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  1. Craig says:

    Great – had this problem for a few days where I sometimes couldn’t log-in, but mostly when I went to view site when I WAS logged in, I’d see the maintenance mode page, as if I wasn’t logged in! Defined the site in WP-Config and problem sorted.


  2. Bhavya says:


    My WordPress Dashboard => Home( Edit Page) still loading what we do?

    if i check in view page it shows my website(no errors in this page).

    can anyone Please Suggest me.

  3. Richard Taylor says:

    Deactivating Plugins worked for me … thank you so much

  4. Gareth says:

    Deleting the .htaccess file solved my issue!

    Thanks guys

  5. Ocean says:

    Defining the site URL worked for me! Thanks a ton!

  6. Tejpal Choudhary says:

    Last one “update site URL” worked for me .

    Thanks from the bottom of the heart.

  7. Dave says:

    I had this problem when a site was built a long time ago without using wordpress secret-keys in the wp-config.php file.

    When I added the secret keys to wp-config.php as part of upgrading the site’s security I was not able to login (even after trying all of the above fixes) and it seemed that the login page was just refreshing instead of bringing me to the wordpress dashboard.

    To solve the login-refreshing problem, I temporarily went back to my old wp-config.php file without the secret-keys and was able to log in.

  8. Kjetil says:

    Last method worked – BUT the Settings > General > WordPress URL and Website URL are greyed out/ impossible to change + if I remove those two lines from wp-config.php the problem returns.
    ANY WAY to change the URL settings – and make them remain correct?
    PS I also tried to edit the database’s options table (and enter the correct site url in the first line there), but no luck.

  9. Kathy Porter says:

    Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Reset Settings

    Chrome finally works like it’s supposed to again! Yay!

  10. Steve says:

    LAST ONE WORKED! Huzzah!

  11. Debaiss says:

    Most of the time it is the plugins that creates this problem.

  12. Kathy says:

    I tried everything, too, and nothing worked. The problem only exists in Chrome for me.

  13. Julio Fermin says:

    I trying everything and don’t work permanently. What I can do? I am using hostinger and a godaddy domain.

  14. Sagun Khadka says:

    The last method worked for me :) Thanks

  15. Kingsley Iyke says:

    Regarding wp-admin login not coming up, I have done all of the above suggestions but non could fix the problem. Can anyone help with new solution. I`ll appreciate. Kingsley Iyke

  16. Janice says:

    Excellent tutorial. Easy to figure out and best of all, following the instructions enabled me to solve my problem quickly!

    Turns out a plug-in was the culprit so by renaming the plugin folder I was able to deactivate them all and sign in. (Good thing to know for the future.) I then added them back one by one to determine which plugin was causing the problem.

    One thing … please don’t laugh … you have to double click on the plugin folder name to change it. I was right clicking on it to try to rename it (as you do in Windows file explorer) … minor detail I forgot about.

  17. Joni says:

    Any tips if none of these work? Only have the redirect issue when trying to login to Admin. Site seems fine for viewing for everyone. Just the login issue to Dashboard.

    • Georg says:

      Jepp, the same problem like before… I’ve tried all the tricks, but nothing works…
      Please help…
      All the other sites with the same WP version still running best – also the login. Only one of the sites (at another provider) doesn’t work (only the login, I mean).

      Sorry for my poor english…

      All the best

      • Georg says:


        I’ve found the problem: One or more of three of my plugins caused an data-overflow of one of the fields in the database.
        I’ve installed the problematic plugins:
        – Simple login log
        – Limit Login Attempts
        – Rich Counter

        The database has a total limit of 1024MB… but it used 1288MB and this caused the problem.
        After erasing the content of the database-fields of all of the three plugins and reconfiguring the settings of them, the login was functioning till today…

        Best Regards

  18. Kingsley says:

    Now of this works……. i suspect the database because when comparing it to default wp install AUTO_INCREMENT is missing from the “extra” column on my database

  19. Phoenix says:

    Clearing the cache and cookies helped me. Thank you

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