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  • Rajesh Namase

    Twitter will turn off @Anywhere on December 6th, 2012, check this: :(

  • DocteurTweety

    Hi all,

    Probably I have a basic question but I don’t find solution for issue that I meet.

    I’m using retweet-anywhere WP pluggin and I open TweetBox whe I click on a link in using this code <a target=”_blank” href=”” title=”Retweeter ce message” rev=”RT ‘.$tweets15[$i].’ (via @’.$tweets2[$i].’)”>Retweeter</a>

    When I click on “Tweet” button in the opened dialogbox after changing the texte it works well if I’m already Logged in Twitter thru

    My issue is if the elapsed time of 2 hours is reached when I clikc on “Tweet” button the call of…. is openned in the current windows and not in popup so even if the redirection is good I loose information in my application. Is that possible to force the call of… in a popup in that case?

    many thank for your help.


  • Rudolf

    Help me I cannot make hovercard work. I`m using a plugin called simple twitter widget for display my recent tweets. I paste the code above but It doesn`t work. Could someone give me some advice?

  • iamdesigning

    Nice tut, that people must to know ! I found this post to be an effectual informative article !

    Useful for me at this time : ) Thanks for your sharing your tips . . . !

  • WindowsTalk

    Great WordPress/Twitter tip! Thanks!

  • juliet

    I’ve been looking for this kind of twitter button and I’m just glad I’ve found it here. You made my blogging life so simple. Thanks a lot!

  • HarrySehgal

    Thanks It was a Nice Post. I was looking to add Twitter Button on a Specific Location. Thanks for This Post.

  • KQuandry

    Good job… I like this a lot. Your article made this so much easier than others I have seen. Thank you. @kquandry of

  • Rajesh

    Great article, I am looking for it last few days, thanks :)

  • Paul

    Great post with great info. It doesn’t look all that easy … but I’ve bookmarked this page and look forward to giving it a try ASAP.

    Does anyone know of a free downloadable plugin that does the same thing?


  • Kuzmanov

    Really great article. Thanks for sharing.
    But… I’m trying to implement Live Tweet Box on my site and it doesn’t work. I have registered API, enter the JS code in my header and when I’m trying to add the live box in my post it doesn’t show up.

    • Editorial Staff

      That’s weird… have you specified the right Div ids?

      • Kuzmanov

        Yes, I was and I’m pretty sure… but it showed after few hours :). Thanks for the great tips and keep up the good work.

  • Konstantin

    Is Twitter Anywhere down currently? It doesn’t work on my site and it seems not to work on yours either. do you know anything about it?

    • Editorial Staff

      Yup they were experiencing downtime.

  • Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Hey its very useful. I am on my way to make to make unique social share for my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Aaqil Mahmood

    I am happy with this plugin, no need to edit codings with it

  • surendar

    Hey this is really ver cool and interesting article.
    That live tweet box is really nice.

  • Praveen

    Gr8 article on Twitter @Anywhere……. I have tested it, it works fine and definitely gone use this very soon.


  • Pablo DiCiacco

    This tutorial is a nearly exact replication of the post at Nettuts.

    • Editorial Staff

      Actually its the exact opposite in this case. Nettuts’ article is the exact copy of ours. We published and tweeted our article on April 19th and Nettuts published their article on April 22nd.

      Here is our tweet as a proof: (Next time check your facts before the accusation)

  • Phe

    Curious if there’s any way to preload the Live Tweet Box with a link to the post that it’s on? So default text would be something like “Currently reading: *link to post*” and all they have to do is hit TWEET

    • Editorial Staff

      Yes, search our plugins category for the plugin called Retweet Anywhere and you will find the answer :)

  • Zack Covell

    Badass tutorial WP dudes.

    I followed this post step by step and now have REAL apps integrated…I’m excited.

    Thanks again for this post.

    rock on.

    Zack Covell
    (Astoria, Oregon)

  • Zirta

    Thank you for this tutorial! It waws really useful :D
    I have succesfully placed a tweet box at my site but now I have a question; how can I make it show a short url automatically? You know, Twitter does the thing AFTER sending the tweet, not before… I’ve tried some plugins but no use, their short codes don’t work :(

    • Editorial Staff

      You need to use the API to make it work, or you can look at a plugin called Retweet Anywhere that we mentioned on our site.

  • Namit Gupta

    Great Stuff!!! Explained very well. Simple to implement. Thanks a lot.

  • Matthias Köhler

    Hey Guys, your tuts are awesome! Already retweeted this tut and applied it to my blog. THX SO MUCH!

  • Erkan

    I didn’t know that. Thanks a lot.

  • Aaron

    Thank you for the tips! =)
    Am trying to get it to work on my website, so far I have no success yet. Not sure why. I put in the code and replace the API key put the hovercards code but nothing appeared on my website. =( Will continue to test

    • Editorial Staff

      Just went on your site: << Brought the mouseover to the link and it seemed to be working :)

  • Ingrid

    You are fantastic. Thanks so much for this!

  • Yan Susanto

    Awesome tip, pal! BTW, what’s the retweet/FB/digg plugin you use?


    • Editorial Staff

      It is our Smart Sharing Plugin. Do a quick search on our site, and you will be able to find a download page. It’s free.

  • Tommy Day

    Anyone figure out a way to get the_permalink for single post pages into the tweet box to use it for RTs?

  • Nikhil

    Wow! This is really cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • hugophang

    Great post. To get the hovercard by mouseover picture event instead of mouseover text, we can try this.

    enjoy! @hugophang

  • Pavan Somu

    I will add this script. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Kate Mag

    Awesome tutorial on Twitter Anywhere. Thanks

  • Hian Battiston

    Great stuff here!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Tony

    Wow! Those are some pretty neat features Twitter has going. REally impressed with them.

  • Dustin Diaz

    On behalf of the @anywhere team — thanks! We’re revving on the API to give developers more customizability. Stay tuned.

    – Dustin ( @ded )

    • Editorial Staff

      Thank you Dustin @ded for coming out here and taking your time to reply :)

      Would really like to see more control over css and stying of the follow button and the live tweet box :)

      • Dustin Diaz

        We have an approach to this that I think you’ll like. Hang tight.

  • Otto

    A lot of this is made simpler with the use of plugins. :)

  • Aaron Darko

    Fantastic Stuff Syed, You and your team are awesome. You guys are killing it!

    ~Keep it up bro~

  • The Frosty

    Very cool. You should check out my plugin I created for this.
    It makes implementing @Anywhere into WordPress easy as pie!

    @Anywhere plugin for WordPress.

    I’ve created a simple and easy to use setting page to control the script.

    • Editorial Staff

      Thank you Austin for the plugin. We did review it when we were writing this article, but the reason why we did not include it was because it was not added in the repository yet.

  • Todd Santoro

    Sweet stuff Syed! This is a nice unobtrusive way to add some additional functionality.

  • Ed at Kliky

    Have you found that they’d improved their performance from say 9 months to a year ago? I’d tried the Twitter feed some time back and found that their delivery service was so bad at times that it would be a drag on my Web site, which led me to drop it altogether.

    • Editorial Staff

      We added some aspects to our site. We think that performance will improve over time. There are times when the page loads and the hovercard does not render properly but that will happen with any API.

  • Scot

    How might you add some simple css styling to the tweetbox?

    • Editorial Staff

      The API is very young. don’t think there is an option for that yet.

      • Cosmin

        Isn’t it possible to define some styles in your CSS and overwrite the default ones?

    • Piet

      @Scot the javascript for the tweetbox gives quite a few classes, so I think you can edit your own css and use the !important tag to give it your own styles

      in general great tutorial, thanks guys!

  • Victor

    Wow, this is easy :-)

  • Maged

    Really you rock, really handy tips keep up the great work