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Which Blogging Platform Should You Use? (Infographic)

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Which Blogging Platform Should You Use? (Infographic)

When starting a blog, this question comes to the mind of every blogger. Which blogging platform is the best? Which one should they use? If you are on WPBeginner, you will see us recommending everyone to use Self Hosted platform. But many users think that our views are biased, therefore we asked Darren Rowse from Problogger for his permission to use the data from the poll he ran on his site.

We took the results from Darren’s Poll about What Blog Platform Do You Use? and displayed it in our infographic to present a more convincing argument. As of now, there are a total of 3476 bloggers who participated in this poll, and you can see the results in our Infograph.

Which Blogging Platform Should You Use? (Infographic) got the majority of the votes and was on third place in user choice. If you need help distinguishing between the two platforms see our infograph about Self Hosted WordPress vs. Free

Our pick in the Best Platform is ofcourse, and we have mentioned a few reasons why you should use WordPress. But if the reasons in the infographic is not enough for you, then you should check out our fully detailed post about Why You Should Use WordPress.

Feel free to post a comment below about which platform do you use, and why you use it.

Once again, all thanks goes to Darren Rowse of Problogger for letting us use his data to create this interactive graphic for our users.

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress lovers led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  • Nellywood

    I use Blogger. Its so simple and cool and its free. From reviews I’ve read about WP, it’s kind of complicated plus their is a price. Blogger is so cool cos it connects me to every Google Apps email, G+. Everything under one roof works well for me.

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  • rthelemaque

    I used blogger because is easy and I’m def thinking about using to see how it goes

  • Raj Mehta

    Even i like WordPress :)

  • Hyder Mohammed

    No doubt wordpress is best of all \m/

  • Carlos Smith

    I use BLogger since I got the hang of it ever since 2004,I tried WordPress but it was a bit complicating for me.

  • Tony

    I use & I have been pondering going self hosted WP but am still unsure wether I really will benefit from it the extra cost of hosting. I find limited as far as some things I’d like to change or some widgets I’d like to use. I tried Blogger for a while which allowed such things but one day my blog inexplicably vanished which soured me towards blogger

  • Vevans

    I use Blogger for more than 3 years, now I moved to WordPress and loving it!

  • Ash Blue

    I don’t like Blogspot, at least once you’ve used WordPress it really seems to suck.

  • Kevin M.

    I use blogger mostly because it was what I was first introduced to.

  • Mike Power

    Surely it depends on what type of blog/website you are planning. A straightforward blog doesn’t need Drupal, Joomla, Movabletype etc. If you don’t have the facility to host your own blog then is of no use. If you aren’t looking to monetize your blog or don’t need tons of widgets this in turn will affect your decision. And, of course, cost also comes into it. Some are free, some charge, some involve your own hosting which in turn costs you sometning.

    What the infographic (we used to call it a bar chart!) does is to illustrate popularity, which actually means little or nothing to someone trying to decide on a blog platform.

  • sergey

    funny how wordpress received the most votes on a wordpress website… i would never guess that people who come here only use/know word press. :)

    • Editorial Staff

      These polls were not taken on this site. It was on problogger, where bloggers from all different platforms visit.

  • Nacho

    It’s strange how squarespace didn’t make the list… much easier to set up than wordpress, fully customizable and inexpensive.

    • Mike Power

      As it happens I use Squarespace for my main blog and have been with them for over six years. It’s a hosted service and costs but it is rock solid and very easy to manage. I also use and as well as Tumblr and Blogger for other purposes.

  • Rochelle Dancel

    Whilst I am a huge fan of WordPress and use it for most of my sites, I still think Blogger has the advantage for people or organisations with little or no coding knowledge that need a blog, don’t want to host it themselves but still want to use custom URLs (this applies to many non-profit groups with whom I work).

  • Ramnath

    Thats a lot of vote for WP. Can’t see blogsome anywhere. It provides a lot more easier way to start mastering wordpress. Blogsome actually runs on WordPress Cognotent (Cognotent being the name of the company which manages Blogsome).

    I have recently started considering Drupal (after 2006). Great and easy installation and customization if you are building a small site.

  • Suresh Khanal

    Though its real, is it not bit surprising why more people are using blogger than Is it because it is owned by Google or it is far more better than Surprising.

    • Editorial Staff

      Blogger is some what easier as some people say. Also they have more control.

  • Lee

    WordPress is the God.

    Since I started using it on everything my life has became so much easier. SEO is a breeze :)



  • Serra

    cool…..ill use that one as my first “blog” place. Thanks digg i wound have not found this anywhere else.

  • Jason

    I’m surprised that both Tumblr and Posterous were not in this list but expected WordPress to be as high as it is.

    I’m currently using both and .org for sites and they’re both so easy to use!

    • Supraja

      I would like to see statistics for Tumblr as well.

  • Bill Davis

    WordPress does rock! It’s super simple to set up and it’s highly scalable and easy to modify. The number of quality plug-ins is certainly enough reason to go with it; pile on all the other benefits and it’s an easy decision!

  • Konstantin

    I started out with WordPress and never felt the need of trying another platform.
    Now I’m so familiar with it (also code-wise), that I can’t imagine using another one.

  • Taufik

    I choose WordPress and Tumblr

    • silent

      yeah! me too! I use hosted wordpress for my main blog and tumblr for anything short or just not match with the whole theme of my main blog.

  • Phillip Gibb

    yeah, go WP.
    must be the script thing that puts blogger in second place over

  • Win Htoo Shwe

    For me, wordpress is the best :D

  • soer08

    yeah..!! wordpress is the best..!! we use wordpress for any website.. Portfolio,E-commerce,company profile,photo-blog…