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21 Popular Brands That Are Using WordPress

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WordPress is a nifty software for managing content, or blogging. Due to the fact that it is open source, many say that it is not the best choice for a serious project due to insecurity and bunch of other nonsense reasons. To prove those points wrong and show you that WordPress can be used for serious projects that can go big scale, we are highlighting the most popular brands that are using WordPress.

1. Ebay


Ebay manages their official blog using WordPress. They have it custom designed to make it look flashy. Even though it doesn’t look like WordPress, it is WordPress.

2. Yahoo


Yahoo is also using WordPress to power multiple blogs that they own. This one is just one example.

3. Digg Blog


Popular Social Media site Digg is using WordPress to power their corporate blog.

4. Ford


The automotive giant Ford is also using WordPress to power their blog.

5. Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

6. Sony


7. People Magazine

People's Magazine

8. Samsung


9. Playstation


10. NYTimes Blogs


11. Wired


12. Mozilla Firefox


13. Giga OM

Giga Om

14. CNN


15. Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Network Solutions Use WordPress as a CMS on their website.

16. Flickr




18. Ben & Jerry

Ben Jerrys

19. cPanel


20. General Electronic (GE)

General Electronics

21. Rackspace


There is a reason why these big brands are using WordPress and that is because WordPress Rocks. These brands give you another reason why you should be using WordPress.

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress lovers led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  • brank87

    Perfect argument to convince my boss to move away from our static unflexible cms and have a simple WP!! Thanks!

  • Siegfried Grimbeek

    A lot of these sites are using WordPressonly for their blogs, I wonder who is actually using wordpress to run their company websites…

  • adammarleymtts

    This is very interesting….This will help a lot…Thanks for sharing it with us……

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  • Vipul Patel

    Will you tell me what is using? Thanks.

    • Editorial Staff

      They are using WordPress..

  • Andre

    I current work for Samsung on the web and wish to incorporate WordPress. However, I am curious about the above listing for number 8. Samsung News. I was told “Our corporate hosting policies do not allow any open source applications such as WordPress. We’ve had to have our SDS team actually rebuild entire applications to get around these policies. Right now, your options would be to completely go outside (like option 2), or have SDS custom build a blog for you (like”

    Please clarify or adjust your listing for inaccuracy.

    Thank you,
    Pierre Andre Golde

    • Editorial Staff


      Open the Samsungusanews site, and see the source code yourself. The site is using WordPress. Our listing is accurate.

  • Nigel Minchin

    Great to see. I’ve heard criticism that WordPress can become slow if too many database queries. Doesn’t look as though these sites have a problem.