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Web Hosting Hub
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Web Hosting Hub is the easiest way to get online presence for small businesses. Easy control panel, website builder, and WordPress combined with their amazing support, it is hard to beat their price and value. Having earned numerous best value awards, Web Hosting Hub also offers special discounts for WPBeginner users.


  1. Viviana Hawryszkow says:

    Webhostinghub offers a fantastic 24/7 customer support. I highly recommend it!

  2. River N says:

    My experience with this company was superb. My questions were quickly answered, and my problems were well taken care of. Customer service is available 24/7. I called at night on the weekend and received a prompt, helpful and kind response. I would readily recommend them to anyone.

  3. Zarie Demha says:

    I’ve had Web Hosting Hub for a few months now, and I’d highly recommend them. Customer service is phenomenal. The control panel is intuitive and easy to navigate. Excellent value for the price. I’m very satisfied.

  4. Bill Murney says:

    Having read all the other reviews (some negative) I can only answer for my own experiences with WHH. I have used their customer support and chat on 3 occasions and found them to be extremely professional.

    On the second occasion, which was my own fault, they restored one of my websites of which I was relieved to say the least – thanks Joshua B. The last occasion I downloaded Simple Machines Forum via Spectaculas in the control panel and found I couldn’t log on with the correct password.

    Despite uninstalling it and reinstalling it 3 times as well as trying the phpBB software I found I still couldn’t log in with the correct password. After 3 hours of despair I decided to try the chat service and thanks to Edward P who solved the problem.

    In my password I had used the £ symbol, which didn’t work with the software and on changing the password everything was OK. A minor thing but so frustrating – perhaps SMF and phpBB should have some method of notification that certain symbols are restricted.

    I have been with WHH for almost 3 years and none of my sites has ever been down so can only say well done to WHH for fantastic service.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Avoid this company if you are new. The cancellation policies are absurd. In order to cancel, you must respond to an email asking why you are canceling. If not, they will proceed to charge you. The email lists get long and you are unable to interact with a single person, not to mention the junk emails that “confirm we got your email and we’ll be in touch shortly.”

    In fact, I did respond to their request as to why I was canceling and my account was still charged. The frustration of trying to get a refund for the company’s mistake is not worth it. The company’s cancellation process is unnecessarily complex and frustrating. They certainly aren’t think of customer service on this one.

  6. Dani O. says:

    I have been hosting with Hub for 4 years now, and never experienced any problems. Hub offers terrific tutorials to guide you through your questions, and if you still need help, their staff has always been exceptionally helpful. From time to time I need something resolved that I don’t know how to do myself, and they have always provided excellent (friendly) customer service.
    Reading over other reviews, I honestly can’t fathom the poor customer service others speak of. But to each is their own. I can personally attest that hub is awesome, and would highly recommend them.

  7. Chris C says:

    So I moved from hosting to hosting for some time, with lots of limitations. I have a program adobe muse, which come to find out not all sites take. Using their FTP Commander is horrible and very time consuming. With webhostinghub I now have all three sites hosted here. Its easy to upload, have not seen any downtime, and my only restriction so far is me. I was really pleased with the customer service whether through the phone or via the chat with technical support, friendly with quick and correct answers. Even walked me through my own mistake I made and how to correct it without me feeling dumb for making the mistake. I am definitely pleased and would recommend this hosting to anyone whether business or for hobby use.

  8. Tom Pensione says:

    I can’t believe these ratings are legit. I fell for some good ratings and signed up with WebHostingHub. What a mistake. After I moved my sites to them, I found other ratings that told of their bad customer service and the scam they use to threaten customers with suspension of their accounts for “excessive resource usage.” In my case, that is absolute baloney. I have a few sites that have a small number of visitors. They are just for branding. I employ the use of add-on’s that control the use of resources and minimize it. Others have complained that Web Hosting Hub just uses this excessive resource threat to move customers into more expensive plans. Ironically, I left my former hosting company, where I had many more websites, just because of bad customer service. They never threatened me with suspension of my account because of excess resource usage. Save yourself some grief and skip signing a contract with Web Hosting Hub. They get their customers to complete a review when they first sign up and this is why you will see some good reviews. The other ones are on sites that earn an affiliate commission from them, so I doubt the legitimacy of those reviews. I am now in the process of having to go through the work once again of moving my sites to another, more expensive host, who is more reputable. I should have bit the bullet and gone that route in the first place.

  9. LA says:

    I am so upset that I went with WebHostingHub. I have had the worst experience ever and want to share it to save others the trouble I have had to go through.

    I chose them because I read that they have great customer service. However, I have found that this is entirely lip service. I have had numerous issues with my sites over the last 6 months and when I ask questions or attempt to resolve issues, I have been met with ineptness and rudeness. They claim that they don’t know the issue, can’t comment on the issue or deal with the issue, and then they become rude and almost hostile to the paying customer.

    The final straw was when they were supposed to email me a form to sign, but did not attach it. When I pointed this out and asked that it be re-sent, I received a reply stating that I had already been provided with the material and it was not their problem. I have never experienced such a thing, but you can be sure that I will be taking my websites and going somewhere else, even if I lose money on the year of hosting I purchased.

  10. Gribz says:

    Nice i may try them, I have been using till now

  11. Karen Durst says:

    I am completely new to this blogging business and frankly still not sure I completely understand what I am doing. What I know is that when I run into a problem, these folks are immediately responsive and help me work through my issue.

  12. Jacques Sigston says:

    I chose WebHostingHub to host my domain as I only really use it for email – I don’t have a website – and so I just wanted something cheap.
    I have been amazed at the very high level of customer support I have received.
    I had a number of calls with your support team as I began hosting with your company. Each call has been personal and your staff have provided superb service with excellent knowledge!!
    Well done and thank you!

  13. Leo Armany says:

    I would like to give my feedback in regards to my experience with your customer support team.
    I’m very glad that I moved my hosting and transferred my domain to you guys. Your customer support / customer service is outstanding. Your team knowledge and step by step explaining how to do what I need to get done is beyond my expectation . Zach H is being very helpful , showing/ explaining me everything and answered all my questions very professionally .
    I do recommend to all of my friends and to any business who will be looking for reliable hosting service & excellent customer support.
    Thanks again for your team support. I look forward to a very long term relation.

  14. Matthew says:

    You guys are fantastic. Can’t believe how got the service is given the low price.

    Thank you!!!!!

  15. Dr. B. Kilburn says:

    My support person (whose name I don’t recall, unfortunately) was very helpful and answered my question (and resolved my problem) in less than two minutes. I’m a novice with Word Press and chose Web Hosting Hub in part because of the 24/7 customer support. It lives up to expectations–thanks so much!

  16. Håvard says:

    Web hosting hub has installed an increadibly complex and (it seems to me) inefficient way of protecting the webpages from being hacked. The effect has been that I’ve been locked out of my website since may 2013 – I’ve made attempts at regaining access 4-5 times, but I have run into problems every time. Then I call support, have to wait a few days for reply, then a week goes by and I’ve lost track of where I was. (I’m not saying I’ve been very eager to log on, I haven’t had much time for my blog, but the web hosting hug’s maze of accounts and panels combined with some bugs isn’t easy to navigate.

    Additionally, it seems like the “security” solution seems to be “security through obscurity”, set to foil an attack that doesn’t know its going after a web hosting hub site.

  17. Daniel Lima says:

    I went to webhostingHub for a reason to speed up my website load witch I was amazed that it really did. My website was loading in 13sec using and after I move to webhostinghub it came up to 2.8sec. In my case to contact CS I had a wreid problem that I couldn’t have access to my cPanel just right after they activate my account, I call the customer support witch was reasonable fast to figure it out what was happening. The person not only fix my problem but also gave me some useful technical info. I was very pleased that I was speaking with someone that seems to be happy to help. So far I’m satisfied and impressed with the quality of webhosting hub. The price is competitive and they performance and technical support professionals it seems top level for what I head from some friends and I highly recommend.

  18. Eric Wenocur says:

    I’ve been a WHH customer for about three years and so far they are living up to their claims. My uses are very basic, but the service has generally worked well. The webmail options they offer are fine and the user control panel is excellent. They have plenty of tutorials as well. It seems like they genuinely want to offer a good product, despite the low price.

    Most importantly, when I have needed tech support they have been right on top of things–either via phone or email. Support does not seem to be outsourced for a change! I don’t understand the complaint above about not having a support ticket system. Admittedly it’s a bit hard to find, but it’s there.

    WHH has been better, for my needs, than my previous two companies, 1and1 or iPower.

  19. Andrew Kings says:

    Just like John Swol, I have been happily using WebHostingHub on their ‘unlimited’ hosting plan until one day my sites were not available. For the same reason. How can that be? They advertise ‘unlimited’ everything until you start actually using some of their resources. I am now looking to go to a host who does not lie on their advertising! Im told wpengine are very good, but so expensive! I have quite a few domains!

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Hey Andrew, almost all shared hosting providers do this. Read this article that we have written to explain why:

      You should move up to a VPS or a Dedicated. Those advertise exactly what you will get.

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks for the information. Really useful. My main site (WordPress of course!) is I was happily trundling along, working on the seo for my site, doing the best I could to get up in google rankings, when suddenly the switch was turned off. The one thing WebHostingHub told me was to stop backing up my website which I find incredible. They said this was contrary to their terms and conditions, but when I read the small print, there was nothing there I could find about this. I use the BackUpWordpress plugin which auto updates backups and then sends an email to you to tell you download. This apparently was not allowed as they view this as storing data on their server! One thing they did tell me, to reduce page load speeds was to use WP Super Cache which does seem to work. Other plugins worthy of note, are BanHammer and Spam Free WordPress. I do believe however, we will be moving to a VPS soon. I just cant have a situation where WebHostingHub can shut my site down for a day or so. It costs too much money!

  20. John Swol says:

    I used WebHostingHub for over a year via WordPress until the other day when I wanted to go to my site and it was no longer available. In talking with Customer Support after a 10+ minute wait I was told that my site was terminated for excessive server utilization but they could not or would not tell me what the actual issue was. No discusssion, no warning, just terminated, now we will have to see if I get a refund. Not a very professional way to do business.

  21. Bob Rockefeller says:

    I’ve been very happy for the last year and a half with Web Hosting Hub. Their servers are fast (faster than GoDaddy, maybe a little slower than Squarespace), their tech support is very responsive (via email – answered in less than an hour) and helpful. With a standard cPanel interface, unlimited sites, storage and bandwidth, what’s not to like?


  22. Susan says:

    Ed P was very helpful. He solved my problem very quickly.
    I am so grateful for the 24/7.
    thank you

  23. gregory Paulemon says:

    Customer service was not satisfactory

    • Bob Rockefeller says:


      Can you provide some more information? I’ve had nothing but great experiences via email tech support with these guys. Its been fast and friendly. The time or two I used the phone, I got the same feeling – and they are US based for their servers and their support staff!


  24. Karl A. Giljum says:

    The support was professional and courteous. I would recommend this for anyone who wishes to set up a website.

  25. Pete says:

    Your support team is excellent I spoke to Adam in sales,Brian for tech support, and veronica in billing I give all 3 A+++ across the board, but I did cancel my account I did not like the tools for navigating and building a website, very annoying, needs more instructions on what certain thing mean, video’s on the page your working on would be helpful, instead of trying to hunt down the information some wheres else or have to contact tech support, templates all look about the same, slight variations, different themes would be nice, like I was looking for some thing with an asian feel to it, but this is only my opinion, I checked the web for reviews and most people rated your site 5 out of 5, I was with bluehost for a few years and they could take lessons, from your support team.
    Well I hope this helps you to improve your site.


  26. Steve Kovacs says:

    I just set up a web hosting account with Hub, moving from my existing web hosting. Their pricing was very competitive, but in addition they were highly rated for support. What I found was that their support was exceptional. So much so that I find these very negative reviews very suspect.

    How would you judge that? I had a question about their service so I tried their online chat. I was “chatting” with someone within 30 seconds. They not only answered my question, but offered additional information that might be useful. There was no sales pitch, just support. On actually opening an account. I received confirmation email immediately. Then a follow up welcome email with full information. And a phone call. No upselling, this was straight support.

    I called in with a question/problem I was having. I spoke to a friendly support person who took the time to fully understand what I was trying to do, and then provide solutions. When I called back a few hours later with another issue, (my issue not theirs lol) the next person I spoke to was immediately aware of my previous call and what was done.

    THAT is quality support. Quick response. Attention to the specific user and what they are trying to do. Awareness of previous calls (which might or might not relate to the current call). With friendly people who make an extra effort to provide help, not just answer questions from a script.

    From what I could tell their support is also US based. So a US based company that is NOT outsourcing overseas. I believe if a company is going to “live” in a country/location, they should keep their employment in country as well. And they do that while staying highly competitive in their pricing. I’d highly recommend this company.

  27. Christopher Dubay says:

    I have used WHH support on several occasions, and have found the staff to be knowledgeable, and eager to assist me in any way. Jason (I believe) really went out of his way to answer a specific question about WP squeeze pages. I am very satisfied.

    Thanks all!

  28. Steve.Patco says:

    webhostinghub is not the greatest host out there for sure. On a scale of 10 I would give them a 6.

    They don’t even have a support ticket system. Can you believe that. They want you to go to a forum and get help from others. Kinda lame if you ask me. Although I can see the advantage to repeat stupid questions being asked. But what about the rest of us who have serious questions.

    I had to go to to get the answer to my cpanel issues. Webhostinghub didnt have a clue what was wrong, nor did they really care. It turned out to a simple fix. But no one at webhostinghub had the solution.

    Now I have another cpanel issue trying to upload a single file thru file manager. And once again, no clue why I cant upload in IE and Chrome. Firefox will allow me to upload but I dont like using FF. So why should I have to change.

    Server overload is common here, like many of these cheap hosting companies. If you expect speedy page loads, then go somewhere else.

    It seems virtually impossible to find a reliable host. Ive been thru too many over the past 20 years.

    • steve I says:


      Servers are overloaded for the past week and I my sites cannot connect to database. This is a bozo no-no.

      Excuse I got was, “What do you expect from shared hosting?”

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