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5 Best VPN Services for WordPress Users (Compared)

VPNs are growing in popularity due to privacy and security concerns. VPN short for virtual private network allows you to protect your privacy, secure information, and bypass censorship. If you’re looking for the best VPN services, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain what is a VPN, why you need a VPN, and share our handpicked list of the best VPN services for WordPress users.

Best VPN Services for WordPress Users

What is VPN and Why It is Important?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps you secure your internet connection and protect your identity.

We all use internet on multiple devices, from multiple locations, and sometimes from public internet spots.

A compromised public WiFi can give hackers access to your personal information such as passwords, credit cards, browsing history, personal files, etc. They can install malware on your WordPress site, hack your social media profiles, steal your bank account information and more.

Even direct internet connection at your home or office can be used to view data transferred to and from your devices.

VPN helps you secure your internet connection and protect your identity. It allows you to browse internet privately using encryption and from different countries (IP addresses). This way you can bypass country specific content restrictions on websites like Netflix, YouTube, BBC, etc.

As a WordPress site owner, using a VPN improves your WordPress security. If you are already using SSL on your WordPress site, then using a VPN completely hides your activities behind multiple encryption layers.

How VPN Works?

How VPN works

Normally, all your internet traffic travels through different servers spread across the world. This internet traffic can be spied upon. Hackers and governments can see which websites you are visiting, and what you are doing online.

A VPN creates a private network that acts as a point to point network between your computer and your VPN server.

When you request a website from your computer using a VPN, your VPN client encrypts your request and then sends it to the VPN server.

The VPN server then requests the information from the destination website and encrypts it before sending it back to your computer.

This allows you to keep your internet connection secure and away from the prying eyes of hackers, your internet service provider, and governments.

How to Choose The Best VPN Service?

There are plenty of VPN service providers available that you can use. However, not all of them offer the same level of security, privacy, and ease of use.

Here is what you need to look for in the best VPN service:

Ease of use – You will need easy to use apps for all your devices, so you can quickly connect to your VPN, switch servers, change IPs without any technical skills.

Speed and Bandwidth – VPN services can be slow if they don’t have enough bandwidth to support faster connections for all their customers. You need to choose a company that has the infrastructure to support faster connections.

Locations and Servers – More servers on multiple locations means you can choose servers from different countries with different IPs. It also allows you to switch from a slower server to a faster one.

Privacy and Security – You need to make sure that your VPN service provider is offering the best layer of security to protect your privacy. This means not keeping logs and using layers of encryption for all data transfers.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the top VPN services and how they stack up against each other.

1. IPVanish


IPVanish is one of the most popular VPN service providers in the world. They offer the most easy to use VPN service that can be used by beginners as well as experts.

IPVanish allows you to easily connect to their private secure network. They have apps for all popular mobile and desktop platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

All these apps are quite easy to use with their simple user interface. You can simultaneously use the same account on up to five devices at any given time.

They also have a huge network of 40,000+ shared IPs, 750+ VPN servers in more than 60 countries. You can use IPs from any region or country. IPVanish app will even suggest the fastest servers to chose from.

Speed is an important concern for most users. IPVanish is noticeably faster than most VPN service providers due to their robust network, bandwidth capacity, and better infrastructure.

All connections are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption technology which is the highest industry standard. It allows unlimited P2P connections (used for torrents) with no bandwidth caps. They also have a strict zero log policy, which means they don’t keep any record of your online activities.

Pricing: Starting from $6.99 per month paid annually. WPBeginner users can use this exclusive IPVanish coupon to get 20% discount.

2. StrongVPN


StrongVPN is another top VPN service provider with more than 12000+ customers around the world. Their strong network is spread across 24 countries and 47 cities.

StrongVPN offers the highest industry standard encryption with no bandwidth caps for all their accounts. They also offer StrongDNS service which allows you to bypass censorship without compromising speed or using encryption. You can use both of these together for complete privacy, or you can just use StrongDNS to bypass censorship.

StrongVPN has apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. All apps are quite easy to setup and use even for non-tech savvy users. They don’t have any limit on number of devices you connect with the same account, so you can use it on all your devices.

Pricing: Starting from $5.83/month billed annually.

3. NordVPN


NordVPN is a popular VPN service provider with a huge network of 765 worldwide server locations in 58 different countries.

It comes with easy to use apps for all your devices allowing you to connect to VPN instantly and switch between geographic locations without revealing your identity. You can connect up to 6 devices at a time using different servers and geographic locations.

They use the highest industry standard encryption with a double layer encryption technology for more security. This makes NordVPN perfect to be used when accessing internet over public WiFi locations.

NordVPN also allows P2P connections with no bandwidth or download caps which makes them a popular choice among VPN for torrenting. They have a zero log policy to ensure privacy of their customers. They have automatic kill switch built-in which means if your connection drops, then it will not compromise your privacy.

Pricing: Starting from $5.75/month billed annually.

4. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is another VPN service provider with a strong network of 145 locations in 94 countries. They offer industry standard encryption to protect your privacy and keep your internet secure.

It comes with easy to use apps for all platforms and devices. It offers unlimited server switching, allowing you to hop from one geo-location to another with the click of a button.

You can simultaneously connect up to 3 devices using the same VPN account, which is lower than other VPN service providers on this list.

ExpressVPN allows you to use file sharing services and P2P connections without limiting downloads or speed. They also have a zero-logging policy to ensure your privacy.

Pricing: Starting from $8.25 per month billed annually.

5. OverPlay


OverPlay is a great VPN service with all the features you will need for rock solid online privacy and security. Their huge network consists of 650+ servers spread across 70+ locations in more than 50 countries.

They offer industry standard encryption to secure your internet access with zero-logs policy to ensure privacy.

They also offer SmartDNS service which allows you to browse internet without encryption. This is particularly helpful if you are only trying to access blocked websites.

Combining SmartDNS with VPN service makes your internet connection secure and private without compromising on speed even from public WiFi spots.

OverPlay VPN also offers unlimited peer to peer connections without bandwidth or download caps. It also has apps for all popular devices and platforms.

Pricing: Starting from $8.33 per month billed annually for VPN+SmartDNS plan.


After carefully evaluating all these VPN services, we believe that IPVanish is the best VPN service currently available. They offer the best security, easy to use apps, huge network, and blazing fast speeds.

StrongVPN is the second best option in the list. They offer similar set of features as other VPN service providers with additional StrongDNS service.

We hope this article helped you find the best VPN Service as a WordPress user. You may also want to see our guide on how to properly manage your passwords.

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  1. Tunnel Bear was not working for me as it was always trying to connect to certain servers, so tried nordvpn and voila, worked like a charm. Connected immediately and Netflix US is for me to binge. Of course, what would you expect from a company of this size though!

  2. Great article, very detailed. I noticed that with some VPNs you can lose a little speed, so choose wisely. I’d suggest even to take a few free trials and then decide which one to buy. Heard NordVPN and Express are rated best. Can’t vouch for Express, as I’m a user of Nord, but I think they both should be okay.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. Anyway, I expected to read a guide regarding how to setup a wordpress installation on a vpn network service. Maybe, I thought as a beginner user… :)

  4. Very Informative post. I highly recommend bloggers to use VPN to keep data and personal information safe over internet.

  5. Question regarding this. When you connect to the VPN you are using your ISP to access it. Your VPN client creates a private tunnel to the VPN Server, in this process what does the ISP see? Do they only see that you’ve connected to say IP address at VPN Server Location? I am assuming that they can’t see data within that private tunnel any different then a hacker. Correct?

  6. Been using VPN since years, but in what way is this article related to wordpress?
    please explain….

    • People are accessing their WordPress websites / admin dashboard from public Wifi networks. The goal of this article is to help educate beginners about it, so they too can use VPN.


  7. Should be using a static IP offering as a metric to determine a good VPN for WordPress use. You can white list that IP for sites you maintain alone and add another layer of security.

  8. I read the whole article but I was expecting Opera VPN to be included. I’ve been using Opera VPN and it has never given me any kind of problems.

    • The version in Opera browser merely acts as a proxy for any data that transfers from your browser, so its sufficient for web passwords. However a true VPN encrypts your entire internet connection including any apps that you’re using.


      • Im sure he meant opera vpn – the standalone VPN app available on ios and android, not the proxy found in the opera browser. I’ve used it myself and while it is sufficient and does the job, I’m not sure how secure it is considering it is a free service. The owners of the company have to make money somehow, do the they.

  9. This should be a magnetic post with the repeal of the internet privacy regulation. Does a VPN protect you against anyone grabbing your browser history, hacking into your WordPress sites, etc.?

      • No it doesn’t. Nothing does 100%. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one though.

        It is a good step to protect yourself on public WiFi but it’s not going to magically prevent all hacks on your site. You can still fall prey to phishing, malware and viruses as usual. Plus targeted hackers will likely already know the IP and services they are targeting regardless of your internet connection.

  10. thanks for this, I’ve been testing Tunnel Bear lately but it doesn’t work for me often when out and about so pretty useless. Looking forward to giving these a go :)

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