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7 Best WordPress Help Desk Plugins for Customer Support

Are you looking for the best help desk plugins for your WordPress website?

Using help desk plugins will allow your customer support team to manage tickets effectively, automate repetitive tasks, and improve communication. Overall, this will enhance the customer experience on your WordPress website.

In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best help desk plugins for customer support that you can use on your WordPress site. 

Best help desk plugins for customer support for WordPress

Why Use Help Desk Plugins for Customer Support in WordPress?

As your business starts growing, it can become challenging to keep track of all the customer tickets being sent to your email address.

Using a help desk plugin on your WordPress website lets you manage customer support requests in one central location.

This makes it easier to track and respond to queries, which increases efficiency, saves time, builds customer loyalty, and improves user experience.

With help desk plugins, you can:

  • Provide quick and efficient customer support to clients.
  • Automate many customer support tasks to save time.
  • Use built-in analytics and reports to improve customer support.
  • Scale up your customer support as the business grows.

This helps you achieve better business outcomes by providing you with a competitive advantage.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress help desk plugins for customer support.

1. Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox is one of the best help desk plugins for customer support in WordPress.

The plugin allows you to manage all your email and support tickets right from your WordPress dashboard without needing any third-party integrations.

It even allows you to add multiple inboxes, including sales, customer service, support, and partnerships. This feature makes it easier to manage conversation threads with customers.

Heroic inbox WordPress dashboard

Plus, Heroic Inbox is suitable if have a larger customer support team because it allows individuals to assign inbox access and specific messages to different team members.

The plugin provides reminders to follow up on important emails you may have missed. It also has a snooze functionality for emails that don’t require your immediate attention.

Heroic Inbox also comes with improved search functionality that lets you find emails quickly, offers pre-made email templates for faster responses, and allows you to create tasks based on incoming emails or ticket requests.

You can easily set up Heroic Inbox on your WordPress website by installing the plugin and linking it to your business email account.

Pricing: Heroic Inbox costs $199 per year to use on 1 website. Unlike other solutions on the list, it does not have any per-user limits or pricing.

You can also get the Heroic Bundle for $299.50 per year, which includes the Heroic KB plugin. This lets you create a knowledge base that customers can use to help themselves, instead of waiting for a response from your support team.

2. Help Scout Desk

Help Scout desk

Help Scout Desk is one of the leading help desk and customer support software on the market.

You can use the Help Scout Desk integration to provide customer support from your WordPress account. This plugin allows customers to create tickets on your website without needing to provide their email addresses.

It even enables you to merge tickets on the WordPress dashboard and use the Help Scout software to manage customer conversations in one place.

Other than that, Help Scout Desk also comes with a built-in knowledge base feature that can be used to build your own help center. This can reduce the total number of requests for customer support.

In addition, it seamlessly integrates with robust knowledge base plugins like Heroic KB. This lets you see suggested help articles in Help Scout mailboxes.

You can also access detailed reports and analytics on customer support performance, speed up support requests by creating saved replies, and use the live chat feature to improve response times.

Help Scout Desk also enables you to add shortcodes, conversation embeds, attachments, and action hooks when creating or updating a thread on your WordPress website.

It even comes with an Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) integration feature that allows you to manage customer support requests in your online store.

Pricing: Help Scout Desk is a premium plugin, and its single-site plan starts at $49.99. If you have multiple sites, then you can buy the multi-site license, which will cost you about $149.99.

3. Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Awesome Support is a well-known customer support and help desk plugin that runs completely from your WordPress website.

It allows users to submit tickets from the front end of your website and even lets you import existing tickets from other platforms, including Help Scout and Zendesk.

Awesome Support automatically assigns tickets to the team members with the least amount of workload. It also allows you to track ticket history, create customizable email notifications as auto-responders, upload attachments, and more.

Awesome Support dashboard

It also offers a free plan that comes with most of the features, including unlimited tickets. It even allows you to add an unlimited amount of agents to manage those tickets.

You can also integrate Awesome Support with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce to allow users to open tickets directly from your online store.

Pricing: Awesome Support offers a free plan that comes with most of the plugin’s functionality. After that, you can upgrade to the Standard Plan for $149 / year. If you want to unlock all the addons for Awesome Support, then you can upgrade to the Agency plan for $409 / year.

4. WPHelpDesk


WPHelpDesk is a premium WordPress customer support plugin that provides full control over your support system.

With this plugin, you can create and manage support tickets from your WordPress dashboard. You can also integrate the plugin with your business email to automatically create and receive tickets from customer emails.

WPHelpDesk dashboard

Moreover, WPHelpDesk also enables you to create a knowledge base for FAQs and articles that helps customers find the solution on their own.

The plugin also offers add-ons that will enable you to integrate WPHelpDesk with EDD and WooCommerce to create a support system for your online store.

Its other features include detailed reports on ticket status and response times, custom fields, media uploads, multilingual support, and more.

Pricing: The Standard plan for WPHelpDesk starts at about $99 / year. You can then upgrade to the Professional bundle for $199 / year.

5. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a popular cloud-based help desk provider for businesses. It now comes with an official plugin that integrates the help widget into your WordPress site. This allows users to submit tickets directly on your website.

It also enables you to convert your WordPress comments into Freshdesk tickets. This ensures that users can quickly and easily access support without switching to another service.

With this plugin, you can also create a knowledge base for your website so that users can find solutions for the issues on their own.

With Freshdesk, you can manage conversations across email, chat, phone, web, and social media and automate routine workflows.

Other than that, it provides 24/7 email support, creates ticket trend reports, tracks ticket history, and has a live chat feature.

Pricing: The Freshdesk plugin is free. However, you will need a Freshdesk software account. The basic version of the software starts at $15 per month. Full omnichannel support plans start at $79 per month when billed per year.

6. KB Support

KB Support

KB Support is a WordPress help desk plugin that provides an intuitive ticket management system. It allows you to easily manage customer support queries, assign support staff, and track progress.

It also helps you integrate a ticket submission form on your website’s front end, send automatic email notifications, and upload file attachments.

Moreover, it has a built-in knowledge-base feature to help customers find solutions to their issues during the ticket submission process. This can reduce the overall number of support queries received by your help desk.

KB Support dashboard

The plugin also creates detailed analytics and reports on support requests, response times, and customer satisfaction ratings, which can help identify areas for improvement.

The KB Support plugin can also be integrated with EDD and WooCommerce to implement a support system for your online store.

Its other features include guest ticket submission, spam protection, private ticket notes for agents, auto-ticket assignation, and more.

Pricing: KB Support has a free version that comes with most of the features you will need. After that, you can buy its Starter plan for small businesses for $74 / year. If you have an eCommerce store, then you may want to buy the Professional plan for $102 / year.

7. SupportCandy


SupportCandy is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you build a functional customer support system on your website.

It allows users to submit tickets on your website’s front end, comes with email templates that can be used for fast responses, offers about 15 custom fields for tickets, and more.

SupportCandy dashboard

The plugin also has an advanced custom filter and search functionality, saved filters for customers and agents, private notes for internal communication between agents, and even allows you to build your own knowledge base.

It also has reporting features that can be used to view metrics like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time to identify areas for improvement.

Pricing: SupportCandy has a free version that has some basic features. After that, it offers a Personal plan that starts at $79 / year. You can also upgrade to the Professional plan, which starts at $149 / year if you want to use more than one domain on the account.

What Is the Best Help Desk Plugin in WordPress?

In our expert opinion, there are several different help desk plugins that can be the perfect choice for your business.

If you are looking for the best email help desk plugin that combines all your customer support channels, then Help Scout Desk is the perfect solution for you.

However, if you are looking for an all-in-one help desk plugin for a large team, then you should go with Heroic Inbox or KB Support.

If you are on a tight budget, then Awesome Support should be your go-to solution, as it also offers a free version with most of the features.

Aside from these plugins, you can also use tools like Nextiva, LiveChat, WPForms, MonsterInsights, and more to help build better customer support on your website.

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress help desk plugin for customer support. You may also want to check out our guide on how to add web push notifications to your WordPress site and our list of the best business phone services.

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