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How to Use Shortcodes in your WordPress Sidebar Widgets

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How to Use Shortcodes in your WordPress Sidebar Widgets

We showed you how to add a shortcode in WordPress, then we also showed you how you can use shortcodes in your WordPress Themes. In this article, we will show you how to use shortcodes in your WordPress sidebar.

First thing you need to do is open your theme’s functions.php file and paste this code:

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Now all you have to do is go to your Appearance » Widgets Screen and create a text widget. Then you can paste any shortcode that you have enabled on your site, and it will function properly.

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  • cob-web

    This saved my day – thanks! :)

  • slim shady

    will it interpret [ ]everything as a shortcode?

    • WPBeginner Support

      No only if a shortcode is registered. For example if you dont have a shortcode [apples] then it will display as it is.

  • queenofthehivemomof5

    I tried putting it at the bottom of the fuctions PHP template within the php tags and am still getting the RAW code wrapped around my shortcode. The shortcode is displaying it just shows [raw] [/raw] on either side of it.

    Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • wpbeginner

    @queenofthehivemomof5 You need to paste it in between the php tags and make sure it is not part of any other funciton… so it is best to place it at the bottom.

  • queenofthehivemomof5

    Is there a certain part of the fuctions.php file I should paste it into? It does not appear to be working for me. I get my shortcode output but it is surrounded by “Raw”

    [raw][/raw]TAB 1TAB 2TAB 3[raw][/raw]Tab content 1[raw] [raw] [raw][/raw] (something like that)

  • edward.caissie

    This line of code can be added to a plugin that has a shortcode and it will do the same thing, too … although adding the line of code to the functions.php file of a Child-Theme would be a more future-proof method.