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9 Best Heatmap Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Do you wish that you had better insights into how your users interact with your website? Heatmap tools and plugins can help you visualize where users click, how far they scroll, and how they really use your site. In this article, we will show 9 Best heatmap tools and plugins for your WordPress site.

Heatmap Tools and Plugins

What is Heatmap?

A Heatmap allows you to visualize how visitors use your website. Heatmap tools provide an overlay on top of your pages showing areas with more activity as hotter than the areas with low user activity.

Heatmap tools offer visual analytics about which areas your users click, look, and scroll. This information helps you understand usability issues with your website and optimize it for better conversions and user experience.

These tools are different than other analytics tools like Google Analytics. Traditional analytics tools provide you information like how users came to your site, what pages they view, and how they move from one page to another.

Heatmaps analytics tools tell you how users actually use and interact with your site design.

Having said that, here are the best heatmap tools and plugins for your WordPress site.

1. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is probably the most popular heatmap tool available in the market today. It offers click heatmaps, mouse cursor heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps. It offers another useful feature called confetti heatmap.

Confetti heatmap by Crazy Egg allows you to divide the heatmap data into traffic sources. This means you can see how users from social networks, search, or other sources interact with your website.

Crazy Egg is extremely easy to add into a WordPress website. They even have a plugin that makes installation a breeze.

The pricing for Crazy Egg starts from $9/ month for 10,000 visitors and 10 active pages. Their most popular plan is called Plus, which offers 100,000 visits, 50 active pages, and hourly reports for $49/month. All plans come with one month free trial.

Unlike other heatmap tools, Crazy Egg does not limit your usage to per site, this means you can use the same account on multiple websites.

2. Mouseflow


Mouseflow is another easy to use heatmap tool for WordPress users. Mouseflow offers click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, movement heatmap, and attention heatmap.

It also offers recording of website visitor activity. This means you can look at a user interacting with your site. Another useful feature offered by Mouseflow is form analytics, which allows you to see why users are abandoning your forms.

Mouseflow also allows you to track funnels. You can also set custom funnels so that you can see how users from different traffic sources behave differently on your site.

Pricing for Mouseflow starts at $19/month for 1,000 recorded sessions limited to 1 website. Prices increase with more recorded sessions and websites you add to your plan. Mouseflow also offers a free plan limited to 100 recorded sessions for a single site.

3. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is another popular choice in heatmap analytics. They offer heatmap tracking for clicks, movement, and scroll depth. Apart from that, they also offer session recording and traffic segmentation.

It also comes with forms analytics, conversion funnels, visitor polls, and a live chat software that you can add to your website. The list of feature covers almost everything that you would want from a heatmap tool.

The pricing for Lucky Orange starts from $10 / month for 25,000 page views on single site.

4. Inspectlet


Inspectlet is a very powerful session recording and heatmap service. It covers all three types of heatmap tracking: clicks, cursor movement, and scrolling.

They also offer conversion funnel analytics with very powerful filtering feature. There is a robust tagging filter, which you can use to tag individual users. This way you can see how they interact on returning visits. Inspectlet also provides form analytics to understand and optimize your lead generation.

Pricing for Inspectlet starts from $39 per month with 5000 recorded sessions limited to 1 site. They also offer a free plan limited to 100 recorded sessions for a single site.

5. claims to be one of the simplest to use heatmap analytics tool in the market. It is easy to install and comes with a very small JavaScript code that loads asynchronously without slowing down your website.

Unlike some tools in this list, offers real time heatmaps. You can see how users are interacting with your site live. It also respects privacy of your users by not logging unnecessary data. offers a free plan limited to 5 pages on 1 site. Their paid plans start with $100 per month for unlimited pages on a single site.

6. Ptengine


Ptengine provides heatmap and web analytics tool packed into one. It offers click, conversion tracking, scroll and attention heatmaps. They also offer A/B testing between two heatmaps, which is a useful feature for designers testing different interfaces.

Their web analytics features include device segmentation, campaign performance, one click filters, and page analysis.

Pricing at Ptengine starts from $7 per month for 1 site, 5 heatmaps, and 25K pageviews. They also offer a free plan with 1 heatmap on a single site limited to 1000 pageviews.

7. Clicktale


Clicktale is another popular choice for heatmaps analytics. They offer a very powerful session recording technology and great in-depth heatmaps analysis features. But he biggest advantage is that they offer integrations with other analytics tools that you may already be using, like Google Analytics, Optimizely, Google Tag Manager, etc.

Clicktale has heatmaps, session recording, conversion analytics, advanced analytics, etc.

Clicktale does not have pricing information listed on their website. Instead, you will have to contact their sales teams to request a demo and then discuss the pricing.

8. SeeVolution


SeeVolution offers a very easy to use way to include heatmaps on a WordPress site. They have plugins for all popular CMS, including WordPress. Apart from easy installation, they also offer a very clean and nice dashboard that helps users understand the data they are seeing.

Heatmaps by SeeVolution include clicks, scrolling, mouse interactions and movement heatmaps. They also include site wide analytics to give you an overview of your site’s performance.

SeeVolution offers a free plan for 1000 visits limited to 1 site. Their paid plans start from $79 per month for 2 domains. They also offer 14 day free trial on all their plans.

9. Hotjar


Hotjar is powerful suite of apps bundled into one analytics and conversion optimization tool. It combines heatmaps, session recordings, funnels, form analytics, polls & surveys, and a recruiter tool to get testers.

They offer click, tap, scroll, and mouse movement heatmaps. With session recording and conversion funnels you can discover and fix usability issues on your site. Hotar’s reporting dashboard is intuitive and easy to use.

Their pricing plans start from $29 per month for 10,000 page views and snapshot size of 2,000 visits for heatmaps, forms and recordings. They also offer a limited free plan, which you can use to try it out.

We hope this article helped you find the best heatmap tools and plugins for your WordPress site. You may also want to see our list of 9 best WordPress SEO plugins and tools that you should use

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