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9 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to add a YouTube video gallery on your WordPress website?

By default, WordPress makes it easy to embed YouTube videos in your blog posts, but you cannot easily display a list of videos in a gallery layout.

Luckily there are YouTube gallery plugins for that. In this article, we will share the best YouTube video gallery plugins for WordPress to help you easily create video galleries and grow your subscribers.

Best YouTube gallery plugins for WordPress

1. Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro

Smash Balloon Feeds for YouTube Pro

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro is the best YouTube gallery plugin on the market. It lets you automatically display YouTube videos in a gallery layout.

The plugin is easy to set up, and there are plenty of options to customize your feed to match your brand.

You can hand select individual videos to create a custom YouTube gallery, or display all videos from your channel. You can even combine multiple YouTube channels into a single feed on your site.

Each embedded video has customizable details such as likes, shares, comments, and reactions. You can also enable the Subscribe button to make it easy for website visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Smash Balloon’s YouTube feed plugin also supports live streams and can automatically display a YouTube live stream on your WordPress website along with any upcoming YouTube live videos.

The best part about Smash Balloon is that it doesn’t slow down your website. Their built-in YouTube caching feature ensures that your website always load fast which is great for WordPress SEO rankings.

Note: There’s also free version of YouTube feed plugin available with limited features.

The other nice part about Smash Balloon is they offer a suite of that let you combine your social content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube into a social wall. You can get their All Access Bundle to get all the powerful social media features to grow your online presence.

2. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is generally known as the best WordPress photo gallery plugin. It also comes with a video addon that allows you to create a gallery of YouTube videos on your site.

They also have support for other popular video hosting services such as Vimeo, Wistia, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Instagram. Plus, you can add self-hosted videos to your gallery as well.

Envira comes with a widget that’s easy to drag-and-drop into any sidebar or any area that accepts widgets on your site.

One downside of using Envira Gallery is that it will not automatically fetch new YouTube videos from your channel.

To add videos to your gallery, you’ll have to manually add the video URL each time.

3. YouTube Showcase

YouTube Showcase plugin

With the YouTube Showcase plugin, you can add a YouTube video gallery or a YouTube video grid to your site. The default layout is beautiful and makes your video gallery look well presented.

This plugin is easy to use and even has a setup assistant to guide you through the steps required. Your users can browse through the videos without being redirected to YouTube.

It comes with two easy-to-use widgets for featured videos and recent videos. You can also organize your videos with categories and tags which helps users easily find the videos they’re looking for.

4. YourChannel

YourChannel: Everything you want in a YouTube plugin

YourChannel offers one of the easiest ways to showcase your YouTube videos on your website. Your visitors can browse through and watch videos on the same page.

To set up this plugin, you simply need to enter your username and channel ID. After that, the plugin will handle the rest of the setup for you. It will fetch the banner images, subscribers, and view counts along with any playlists you have. You can then customize the feed to your liking.

If you want to add the YouTube gallery to any WordPress post or page, you can use the shortcode provided by the plugin.

5. Video Gallery – Origin Code

Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery

Video Gallery by Origin Code creates a responsive video showcase on your site. The plugin works with YouTube and Vimeo. You can even create a single gallery with both YouTube and Vimeo feeds mixed together.

Setting up your gallery only takes a few minutes. If you want the gallery to appear on specific pages or posts, you can use the shortcode provided.

There are multiple ways to upload your videos. The plugin makes creating a video gallery fun with many design options. You also get 7 impressive layout views to display your videos such as a slider view, blog-style view, or thumbnail view.

6. Embed Plus for YouTube

Embed Plus for YouTube – gallery, channel, playlist, live stream

Embed Plus for YouTube allows you to create a gallery for selected YouTube videos, your entire channel, or a playlist.

The plugin by default creates a grid layout of video thumbnails. You can set preferences for auto-play, playback controls, live streams, and premieres.

To embed your video gallery into pages and posts, there’s an easy ‘Insert’ button that pops up in the Visual and Text editor of WordPress. You also have the option of using shortcodes as well to embed the gallery.

In addition, it also lets you show or hide video information and titles.

7. Automatic YouTube Gallery

Automatic YouTube gallery

Automatic YouTube Gallery lets you create unlimited video galleries on your site. As the name suggests, it automates most of the setup process. It takes just a few minutes to get your video gallery up and running.

There are multiple ways to connect your website to your YouTube channel. You can use your username, channel ID, playlist, search terms, or even enter a custom YouTube URLs list to create the gallery.

You also don’t have to worry about videos slowing down your site. The plugin has a caching feature that helps optimize page load times. This will boost your WordPress speed and performance.

8. All-in-One Video Gallery

All-in-One Video Gallery helps you build video galleries on your site that are scalable, searchable, and SEO optimized.

You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook. It lets you customize the player controls, playback options, and over a hundred other settings.

The default gallery is neatly organized. You can create unlimited categories and subcategories to make it easy for users to search through your videos.

One of the best features of this plugin is that you can customize the logo, branding, and context menu.

9. Video Gallery – Total Soft

Video Gallery

Video Gallery by Total Soft creates a nice and sleek video gallery on your site. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and MP4s.

The video gallery is responsive and touch-friendly with fantastic hover effects. You can choose from 9 layouts and customize a number of settings.

The plugin lets you add an unlimited number of videos and create unlimited galleries on your website.

We hope this article helped you find the best YouTube gallery plugin for your WordPress site. You may also want to see our list of best drag & drop WordPress page builders to create custom designs, and our tutorial on how to create an email newsletter to keep your visitors updated with your new videos.

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  1. I see that this article was last updated this month (Feb 2019), but a good number of the plugins promoted here for WP beginners haven’t been updated in 5 years or more. I personally wouldn’t recommend any beginners use such out-of-date plugins.

    Plus your number one choice for the best youtube video gallery plugin can’t do videos without paying — $99 — despite your statement that “Each of these YouTube plugins for WordPress come with their own set of features and all of them are available for free.”

  2. Also, is there an annual renewal on this program for support and updates and if so, what is the fee if the gold plan is purchased? Sorry for the bother but I simply cannot get them to respond to pre-sale support inquiries

    • Hi Tim,

      Yes you will need to update your license after an year. You can continue to use the plugin after one year but you will not be able to get updates and support after your license expires.


  3. Hi and thanks for a great post. I am looking for a WP Video Gallery (Grid) plugin which I can use to present videos which I have produced myself and are stored in the WP Media library. Any clue?

  4. #5 WordPress Video Gallery – you have to buy their custom theme in order for the plugin to work properly. A hidden surprise..

  5. Does anyone know if there there any WordPress plugins that can play playlists in gallery format AND have the ability for viewers to ‘like’ the videos from within the host website?



  6. I am using buddypress and would like to have another buddypress profile tab that will display a gallery of youtube videos (for example, the last 10 videos the member added to their youtube channel) for that member.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Is this possible with one of the plugins above?

    I was thinking I could capture their youtube related info that one of these plugins requires via BP Extended profiles, and I know how to add another buddypress tab, with a shortcode. But not sure how to feed each members youtube info to the shortcode dynamically.

    Not sure if Im on the right track or if there is a better way.

  7. Hi my client wants to resume video at same position he left any idea if there is any plugin with that functionality?

  8. Workbox just updated our video plugin. We think it’s much better now, and still free!
    Please let us know if you have any comments.

  9. I’m looking for a video gallery that shows thumbnails on the left, no text just thumbnails. No gradients etc. Do any of these galleries fit the bill?

  10. Hi there

    I am looking for a solution that will auto-update my WordPress site with new videsos daily. I will be creating a video gallery, and I am looking for a plugin that can automatically fetch videos from Youtube, and update my site automatically (ie no manual intervention). Any ideas ?

    Thanks so much for a great website, I visit your site regularly

    • WP Instant Youtube Video Gallery does exactly what you want. There’s a free version and a premium version (depending on your needs). Literally took 1 minute to setup a constantly updated video gallery with 2000+ pages of results for my niche search term.

    • I am also looking for a similar plugin but have not found one that works yet.
      WP Instant Youtube Video Gallery is not available anymore.

  11. I have a bit confusion about creating video galleries.

    I want to create a category (video gallery) on my wordpress blog but just want to know if that can be harmful. Video galleries have only videos in them and no content (approx), so will it get caught by Google algorithms in Thin content category and might run a penalty on my site?

    • Yes it is a possibility that with only videos your page may rank lower and even penalized. It would be best if you can add more content around your video gallery to avoid this.


      • I am looking for a gallery that will be a grid, activate when you mouse over, and also allow you to put in videos from various websites, not necessarily all on youtube/vimeo. Pref free but will buy later if necessary. Also that is easy to use for a complete beginner. Thank you

  12. Article is a good read. WordPress comes with number of plugins that fulfills any complex business requirements. It is important to understand what functionalities are required and choose the modules and plugins accordingly. Make sure to use the authenticated plugins that helps to improve the security of a website. WordPress provides inbuilt YouTube plugin that can be customized as per the requirements. This plugin helps to add video from YouTube and can make it downloadable. Make sure to keep it updated to have a secured data streaming.

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