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6 Reasons Why WPBeginner Switched to SiteGround Hosting

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on WPBeginner. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations. Learn more about Editorial Process.

Earlier this year, we switched WPBeginner website to SiteGround web hosting. Several readers noticed the change in our footer area which now says “WordPress hosting by SiteGround” and asked us to write about why did we make the switch.

When it comes to running an online business, choosing the right web hosting platform for your needs is crucial for your success.

In this article, I will share 6 reasons why we switched to SiteGround, and how they helped us boost WordPress speed, improve reliability, and implement a better workflow.

WPBeginner Loves SiteGround


Since I launched WPBeginner in 2009 (almost eleven years ago), our blog has grown to become the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners.

When I first started WPBeginner, I used shared hosting by HostGator. As the site grew, we upgraded to a VPS, then a dedicated server, and even a custom built cloud infrastructure six months ago.

During these years of running WPBeginner and growing my portfolio of companies, I have tested and used just about every major website hosting platform.

Even today, I have both active and test websites on many different hosting platforms, so we can stay updated with new features each company releases. This helps us make the right recommendations to our users based on their needs / budget.

However, over the last 3 years, we have been switching many of our big websites to SiteGround’s Enterprise hosting infrastructure.

WPBeginner was one of the few big sites of ours that hadn’t made the switch to SiteGround, and it just kept becoming harder and harder to resist the temptation.

SiteGround team simply kept innovating, delivering VIP customer service, and building unique tools to make the hosting experience better for both our users and our team.

And in January 2020, after 10.5 years of existence, WPBeginner website has finally switched to a new host, SiteGround.

6 Reasons Why We Switched to SiteGround

When it comes to WordPress hosting, the most important factors for me are: speed, reliability, support, and tools that improves dev workflow.

Below are the top 6 reasons why we switched to SiteGround hosting.

Note: we’re on SiteGround’s Enterprise Hosting which is built and optimized specifically for our needs. Although a lot of the similar things are also offered on their various hosting plans.

1. SiteGround is now on Google Cloud Platform (Fully Managed)

SiteGround is on Google Cloud Platform

As a hosting enthusiast, when SiteGround CEO, Tenko Nikolov, first told me about this news I was excited beyond words. It was really hard for me to keep this a secret for this long.

Previously all SiteGround customer websites were hosted on one of their data centers either in USA or Europe. The private data center providers did a great job with keeping up with new hardware technologies, but the switch to Google’s Cloud Platform is a game-changer.

It simply unlocks a lot of performance and reliability improvement since Google has a state-of-the-art network.

The best part is that SiteGround made this platform improvement available for all their customers (not just Enterprise users). Yes, this means that even if you signup for their starter WordPress hosting plan ($3.95 per month), you’re going to be hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform.

This is a huge deal because you get all the benefits of scaling and resource management without worrying about behind the scenes stuff (since the entire setup is managed by SiteGround).

It’s a fact that Google and Amazon offer top-notch cloud platforms. The challenge is that they’re not easy to use for small business owners which is a huge disadvantage.

SiteGround is now leveling the playing field for small businesses by helping them compete with the big guys. This aligns with our core values at WPBeginner and Awesome Motive.

2. Maximum Uptime with Multi-regional Failover Setup

Reliability and site uptime is a huge priority for us because it impacts user experience.

Imagine going to a store in the middle of the day only to see a temporary closed sign. It’s an extremely frustrating experience, and you simply move on to a different store.

This is exactly how users feel when they visit a website that’s experiencing downtime.

SiteGround’s Enterprise team used Google Cloud Platform to design a reliable multi-regional failover setup for us.

This means that in rare situations when a specific Google datacenter region experiences downtime, our website traffic will be routed to a different region, so our readers always have the best experience.

3. The Best-in-Class Enterprise Support Team

SiteGround Enterprise Support

Quality support is a very important factor when choosing a web hosting company. This is why many businesses pay extra for managed WordPress hosting, so they can get their problems resolved faster.

My various companies collectively spend several hundred thousand dollars every year on hosting related expense (yes that’s multiple six figures per year). Our costs are high because we serve billions of impressions monthly across our websites.

Depending on the size of the site, I have websites on shared hosting companies, VPS platforms, dedicated servers, and even many managed hosting platforms.

No one comes close to offering the level of support that SiteGround does. Just read these 3900+ SiteGround user reviews from WPBeginner readers, and that’s for their regular hosting plans (not the enterprise plan).

On the Enterprise plan, we have a personal account manager along with a 24/7 dedicated Enterprise engineer team.

When I say 24/7, I really mean it. Their enterprise support is offered through a Private Slack Channel where we can use the @here tag which pages the engineer on duty to respond. Their response times are nearly instant, and the engineers are true experts.

We also have direct personal phone access to the enterprise team as well in case of emergencies during holidays.

Other enterprise hosting companies that we work with also offer Slack support, but their paging system and availability isn’t up to par with SiteGround.

4. Development Workflow that Scales

Our team has various testing and deployment workflows that require custom setup, permission control, etc.

Over the last 3 years, SiteGround enterprise team has worked alongside our developers to not only build new workflows but improve existing ones to ensure the smoothest process.

Not to mention, they have built custom tools to improve speed and reliability of our various websites based on the specific platform needs.

5. Faster Go to Market with Native Google Services

One of the biggest advantages of using a cloud platform like Amazon or Google is their native services.

Instead of wasting time developing and managing custom solutions, SiteGround uses Google’s native services to solve the problems faster and more reliably.

For example, Google’s Cloud SQL has simply replaced the custom MySQL cluster management software which has made things way more efficient.

Instead of using an internal alert and monitoring system, SiteGround is using a smart Google Stackdriver integration to monitor each virtual machine instance from various regions, so we can ensure maximum uptime with automated failover.

We also swapped out WPBeginner blog search with Google’s Custom Search API, so you can now see WPBeginner site search results without any of the Google Ads that were shown previously.

There are also plans to use other Google Cloud services as we expand to unlock performance and reliability improvements.

6. Reduced Costs and Complexity with Maximum Performance

Just six months ago, I wrote a blog post highlighting a custom infrastructure that we built with our previous hosting provider. While the setup was powerful, it introduced a lot of costs and complexities when it came to management.

Since SiteGround enterprise team has worked with us over the last three years on our eCommerce websites, and they regularly work with other enterprise clients as well, they have streamlined a lot of the processes.

Their team knows how to unlock maximum performance improvements without introducing complicated services.

Our front-end website (that readers see), stayed blazing fast as always. But we unlocked massive performance improvements on the back-end and uncached pages.

On average, we’re seeing between 72% to 100% improvements on uncached pages.

Here’s a screenshot of the admin load time:

WPBeginner Admin Speed on SiteGround Hosting

Final Thoughts – SiteGround Review

I first started testing and recommending SiteGround in 2013. Since then, I have seen them make significant improvements to their platform while maintaining top notch customer service.

In 2015, I switched one of my other popular blogs to SiteGround. At the time that blog received few hundred million pageviews annually (I sold that website in 2018).

After I saw how efficiently SiteGround managed that website, we slowly started moving our other sites on SiteGround.

In 2017, we signed up for their Enterprise Hosting plan to start moving our eCommerce websites. Over the last three years, our CTO and lead developers have worked closely with SiteGround.

Their team including Hristo, Daniel, Ivan S, and Ivan Y have earned our trust time and time again. You know it’s true when a paying customer (me) sends you a Christmas gift basket.

That’s why when we re-evaluated our technology stack after last Black Friday sales, it was an easy decision for me to finally move WPBeginner and few other sites over to SiteGround, so they can be managed by the same expert team.

While WPBeginner is on SiteGround’s enterprise hosting plan, I also have few websites on their shared hosting and two sites on their dedicated servers.

I highly recommend SiteGround for websites of all sizes. Whether you need WordPress hosting, specialized WooCommerce hosting, or even custom enterprise hosting solution like the one we have, you’ll get the best service.

All their plans are now running on Google Cloud Platform, they offer dynamic caching + speed optimization, a guided setup wizard, along with staging and other smart workflow tools.

The best part is their pricing is extremely competitive in all areas. Startup plans are $6.99 per month, and their GoGeek plan is $14.99 per month which is considerably lower than other managed hosting platforms.

If I were to rate SiteGround, I would give them a perfect 5 out of 5.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you’re thinking about switching web hosting and want a hosting provider that will make your website fast while offering top notch support, then definitely check out SiteGround.

Full Disclosure: No we did not get paid to write this SiteGround review. We’re happy paying customers of SiteGround. They have a referral program available for all their customers, so if you decide to use SiteGround by clicking on our referral link in this article, then we will get a small commission. However we only recommend services that we personally use and believe will add value to our readers.

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Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner and Awesome Motive Inc. He started using WordPress in 2006 and has over 16 years of experience building WordPress websites, WordPress plugins, and custom WordPress themes. His WordPress plugins and software apps are used by over 25 million websites today. Syed was recognized as the top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by the United Nations, and his work is featured in top publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, The Guardian, Wired Magazine, and more.

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  1. Syed Balkhi says

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  2. Moinuddin Waheed says

    I have used almost all the big names in the website hosting industry like bluehost, hostgator, hostinger dreamhost and siteground.
    I can say with experience that in terms of hosting, siteground is the best platform out there.
    best user interface, hundred percent uptime guarantee, maximum security and best customer support.
    These are things that we look for in any hosting provider and siteground is well equipped with all these.
    I am glad to see big names like wpbeginner also hosts it’s website with siteground.

    • SiteGround says

      We’re thrilled to receive your comment! Knowing that our user interface, uptime, security, and customer support stood out in a positive way to a person who has tried multiple hosts means the world to us.
      Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here for you if you ever need assistance or wish to share more insights. Thank you for being a part of our community, Moinuddin!

      • Moinuddin Waheed says

        Thank you siteground for taking time to show gratitude to us the community using siteground for hosting our websites.
        Infact you deserve much appreciation and support for making such an awesome service available for hosting our valuable businesses and blogs.
        By hosting on your servers, it feels like we are in the right hands.

  3. Christina N says

    We have used SiteGround (mostly the GoGeek plan) for the last 5 years or so. I wondered whether you recommend and/or use their plugin, SG Optimizer? Or if you possibly recommend another similar plugin. Thanks for this article!

    • Editorial Staff says

      Hey Christina,

      Our sites on SG dedicated servers use the SG Optimizer plugin. Our other sites on SiteGround enterprise use WP Rocket with some custom caching layers. WPBeginner site has a very custom caching setup. On the WordPress side, we’re still using the legacy W3 Total Cache plugin, but we don’t recommend it anymore. We’ll be switching WPBeginner to WP Rocket as well in the coming months (trying to switch things one step at a time) since WPBeginner is a very established site.


  4. Fabio says

    I have a doubt: And for a website with more than 500 thousand accesses, what plan would it be?

    • Editorial Staff says

      You would need either their scalable Cloud Hosting. For the specific plan selection, we would recommend reaching out to SiteGround team and share the details about your website. That’s because 500,000 visitors aren’t the same for eCommerce site vs a simple blog. Knowing the specifics would determine which cloud plan you would go on whether it’d be Business, Business+ or Super Power.


  5. Harish Nemade says

    If you are Using Siteground then your SSL should be from Cloudflare INC EC CA but you SSL is from Godaddy, Why So? Please Explain

    • Editorial Staff says

      Hi Amir, yes their prices do jump up after the intro promotion. Many companies including Google and others offer signup bonuses and then raise prices once the introductory deal expires.

      Linode is also a solid provider. I have a VPS there for some of my tool websites :)


  6. Suraj Singh says

    I don’t understand why they limit visits on their every plan, Seems to me very confusing.

    • Editorial Staff says

      Hi Suraj, they added visitors metric on plans to make it easier for small business owners to understand the plan restrictions. Previously all popular shared hosting companies would just say unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth … but there’s no such thing as truly unlimited.

      Managed hosting companies started sharing disk space / bandwidth numbers to show true plan restrictions (which exists on all companies), but for non-techy users that is still confusing. This is why as a whole most higher-end hosting companies have started adding approximate visitor count per plan to give non-techy users a better idea as to which plan is right for them.


  7. Simon says

    I started putting client websites on Siteground last year and intend to move all my websites on to them this year. Excellent service and decent speeds even on their cheapest hosting.

    • Editorial Staff says

      Glad to hear your experience Simon. Ours have been the same and that’s why we’ve been moved a lot of our bigger sites to SiteGround over the last 3 years, and now WPBeginner too :)


  8. Wong says

    Hi Syed, I wondering how you manage to “swapped out blog search with Google’s Custom Search API”, is it open to all Siteground hosting plan?


  9. Harish Nemade says

    So, You mean that Each of The Three plans available on Siteground i.e. Starter, Growbig and Gogeek includes Google Cloud usage?

  10. Marco says

    Why not a cloud service like AWS or Google cloud? That seems hard to beat.

    Good breakdown Syed.

    • Editorial Staff says

      It all comes down to management. When you go direct with AWS or Google Cloud Platform, you have to manage everything. Most business owners are not system administrators.

      While I am very technical, I’d prefer to spend my time writing blog tutorials, building WordPress plugins, and growing our business.

      This is why many of the managed hosting companies are now migrating to either Google Cloud Platform or AWS as their underlying infrastructure and offering business owners like us a choice to get all the benefit of cloud without the hassles :)


    • WPBeginner Support says

      You would want to check with SiteGround for their current server locations but at the moment they do not have a server specifically there.


  11. Cynthia says

    Awesome, thank you for sharing!! Does SiteGround offer shared hosting like Hostgator for smaller websites?

  12. Logan Cale says

    A few months ago I was looking for a new hosting company for my backup/testing site and decided to go with SiteGround based on some positive comments on Reddit. My main site is running on 1&1 Ionos and has been for many years. I have had no issues with them at all. But previous my backup/testing solution (Network Solutions) has always been slow and problematic so I am happy to say that I agree with you assessment and I am currently very happy with SiteGround for their shared hosting plan.

  13. Fernando Tellado says

    Welcome to the SiteGround family :)

    It’s interesting that, from now, two of the main WordPress sites (WPBeginner in English and in Spanish – disclaimer: my blog–) are hosted in SiteGround.

    See you at next WordCamps to celebrate it!

  14. Vicent says

    Listen, i love this post. I had come across SiteGround before but didn’t take time to digest how better the platform is. Now that i have got a review from you, WPbeginner, then i have seriously added SiteGround on my list for serious considerations. Thank you so much for this review and all the work you do.

  15. Danny Brown says

    Great overview! I’ve been with the GoGeek plan for 2 years now, after trying various cloud-based platforms, and the support (even for non-Enterprise users like me) is second-to-none. The fact they offer features like Staging and Let’s Encrypt seal the deal. :)

  16. Ernest Tomkiewicz CPA says

    They do have great support. To date, I only have had one problem with their support staff. That’s compared to fifteen to twenty interactions. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. One 1-star compared to 19 5 stars, it’s a no-brainer.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      Glad you’ve enjoyed your time with SiteGround and thanks for sharing your experience with them :)


  17. David Arnold says

    Siteground are the best. Good deal, worth a few extra quid to get the difference in support (always been perfect every issue I have they gone above and beyond, never taken more than 30 mins to resolve anything.)
    Also as this is WP Beginner it might be worth pointing out the free SSL HTTP2 (if you don’t mind me linking I did a slightly more advanced CloudFlare CDN management guide very simple) and rocket loader – plus minification. All setup for you if you are a beginner. [link removed].

  18. Akash Nikam says

    That’s really helpful post. I also confused in which hosting is best for wordpress websites. Thanks wpbeginner for this post

  19. Cynthia Regan says

    I purchased my domain and hosting today after reading recommendations on your site yesterday. Today I saw the blog entry you are now recommending siteground for hosting. What’s the best way to change hosting but keep my domain?

  20. Louise K says

    Would you advise the start up plan if traffic is currently 3k monthly? Will they help with switchover from existing hosting? Or do you have a blog on how to do that?

  21. Sunil Ilanthila says

    I really love siteground for their amazing support and blazing speed, this article up my believe, thank you

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