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How to Hide Featured Images on Individual Posts in WordPress

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Do you want to hide the featured images on individual posts in WordPress?

There may be times when you have a featured image for a post, but instead of deleting it, you just want to hide it from your visitors.

In this article, we will show you how to hide featured images on individual posts in WordPress.

How to hide featured images on individual posts in WordPress

When and Why Is Hiding Featured Images in WordPress Useful?

Almost every WordPress theme comes with built-in support for displaying featured images or thumbnails in different areas of your website.

Some themes will even automatically use post attachments as the featured image if no image is specified. This means that it will still show a featured image even if you don’t set one.

However, you may find yourself wanting to hide the featured image in certain situations. 

For example, you might have a WordPress blog post that looks cluttered with the featured image. But you still want the featured image to display when listed on your separate blog page.

In this case, you’ll want to hide it on the individual blog post without deleting or removing the image entirely. 

With that said, let’s show you how to hide the featured image on individual posts in WordPress, step by step.

Video Tutorial

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If you’d prefer written instructions, then just keep reading.

Hiding Featured Images From Individual WordPress Posts

To easily hide featured images from WordPress posts, we recommend using the Conditionally Display Featured Image plugin. It gives you the option to hide individual featured images on WordPress posts. 

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin. For more details, see our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

After that, the plugin works right out of the box, and there are no plugin settings for you to configure.

Simply go to Posts » All Posts and click on the post that you want to open.

Go to WordPress post dashboard and open post

Then, on the post edit screen, you’ll see a box that says ‘Display featured image in posts lists only, hide on singular views’ directly under the featured image.

To hide the featured image, simply check this box and then click the ‘Update’ button to save your changes. 

Check box to hide post featured image

After that, you can view your post, and you’ll notice the featured image is hidden. Even if there’s a featured image assigned to the post, it won’t display.

This plugin does not delete or unset the post thumbnail. It only hides it on the front end of your WordPress website. If you ever want to show the featured image again, simply edit the post and uncheck the hide featured image box. 

If you happen to be using custom post types with featured image support, the plugin will let you hide those featured images too.

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  1. Syed Balkhi says

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  2. Abinash Panda says

    Thank you for the post, I could fix this issue on desktop site but not on mobile view. Do you have any idea ?

    • WPBeginner Support says

      In that case, please visit the plugin’s page and check their FAQ, they have a few recommendations to solve that issue :)


  3. Uche Nwonye says

    After hiding the featured image in the single post view, will it be displayed when I share the post on social media (like WhatsApp)?

    • WPBeginner Support says

      It would depend on what your site’s markup is, if you have an SEO plugin then those allow you to set the same or different images to appear for social media.


  4. Simea says

    Is there a possibility to hide the featured image on the archive only, but not on the single Post page?

    • WPBeginner Support says

      If you reach out to your theme’s support they would be able to help with that kind of customization.


  5. Raja ajmal says

    When I set a feature images for a post, it automatically comes at the top of a post, which I do not want to be there.
    How can I remove that image in the top of a post?

    • WPBeginner Support says

      You would want to reach out to your theme’s support as each theme has a different method for displaying that.


    • WPBeginner Support says

      Thank you for letting us know, we will be sure to keep an eye out for alternative plugin options.


    • WPBeginner Support says

      Thank you for your feedback, we will certainly keep a lookout for a replacement plugin


  6. Chelsea Plummer says

    I just downloaded this, but unfortunately the plugin is not working. Do you have any other suggestions or plugins to use? Thank you so much.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      Unless I hear otherwise, not at the moment. We will be sure to keep an eye out for alternatives.


    • WPBeginner Support says

      We will certainly take a look and look for a replacement plugin if it continues to not work properly


  7. Daniels says

    I ‘ve added a featured image only for share in facebook, I don’t want it displayed at top of the post. So I am using this plugin.
    It works okay if the user selects a post from Recent Posts but it doesn’t if the user clicks on one of the Archives dates or on of one of the Categories

    • WPBeginner Support says

      Thanks for letting us know, you may want to reach out to the plugin’s author to let them know about that issue.


      • Daniels says

        The plugin’s webpage is blank. I did contact the author by email but he didn’t reply yet.
        Do you know another way to always hide the featured image?
        I’ve read Yoast does the task in a different way (no need to add a featured photo, just set which one to use for facebook posts) but it is a paid feature.
        I use WPSSO plugins that let me preview a facebook post using featured image.
        Thank you

        • WPBeginner Support says

          You may want to reach out to your theme’s support and they may have a recommended method to hide or remove the featured image.

  8. Jay says


    Combed through all the responses. Still needing help.

    For Ali who recommended:
    Enter this code into your theme’s custom CSS area:
    .single.postid-99 .post-img {display: none;}
    Replace “99” with the post id for which you want to hide the featured image.

    and Jim who recommended:
    Put in the theme options / general/ css
    .single-post .et_post_meta_wrapper > img{

    I have the Herschel theme if that sheds some light.
    I have tried both in the custom css box and neither solution have worked.
    Have also tried hiding image from ALL posts under the settings.

    Do the above solutions need to go in a specific area of the css box?
    Otherwise, this plugin is not working for me.


    • WPBeginner Support says

      Sadly, the plugin may not be working for your theme, you could try reaching out to the plugin’s support to see if there is an issue with the theme you are using.


  9. Nate says

    I like that plugin you showed in the youtube video, it’s really simple.

    Although, It’s not really friendly with Elementor. When I add a photo gallary in, in replace of my featured image on my post, the plugin will not only hide the featured image, but that photo gallary as well. Anyone know a fix or a different plugin?

    • Iris says

      Yes, because your “real” content is the first thing Google reads at your page (after title etc).

      It won’t do much, but it won’t hurt.

  10. Jimmie says

    I am using the “Hide Featured Image” plug-in in an effort get rid of the big empty box in the middle of my product pages. It works. However, when I do this, it negatively affects the images in the product gallery below. To see what I mean, please refer to this page which has the featured image hidden:

    When the plug-in is set to “off” on the page, the product photos are coordinated properly with the color option chosen & that part works like a charm.

    How can I get them to both work together?

    • WPBeginner Support says

      Hi Jimmie,

      Try disabling all other plugins to see if this solves the issue. If it does, then activate them one by one until this issue occurs again. This will help you find out if another plugin is causing the conflict.


  11. Tony says


    I was not set any featured image in my post but one image from post shows in homepage how can i remove it. Kindly help me.

  12. Jim K says

    I am using the plugin “Hide Featured Image”. It is not working even if hide featured image is set to yes.

  13. Tunde Sanusi [Tuham] says

    It’s going to be strenous for like lots of post.. Is there a plugin that can do it all at once?

  14. Sheree says

    Is there any way to stop the featured image from showing up on the home page as well?? This plug-in works well to hide it in posts, but my home page (which is just a feed of blog posts) is now a mess of featured images.

    Basically, I just want the feature image attached to the post for RSS feed newsletters and social sharing, but I don’t want it to appear in the article OR on my homepage. I’ve been tearing my hair out on this for hours… :(

  15. Elisabeth says

    Sorry, I’m trying to figure out how to unhide a featured image in a single post, tried to unhide it with this, and it didn’t work.

  16. Arden Mendoza says

    I been trying to remove my site’s portfolio suffice feature image for days now using style css but no luck. When I came across this article I follow the steps and downloaded the plugin and it WORKED!!!


    here is my sites portfolion

    all the featured images in portfolio has been hidden

    Thanks again

  17. Prasad Maitra says

    It’s not working with the Ribbon lite theme. I have installed it but seems still those No preview image box showing beside the posts.

  18. Phil says

    worked like a charm. Thanks for sharing this video. very quick and easy without any code changes

  19. John says

    How do I prevent my featured image from showing up inside my post but instead just as a featured image. Usually when I set a featured image, it shows up even inside the post itself and I don’t like that…. what do I do?

  20. Chantal says

    What would the code be if its a portfolio post? The above custom code is not working for me and I think its because they are portfolio posts. Thanks

  21. Vanbel says

    hai, i tried this plugin but it doesnt work, it shows “Yes or no” option on my post. i tried both, but none of them work. Please help me! heres my site:

  22. Imaqination says

    Hello, I have tried to download the plugin and hide the featured image. However, the buttons shows, “Yes or No”, and Either of them don’t hide the featured image.

  23. Hussain says

    When I found this, I expected to read something about SEO too. The question is what SEO effect does hiding featured image have, especially if it’s hidden by css on a post type because you don’t want it to appear on that post type only?

  24. Lisa Scott says

    You are a lifesaver. Thanks so much. This worked beautifully for me. So glad to have it all straightened out.

  25. Kreshnik says

    Thanks for the post, it’s help me a lot but can i hide Featured Images from all my video post formats.

  26. Chris R says

    Does this work such that on the HOME page, the featured image would display, but for the post itself, you could hide it? (So, for example, you might have a static thumb in the home page loop, but want to show a slider in the post itself).

    • Josh M says

      I’m trying to figure out how to do the same thing with no luck.

      I would like the featured images to be displayed as thumbnails on the homepage. But for the post pages I want to hide the featured image from a certain post, but have the featured on other posts still display on the posts page. I would like to do this without adding a plugin.

      Let me know if you were able to solve this.

        • Ali says

          I found a solution for this.

          Enter this code into your theme’s custom CSS area:

          .single.postid-99 .post-img {display: none;}

          Replace “99” with the post id for which you want to hide the featured image.

  27. Bamidele says

    Thanks for the post, it’s help , have been looking for a day to read this on WPbeginner. I tried it and it works on my site ,

  28. Corey says

    I got a question pertaining to this topic (sort of). How can I replace the featured post image with a slideshow?

  29. Muzamil says

    Thanks for this post
    I just visited this post from my mobile and want to know how you get full desktop view of this site on mobile. When I checked my website it automatically shows a different view on mobile and desktop, is it my theme or something else

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