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How to Make Money from Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress using

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How to Make Money from Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress using

Everyone understands the value of social sharing buttons. Some sites go above and beyond to include all sorts of sharing buttons. Today, we were notified of a rather interesting revenue model that involves social sharing buttons in WordPress. is a social sharing platform with an innovative approach to sharing that takes the sharing area of your site and turns it into a revenue stream. In this article, we will show you how to make money from social sharing buttons in WordPress.

How does work? is free to use, and it is the only (at least to our knowledge) social sharing platform that will pay you for the social activity on your site. Their revenue model is pretty simple and creative. Once a user shares your content, a sharing confirmation box appears on your site which also contains a 300×250 ad from digital campaigns running with’s parent company, RadiumOne. These ads pay premium eCPMs and won’t clutter your site’s layout. These ads are from reputable Fortune 500 companies and can pay eCPM rates as high as $25. Revenue Model Screenshot

For those who don’t know, eCPM stands for cost per mille (in Latin mille means thousand). eCPM is a rate that you get per 1000 estimated views of the ad. Yes, you get paid even if the user don’t click.

In addition to a new source of revenue, offers:

  • Access to over 50 social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, email etc.
  • It offers various different button styles for you to choose from. You can have small, medium, or large buttons, placed vertically or horizontally, with or without share counters.
  • It also offers unified social analytics that can help you improve your social strategy. is taking the market by storms. Some of the web’s largest sites have integrated to start generating revenue from this unique social sharing platform. Some of these sites include:, ESPN, ImageShack, TheChive, and more. With the recent launch of WordPress plugin, you too can start making money from the sharing buttons on your site.

First thing you need to do is install and activate WordPress plugin.

After activation, you would need to create a free account at website (click Join Now button at the top). This is the only way for you to generate a unique Publisher key for your site.

Enter your publisher key, and you would be able to monetize your social sharing buttons.

You have the option to select the design settings. You can have it display in a horizontal format above or below the post. Design Settings Horizontal

Alternatively, you can display it as a vertical floating share bar. Vertical Design Settings

You even have the option to customize the display with their custom code option. Why use ShareThis or Addthis type buttons when you can use and make some extra cash with it. Start making money from your sharing buttons using

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  1. Kendall says:

    Please forgive my stupidity, but I am a true beginner on wordpress! Is it possible to take advantage of this plugin on my free blog on Or is it only available for

  2. Thorir says:

    Imo, one of the most annoying thing about the internet nowadays is the amount of often irrelevant content being flashed at site visitors. If I offer my viewers a share option, I certainly don’t want them to have to ‘pay’ for it by watching an ad at after the click. They were here for the content, and not only do I respect that, I respect my visitors enough to not want to drown them in irrelevant ads (that I have no control over?).

    So as for “Why use ShareThis or Addthis type buttons when you can use and make some extra cash with it?”, – because it gets in between your site’s content and the user’s attention. Whether or not that’s important depends on the site of course.

    I realize this comment has become more about the internet in general and less about a certain plugin, who I’m sure can be of great interest for a great number of users. For them, certainly a nice article, as expected.

    : )

  3. Scott says:

    I like the Share & Comment section buttons that stay at the top of this page as you scroll down. Are you using for this or some other plugin? It really has a clean look.

  4. PolarStar says:

    Great article as always!

    I tried some of the social sharing plug-ins but was not too happy with them. The latest I found and that I am planning to install is . One of the things that bothered me with the others was the impact they had on website performance and this one is optimized for having low impact.

    Any idea of how affects on website performance?


    • Editorial Staff says:

      Like any other script, will slow down your site by a tad bit. It shouldn’t be a significant impact though.

      • PolarStar says:

        I tend to disagree. It is important how much it affects and these developers have tools and ooportunties to optimize the impact the script has on the page, specially if it will be shown on almost all pages. It would be interesting for WPBeginners to reseearch that area in one of your future articles if you have time. Socialite principles should be adapted in the other social sharing platforms.

  5. Dustin says:

    I came across in the past and didn’t pay any attention. But after reading this article about them I’m highly considering implementing this onto some of my sites.


  6. MamaRed says:

    Interesting post and appreciate hearing more about this approach to generating income My initial response was the same as others…I don’t want to reduce folks engaging with me on my website (don’t have much of that as it is! Smile)…While researching sharing tools (which is how I found your post), I found which also has a revenue sharing option. Do you know how they compare or have you ever compared them? This is a whole new area for me, so I’m learning as I go!

    Many blessings

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Nope, haven’t compared the two. To our knowledge, was the only revenue sharing social sharing service. Glad to know others exist as well.

      • MamaRed says:

        Glad to be of service! I know there’s a LOT of stuff out there and no single person or company can keep up with it all!

  7. Gautam Doddmani says:

    awesome…revenue from social sharing sounds like a sweet idea…now its time for me to give this a try :D

  8. Rod Dunne says:

    Installed to give it a try out.
    I’m not sure if this is true of all social sharing plugins but the social number (of tweets, FB shares, +1s, etc) displayed as zero for each of my pages. This was on pages which had previously been shared via ‘Sharebar’.

    I’d prefer to see the current #shares/tweets being shown – I realize this may be impossible when switching social share plugins.
    – Rod

    • Editorial Staff says:

      That doesn’t sound right. Those numbers are coming directly from twitter, fb etc. Did you try contact support?

    • zimbrul says:

      Same problem happen on one site I’ve installed this…

      • Luis says:

        Hi Zimbrul,

        Just like any other third party tags, we have to ping the native servers of the social networks in order to calculate the proper sharing numbers. This takes about 3 hours to do. So, once you implement, let it settle for a few hours and you’ll eventually see the historic share numbers come in for these individual posts.

        Try it out and if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me at luis at radiumone dot com

  9. scott says:

    how do I actually receive the money from people using the buttons on my site?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      You signup with They will show the ads, and they will pay you. It’s similar to how any other ad network works.

      • scott says:

        But how do they pay you if they don’t have payment options like paying into my Paypal for example?

        • Luis says:

          Hi Scott, I manage the Publisher Relationships at and can help you with any questions you may have.

          Once you sign up for and implement it onto your site, let us know that you would like to generate revenue from the after the share ad so we can register you into the system properly. We would set you up with a revenue account and grant you access to your own revenue dashboard so you can check your earnings on a daily basis.

          Have you registered for yet? It’ll all make sense once you sign up, I personally handle all requests that come in!


  10. Brian Childers says:

    I agree with Dan Cross about subjecting people to ads that just want to share. Are they specific about how much you actually can make with this plugin?

    Also,m I am curious why you guys aren’t using this plugin?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      How much you can make will vary based on where your audience is coming from. For ex. U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia audience always end up getting a better payout compared to Indian or Chinese audience. So asking for an exact number is like asking how much money can I make from adsense or any banner based advertisement. It all varies on your traffic and quality of your traffic.

      This is NOT going to make you a millionaire. This is an easy way to add yet another source of income to your site. The more shares your site gets, the more you will get paid. It can be 10 bucks for some… or thousands for others.

      With WPBv4 design, we made a commitment to get rid of all third party ads possible. You can see our entire sidebar area has no ads (it used to have 300 x 250 ad and 8 125×125 ads). The only banner that we are running is the in post 300 x 250 banner which our goal is to get rid of as well. Eventually it will disappear as well.

      It is in the plans to add widget on our List25 site in the upcoming design changes. Will this annoy your users? We don’t think so. Because the ads are unobtrusive. They don’t take up any extra screen space. Once the user shares the link, it says your share is confirmed and the banner is there in the same hoverbox. Its really easy to close the hover box. Subtle ads like this one or the captcha based ads are really picking up. These are the most memorable thus get premium bids.

      There is going to be a small percentage of users who get annoyed by every type of ad. Sidebar ads etc. That type of user mostly uses Ad Block to block all sort of scripts.

      • Luis says:

        To simply add to the comment above by the Editorial Staff…

        There is an option to disable the ads completely, just left us know and we’ll turn them off and then becomes a simple sharing tool. The benefit of os that you have an option to generate revenue if you’d like.

        This function is also flexible in the fact that, we can turn them back on whenever you’d like, blacklist certain advertisers so it doesn’t conflict with any deals you have going on and there’s even room to customize this space if you wanted to promote your own social media pages, products or services.


        • Editorial Staff says:

          Thanks for dropping by Luis. Didn’t know that was one of the options available :)

        • Ghana Galindra says:

          So what’s in it for Po.St if the websites opt not to show the ads display?

        • Editorial Staff says:

          Absolutely nothing. They just have an extra user that’s all.

        • Mutilated George says:

          Is this still an option? I logged into my dashboard and do not see this option anywhere.

  11. Ahmad Farkleet says:

    I have my own site. Does it works with that?

  12. Dan Cross says:

    Seems like a good way of deterring people from actually sharing content, let alone trying to make some money on the sideline.

    Who wants to be subjected to an advertisement when all they want to do is promote something they have read? That’s right, nobody.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      This ad is shown AFTER the user has shared not before. has been around for about a year and has over 10,000 publishers. Some of these are fairly large sites getting thousands of shares on each article. Those who don’t like ads will use adblock anyways.

  13. Charles says:

    This is a good find! I’m currently using ShareBar, but it’s a bit hard to use and you can’t track anything. I’ll probably make the switch. Is it free?

  14. Tony Grands says:

    What if you’re already enrolled in the WordAds program? Can you still participate in without being penalized?

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