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15 Unconventional Uses of WordPress in Action

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15 Unconventional Uses of WordPress in Action

WordPress is known as one of the most powerful open-source blogging platform, but it can be a lot more then just a blogging platform. We already know about using WordPress as a content management system (CMS), but WordPress is much more flexible than that. With the combine use of plugins, and hacks, WordPress can be used in many unique and unconventional ways. In this article we will highlight some of the most unconventional uses of WordPress and show you how you can use WordPress in these unconventional way as well.

1. Create Your Own Twitter Site Using WordPress

Create Your Own Twitter Site Using WordPress

You can now create a twitter site using WordPress with the help of this tutorial.

2. Create a Membership Directory Using WordPress

Create a Membership Directory Using WordPress

The end result is a moderated directory that allows members to enter information about themselves. You can see this tutorial live on work at Pittsburgh Designers

3. Create Email Newsletter Subscription via WordPress

Create Email Newsletter Subscription via WordPress

This tutorial shows how to use your regular WordPress website combined with Feedburner to make a simple email newsletter manager.

4. Contact Manager with WordPress

Create Email Newsletter Subscription via WordPress

This free theme makes WordPress a functional contact manager that can be extended further with some free plugins. You can easily add and manage contacts by one click access to your WP-Admin page. There is another theme that lets you do the exact same thing, but it allows you to add contacts without having to go into WP-Admin page.

5. Create e-Commerce Site with WordPress

Create e-Commerce Site with WordPress

A surprisingly powerful free plugin that will allow you to sell items through your WordPress-powered site or blog. This plugin is ideal for bloggers and website owners who want to set up a small store without a lot of effort or expense.

6. Create a Wiki using WordPress

Create a Wiki using WordPress

It is done by a premium theme that cost $30 available at ThemeForest. This theme makes it easy to use WordPress for your own wiki. It is a great way to add a simple wiki to WordPress without a lot of effort or cost.

7. Create a CSS Gallery with WordPress

Create a CSS Gallery using WordPress

This theme by OS Designer comes with a tutorial that shows you how you can use WordPress as a CSS Gallery. You can modify it and use it as any gallery. This uses custom field hack, and some plugins to make the gallery on WordPress like a charm.

8. Create a Portfolio using WordPress

Create a Portfolio using WordPress

This tutorial uses WordPress link manager and some hacks to make WordPress work as a simple portfolio for designers and artists. You do not need to buy an expensive theme, or an script to do this. Simply follow the tutorial and you will have decent portfolio.

9. Create a PopURL clone with WordPress

Create a Popurl clone using WordPress

This is done by using a premium theme that cost $49. But the product you get is definitely worth it if you want to start a site like that. You get automatically updated content so very low maintenance, and it is a cheap solution rather than getting a custom coded script.

10. Ffffound Clone with WordPress

Ffffound Clone with WordPress

This tutorial lets you create a clone of a service Ffffound with WordPress. The author has provided a theme and plugins as well as a tutorial that shows you how this thing work. It is a great way to bookmark images and now WordPress can let you create your own site like that.

11. Create a Business Directory using WordPress

Create a Business Directory using WordPress

This plugin will allow you to create a directory using WordPress where users can submit information about themselves or their business.

12. Create a Review Site using WordPress

Create a Review Site using WordPress

This is done by a premium plugin that costs $97 but if you are looking to create a review site, this option is a lot more cheaper than getting a custom coded script. You can add this to an existing WordPress site, or start a new one with this. It also comes with a WordPress theme and some affiliate marketing tools.

13. Create a Techmeme River Clone with WordPress

Create a Techmeme River Clone with WordPress

This tutorial shows you how you can create a Techmeme River Clone and display news from other sites using WordPress. Simpe and easy if you ever want to do something of that sort in another niche, you do not need to buy a custom script. Simply use WordPress and follow this tutorial. Please make sure that you read part 1 of the tutorial also.

14. Create a Timeline using WordPress

Create a Timeline with WordPress

With this plugin, you can make beautiful interactive timelines using WordPress.

15. Google Map Tag Blogging with WordPress

Google Map Tag Blogging with WordPress

An interesting idea which lets you tag a place in a map which uses Google Map version and you can write a short excerpt about it. You can use this as a display of your life and places where you have been. A much more interesting way of blogging. This is done with a paid plugin that cost $99 for unlimited usage.

If you have more suggestions or have seen other unconventional uses please share it in the comments and we will add it.

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  1. Ankit says:

    I created a classifieds listing website using wordpress and awpcp , its an amazing combo for creating beautiful websites

  2. Bronzilla says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you could Create Your Own Twitter Site Using WordPress. Thanks for sharing your list. It’s Awesome!

  3. Rajeev says:


    I am a perfect beginner of wordpress and amazed to see that there are this much uses of wordpress. thanks for enlightning me.
    we are a professional web design firm, which uses and never tried wordpress and just a few days ago thought in this direction and wow wow wow……

    thanks again.

  4. Rick says:

    Very useful list. It never ceases to amaze me what a versatile tool WordPress is.

  5. Randomgeek says:

    Awesome list, thanks! And I’m sure there are plenty of other unconventional ways that no one has even thought of yet!

  6. Nile says:

    Missed one – Create a social bookmark or Digg-like site with WordPress – WPVote ( )

    (uses TDO mini forms, Vote It Up, and no alterations to the core)

  7. RgsDigital says:

    The P2 theme was very useful, Thank YOU! :)

  8. Andy Fitzpatrick says:

    Just when I think I am getting to grips with WP I find out it does a bucketful of other extremely useful things.
    Thanks loads for this

  9. Alexander Osipov says:

    Thank you for great article!!

  10. John Coonen says:

    Wow, jackpot.

  11. Sara says:

    I used the PopUrls clone on Check it out and let me know what you think!

  12. Marianne says:

    Hello Hello .net just opened and is totally on WP!!! How awesome for a Social Networking site. Also using the WPMU Templates. They make it easy. Top marketing gurus have been building sales pages in WordPress for sometime-a well kept secret. Thanks so much for all of this info!

  13. Hami says:

    This is an awesome list. You have compiled it a very interesting way. Definitely I am your new reader.

  14. Cheap Sites says:

    This is pretty creative stuff! I’ve seen alot of the sites that you mentioned, but they never keep amazing me.

  15. Blue Ferret says:

    Now this is really interesting. I’m saving this page to show prospects who need specialized website development.

  16. estetik says:

    thanks, i can quote this article ?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      No you may not copy and paste the entire article. You can write a short description and link to this article.

  17. Small Business Marketing says:

    Thanks for the list. I actually run my entire site using a WP theme and I use CARP to get fresh content. I will surely look at the WIKI application. That could be awesome.

  18. Ted says:

    WOW,,I have all these Domain Names and I was wondering what to do with some them..Thanks for a great aid,,BTW I bookmarked your site.

  19. Kathleen says:

    Wow John! Thanks so much.

    This could not come at a better time. I have decided to go fully into blogsite design and really great to see how WordPress can expand its capabilities.

  20. DesignStraw says:

    Thanks for the information. Good Thought – I have bookmarked your blog.

  21. Aaron says:

    This was the article that made my day!

  22. SharePoint Developer says:

    Thanks. Great list!

  23. PCM says:

    Nice list!

  24. Shahriat Hossain says:

    Nice sharing! thanks.

  25. Sharon Rosa says:

    There’s also a theme over at which allows WP users to create their own URL shortener – gives you total control over your URLs and the stats related to them, with none of the “Digg is changing their redirects” or “ is shutting down” mess. The homepage can redirect wherever you like, it comes with a limited stats plugin to show which links are clicked the most, and the “press this” file is customised to include a character counter and Twitter link.

  26. Jared says:

    I am using WP as a CMS for my flash portfolio. It has been working great!

  27. Tom says:

    Impressive! Makes me wonder if wordpress might become the next popular fad after Twitter. With these features and plugins it seems to offer a combination of Facebooks and Twitters usabilities. And will Social Media Marketing soon be using WordPress bloggers or their own blogs to promote brands?

  28. Jason Frovich says:

    Excellent and well thought out list.
    Going to post this on twitter.

  29. Sofia Hogan says:

    It is when I come upon sites like this that remind me how much value there is out there….thanks for the information.

    Sofia Hogan
    twitter @sofiahogan

  30. Miguel Alvarez says:

    I don’t know that these are unconventional uses but here you go…

    a social network with budypress

    a job board with jobpress.

  31. printedproof says:

    Great article, I am just starting to learn WordPress after being stuck in HTML. I think I use this for every site. Powerful tool.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      WordPress is a life saver when it comes to using it for content management. Using the HTML is time consuming and exhausing.

  32. Jorge says:

    OMG they’re great!!! And we thought that making our portfolio with WordPress we had seen everything!!

  33. Enk. says:

    Wow, that’s a totally unique and awesome List here ! :)

  34. Kidino says:

    I think I found somewhere there’s an invoicing/billing plugin that you can run in WordPress. WordPress = Invoicing System. That’s cool…

  35. mb says:

    what’s ther name of the e-commerce plugin?

    interesting post


    • Editorial Staff says:

      You click on the e-commerce text and it should take you to the site where you can download the e-commerce plugin.

  36. Smashing Themes says:

    PopUrl clone and Membership Directory hacks are just awesome. Thanks for sharing the great list.

  37. Ricky Buchanan says:

    I use WordPress to run all of – not just the bit labelled “blog”, which is actually just a separate category that’s dealt with differently to the others.

    So we have a gallery of shirts and gear, both on the front page and on the archive page. The individual display pages are almost entirely assembled from the contents of custom fields, for ease of changing the layout and such. The only part that’s actually stored in the “post body” is the initial picture and the writing under it, everything that’s under the h2 headings is from custom fields and built with php in the default ‘single’ template.

    It’s built on Justin Tadlock’s Hybrid theme which allows for an amazing amount of flexibility.

  38. WPMU Premium says:

    Thanks for including our Theme (WPMU gMaps), in fact, the geo-blogging functionality of this theme are part of the theme itself, everything you see is out-of-the-box, meaning it does not rely upon ANY plugins of any kind…

    We have been meaning to officially launch our site (WPMU Premium) for quite some time now, but due to all the press we continue to get, prior to launching, we have been very busy developing customized themes and plugins for those who continue to contact us, especially now that BuddyPress is finally becoming popular – as such, we are also in the midst of a re-branding exercise and will keep everyone posted once we have more news to share…

  39. Young says:

    4. Contact Manager with WordPress sounds good to me, I will try it later.

  40. Roseli A. Bakar says:

    wow… there’s so much we could do with wordpress.

    Great list !

  41. Tom Carswell says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this info!

  42. Sheldon (Marketing Consultant, Tauranga) says:

    Fantastic! I came across a WordPress business directory just yesterday and was wondering how it’s done, thanks!

  43. John says:

    Great post, very interesting uses of wordpress!

  44. Kulbir Saini says:

    Pretty exhaustive list :)

  45. Hangman says:

    I created a torrent tracker using WordPress. It’s a video game music private tracker — Check it out!

    • sk says:

      is wordpress actually the torrent tracker too? or is it just the front end for a tracker software running in the background?

      if it’s some kind of plugin for it to actually be a tracker, please let me know how you did that!

      • Hangman says:

        Nope, the tracker software is in C++ and it’s running in the background. I used WordPress as a frontend and for user management, and no, it’s not a plugin, it’s custom code. I wrote some tutorials on my blog ( on how to build a torrent tracker, they’re basically a walkthrough on how I did most of the things for vgmTorrents. Cheers!

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