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  • Brad

    Nice collection of themes, may have to try a few out!

  • satrya

    Nice collection, i will add this post to my indonesian blog,. thx :mrgreen:

  • Ez Rockstar

    Thank you for collected them

  • Naeem Noor
  • Philip Wallage

    Yeah, really nice. Im pretty sure every wordpress blog on the web needs to have a “Look, wordpress themes… free!” post.

    Be cool kids!

  • W3Mag

    great post ;) I really like IndoMagz thank you very much!

  • Web Design Mumbai

    these are simply mind-blowing!!!!!!

  • BeyondRandom

    This is my first time to the site and I must say that this is going to be a new “daily” for me. Great list too!

  • Bharat

    Did you say they were free? The ones I clicked on are not. I am looking for a nice these for my blog at

    • Editorial Staff

      Please Tell us which one is not free, so we can remove it from the list. While writing, we made sure that all were free. Some had premium version of the theme and the free version with lesser features, but nonetheless they were all free.

  • Venu

    Nice collection!!! Thanks!
    what about my site’s theme?

  • A J

    Wow ! now thats a very good collection. Thanks.

  • Abounding

    A great collection of themes, yes…but mindblowing? Let’s not get carried away with our headlines shall we?

  • James Holmes

    A very nice collection of themes. I personally use the “Type Based” theme listed and I am very pleased with the quality of the theme and its flexibility.

    Thank you for this collection!