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  1. Deirdre says:

    This is great, but how do you add FB comments without disabling WordPress comments?

  2. Justie Thatgurl says:

    I just installed this app and while previewing my post, there were already comments in spanish even before i published my post. What is going on here?

  3. biru says:

    Is it possible to pull all facebook comments to the wordpress commenting system and integrate with it. I don’t like how the official facebook commenting system looks. I would like to just pull all my past comments on the post from facebook and get future comments directly published in my Wp blog’s default commenting system. Is it possible?

  4. Vineet Gupta says:

    This plugin which you have recommended has not been updated in past 2 years.

    Is it fine to use it on my blog ??


  5. KennyC says:

    Hi there, great post!

    Do I have to create individual APP ID for the different wordpress post which I have?

  6. Jeremy says:

    I have got this to work for “posts”, is there a way to install this on a “page”?


    • Editorial Staff says:

      This should work with pages. If not, then try the official Facebook plugin that they launched recently.

  7. jobgrill says:


  8. AyhanSipahi says:

    nice one :) thanks

  9. TimWilson says:

    I am having the exact same problem. Most of these random comments are even in spanish. When I translated them they have nothing to do with my post. Must be a bug

  10. CIACHBAJERA says:

    @wpbeginner So it must be some bug, cause every time, even when I save a draft instead of publishing – I see comments under the draft, already posted before I wrote the entry.

  11. wpbeginner says:

    @CIACHBAJERA@MikeThompson The plugin will only pull those comments that are related to that specific url….

  12. CIACHBAJERA says:

    @wpbeginner@MikeThompson They are not. I use the plugin and have the same problem. Today I managed to trace blog to which those comments were related. Weird thing is that they are also displayed under my posts.

    I firstly thought that was spam but now I think it’s a plugin bug or configuration issue? (I did everything just like it’s explained on your site)

  13. wpbeginner says:

    @MikeThompson The comments appearing on your site are probably comments that people made when others shared your post. Not sure why the comment box is not showing in IE and such.

  14. MikeThompson says:

    I’ve just installed this plugin and instantly there are comments on every page of my site but no-one has seen it yet. Where are these posts referenced from? They will obviously dilute the real comments and they are unrelated to my content.

    Also the Like button appears on FireFox and IE (8) but the comment box only appears in FireFox.

  15. SteveDreiknax says:

    I understand that Facebook comments are very interesting for a blog owner, so the post is shared with all his/her Facebook friends. But personally I think this “violates” the privacy of the person who writes a comment, because he/she can’t choose which friends will see this post and which won’t (like his/her boss, collegues…).

    Or am I wrong, is it possible to choose who of the friends will see the comments?

  16. brianyang says:

    Great tutorial! I’m not planning to use Facebook Comments on my site anytime soon though.

    I’m not so sure how good Facebook Comments are in terms of SEO. Everything loads in a frame.

    In addition, I’m not aware of any way to migrate off Facebook Comments. If you decide to change to another commenting system in the future, comments made with Facebook can’t be exported.

  17. frameone says:

    Inhale read somewhere that it does not help with SEO though since it exists in an iFrame offsite.

  18. MartinSteiner says:

    Hey, i have installed intensdebate Plugin for Commenting i found ok!

  19. Livefyre says:

    Here is another great walk through.

  20. Crysislevel says:

    nyc article. facebook is a very powerful tool to enrich ur blog wit comments. :)

  21. Candanosa says:

    @wpbeginner Great article. Thanks!

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