text editor, which automatically fixes, rephrases, and improves the sentences that you write.


  • It comes with a built-in plagiarism and grammar checker.
  • Rytr has keyword research and SERP analysis features for improving content for SEO.
  • It comes with a Chrome extension and can also integrate with platforms like Semrush.
  • When reviewing the tool, we discovered that Rytr has a chat mode that can be used to interact with AI in a more natural way. You can use it to brainstorm content ideas and receive feedback.


  • Rytr is not an ideal choice if you want to generate long-form content, as it starts creating repetitive sentences for longer blog posts.
  • Its user interface is a bit clunky and can use some improvement.

Why we recommend using Rytr: Overall, Rytr has all of the features that you’ll need to boost your efficiency. The tool allows you to easily create SEO-optimized, clear, and natural-sounding content for your WordPress blog.

It also offers a free plan that lets you generate 10k characters per month, and even its paid plan is affordable.

6. Writesonic

Writesonic website

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing assistant tool that can be used by writers, eCommerce stores, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs.

This copywriting tool comes with over 100+ templates that you can use to create content for articles, blog posts, ads, social media posts, and product descriptions.

If you have a WooCommerce store, then you can also use Writesonic to create AI chatbots that can interact with your customers.


  • Writesonic can create content in around 25 languages.
  • It comes with a built-in plagiarism and grammar checker.
  • Writesonic has a voice-your-text command feature that impressed us a lot.
  • The software has expander and shortener features that can be used to add more details or shorten your content to improve quality.
  • It can integrate with popular platforms like Zapier, Surfer SEO, and Semrush.


  • It can be difficult to maintain the tone and style of your content when using the tool.
  • Writesonic does not offer a free plan for users.
  • It only allows you to have a limited number of users on your Writesonic account.

Why we recommend using Writesonic: Writesonic is the perfect choice if you are a blogger who wants to generate more content or if you have a WooCommerce store, as the tool lets you create AI chat interfaces, images, and content easily.

7. Jasper


Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis) is another popular tool used for AI text generation.

It comes with a library of over 50+ templates that can be used to create articles, social media content, ads, landing page text, emails, video scripts, and artwork.

The tool even provides conferences, courses, and training to help new users learn how to use the AI-based writing assistant tool.


  • It comes with a built-in content editor.
  • Jasper offers a variety of features, including spell-checking, grammar-checking, and style suggestions.
  • It comes with a content rewriter that improves the readability, clarity, and SEO of your content.
  • Jasper offers a Chrome extension and can integrate with Surfer SEO and Grammarly.


  • Jasper does not have a free plan and only offers a 7-day free trial.
  • When were testing the tool, we discovered that Jasper struggles with creating long-form content
  • Jasper is a bit expensive compared to other tools on this list, as its pricing plan starts at $49/per month.

Why we recommend using Jasper: Jasper is an ideal choice for businesses and marketers as it can help create effective marketing content like ad copy, email copy, and landing page copy. It can also improve marketing campaigns by ensuring that the right messages are communicated to the right audience.

8. Frase


Frase is a great AI writing software that can help improve your content creation process.

It allows you to research your target keywords by analyzing the top search results for them. It can even create content briefs for the top results related to a specific keyword and provide some ideas for your content.


  • It offers a content analysis tool that provides suggestions and feedback for content improvement.
  • It has a long-form editor that lets you write content.
  • When researching, we realized that Frase optimizes your content for SEO using natural language processing (NLP).
  • It tracks your content performance using a Google Search Console integration.


  • The tool does not offer any live chat support.
  • You cannot use the Frase AI writer without installing the Frase SEO addon.
  • Its free trial only offers one search query.

Why we recommend using Frase: Frase is a great choice for bloggers or content marketers who want to increase their content visibility. With its Google Search Console integration, Frase helps you rank well and even shows you content decay warnings.

9. website is another popular writing assistant tool that can help you create content for blog posts, emails, sales copy, product descriptions, social media, and more.

It can create content in 25+ languages and comes with more than 90 copywriting tools to improve your content quality. It can also rewrite your existing content to improve its clarity, readability, and SEO.


  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • comes with built-in features like a grammar-checker and paraphrasing tools.
  • It offers a meta description generator, slogan generator, and content idea generator.


  • can sometimes produce incorrect information and needs a lot of fact-checking.
  • It’s difficult to create a long-form copy.
  • We didn’t like how long it takes to generate content using compared to other tools on this list

Why we recommend using is a good choice for salespeople and larger teams as its paid plan offers unlimited words, unlimited projects, and 5 user seats for a single account.

10. Grammarly


Grammarly is the best writing assistant software for language correction. This tool can be used to detect and correct grammatical, spelling, and tonal errors. Using its Chrome extension, you can edit your content directly from the WordPress content editor.

Other than that, the tool also offers suggestions for improving the clarity of your writing, such as breaking up long sentences and using simpler language.


  • It comes with features like plagiarism detection, sentence rephrasing, vocabulary suggestions, and more.
  • Grammarly has a Chrome extension and can also integrate with WordPress, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Gmail.


  • The free version of Grammarly has very limited features.
  • It can occasionally overlook mistakes or make inaccurate corrections in your content.

Why we recommend using Grammarly: Overall, Grammarly is an ideal choice for content creators as it helps write engaging blog posts. If your native language is not English, then you should also try out Grammarly, as it helps learners improve their writing and grammar skills.

What Is the Best Writing Assistant Software for WordPress?

In our expert opinion, All in One SEO is the best writing assistant software as it is a complete package that can help you improve your content quality and SEO.

Alternatively, you can opt for SEOBoost, as it also focuses on optimizing your content for SEO and improving your website rankings.

If you want to create a custom WordPress website, SeedProd is the best option for you. You can use it to create effective copy for your website pages.

Similarly, if you have a small business, then Jasper is a good choice because it can be used to create articles, social media content, ads, landing page text, emails, and more. It can even help improve marketing campaigns.

Alternatively, if you want to create an AI chatbot for your online store, then we recommend using Writesonic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Writing Assistant Software

If you still have any questions about using writing assistant software in WordPress, then we will answer them here.

What is writing assistant software for WordPress?

Writing assistant software can help you write better content for your WordPress website.

This software can optimize your content for search engines, check for plagiarism, identify grammatical mistakes, and proofread your work. This can help you create more professional and polished content for your WordPress blog.

What are the benefits of using writing assistant software for WordPress?

There are many benefits of using writing assistant software for WordPress, including:

  • The software can help you write content faster and more efficiently.
  • It helps produce higher-quality content by catching errors and suggesting improvements.
  • It can save you time by eliminating the need for manual proofreading.
  • Writing assistant software often provides suggestions for improving your writing style, such as using better vocabulary or more concise and effective sentences.

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  2. Dayo Olobayo says

    This list is incredibly helpful for anyone looking to improve their content creation process. I’ve been using Grammarly for a while and its integration with WordPress has been a game-changer for catching grammar errors and enhancing readability. I’m excited to try some of the other tools you mentioned.

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        I understand, I was just afraid that Google would recognize the parts that the AI ​​wrote and penalize the content of the site even though the content is really my own, supplemented only in part with some generated text. There are quite a lot of discussions on the Internet about whether something like this is even possible.


    What you said is right. I have been using most of these tools myself and are really helpful. More specifically, I have been using writesonic free version for sometime until I reached my limits and I am currently planning to upgrade my account.
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    Is it difficult to learn about SEO?

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