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How to Add Santa Claus on your WordPress Website

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How to Add Santa Claus on your WordPress Website

Holidays are a wonderful time of the year and as a website owner you might want to share the spirit of joy with your visitors. However, changing the website’s design for the holiday season alone may cost you extra. In this post we will show you how to add Santa Claus to your WordPress site with snowfall and some holidays music.

Happy Holidays Screenshot

First thing you need to do is install and activate the free plugin called Merry Christmas Everyone. To some people this might look very childish, but others would argue that there is so much joy in being childish during holidays. This plugin adds an animated Santa Claus to your WordPress site. Santa would skate around your website as visitors scroll up and down. The character can be linked to any content on your website. For example, you can link it to a promotional page on your website, or some other holiday related content.

Merry Christmas Everyone plugin also allows you to add music to run in the background with colorful snowfall. Now this might feel like going overboard but depending on the niche of a website some publishers would find it amusing. You can upload the music in mp3 or ogg formats. For better compatibility it would be best if you add both formats.

Once activated, the plugin adds a Santa Here menu item in your WordPress admin menu. Clicking on it will take you to plugin’s settings page where you can configure the options. The first option is URL, this is the page where visitors will be taken when they click Santa on your website. After that, You can choose between two animated Santa characters, upload music in mp3 or ogg format, and turn on sound and snowfall.

In case you want to enable just the snowfall without music. You can keep the sound and snowfall option turned off in “Merry Christmass Everyone” plugin and try this tutorial to add falling snowflakes on your WordPress blog.

More Seasonal Customization

There are some other changes you can make on your website to give it a Christmas feel without making any changes to the code. For example, if your theme supports custom headers then you can add a customized Christmas themed header. You can greet users with a customized message when they visit your website using the sticky floating footer bar. You can add a custom holiday background. You can offer users a special discount by adding a promotional advertisement using Sidebar Widgets. We would love to hear how you are greeting visitors on your website during the holidays?

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  • despina

    hi,i wonder how i can create the HTML5 Song MP3…

  • Gautam Doddmani

    haha this is pretty neat….nice find! happy advance christmas wpb team! :)

  • Alain

    Thank you so much. I installed it for a few minutes but I found it too distracting. I loved the idea but it was too much for my marketing website. I love the spirit.

    Merry Christmas