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Changing Themes? Transfer SEO Settings with SEO Data Transporter

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Changing Themes? Transfer SEO Settings with SEO Data Transporter

With all these superb frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, and Headway offering their own built-in SEO system, we as bloggers might be limited if we want to change the theme. Because all of our SEO settings are stored in that specific framework. So if you were going to move from Thesis to Genesis, or from Thesis to Headway, you would be very limited. Or what if you are tired of All in One SEO Pack, and you want to try out Yoast’s new WordPress SEO Plugin. It is terrifying to think that you would have to go and refill all the SEO settings that you had on all previous posts. Well if you are a user who are in this situation, then you do not need to worry because folks over at StudioPress has the perfect solution for you. They have this awesome FREE plugin called SEO Data Transporter that allows you to transfer your inputs SEO data from one theme/plugin to another.

This plugin supports a varieties of themes and plugins.

Themes: Frugal, Thesis, Genesis, Headway, Hybrid, WooThemes, and iThemes Builder.

Plugins: All in One SEO, Headspace2, Platinum SEO, WordPress SEO

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Simply install and activate the plugin. Then go to Tools » SEO Data Transport

On that page, you choose the platform you want to convert from and the platform you want to convert to.

SEO Data Transporter

As you see, before you hit that blue Convert button, you can hit Analyze to get a list of elements you are able to convert.

SEO Data Transporter has surely made life easy for WordPress developers and users.

Download SEO Data Transporter

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  1. Harry says:

    This still works from Headspace to Yoast SEO. But do backup your site before trying :)

  2. MindaKini says:

    Thanks sharing very useful for me

  3. Sara Rodriguez says:

    Creating a new post, before installing Genesis, it appears Seo by Yoast options inseide the post but now just appears the option of the SEO Genesis. What can I do?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Please contact Genesis support because this doesn’t happen on our site. They should be able to help with this.

  4. Jesse says:

    Thank you for this article. I switched to Yoast SEO plugin and it worked for me the first time out using the Genesis framework. Thanks a mill…

  5. Stein Egeberg says:

    I want to transfer SEO data from a child theme of Twentyeleven – from the “All in one SEO” plugin to the “WordPress SEO” plugin. It is not clear from this page if you can do this in a child theme of Twentyeleven.

    I ‘d hate to loose all the SEO – and be forced to do a database restore from backup. Does anyone know if my scenario will work?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      You should always keep the backup. However switching from AIOSEO to WPSEO makes no difference if you are on a parent theme or a child theme.

  6. vanmarciano says:

    Just used this plugin on transferring SEO data for 600 posts from Joost SEO to Genesis, amazing, job well done, thank StudioPress

  7. spopovic says:

    What if you are currently using All in one SEO Pack and want to convert to a Genesis theme…can you transfer from plugin to theme?

  8. MouadKhateb says:

    Hi. the plugin found 23 records, and it said it imported them all. Yet I went to one of the posts where I am pretty sure I added custom SEO data (keywords, etc) but now under Joost SEO there is nothing..

    how can I make sure the import was done successfully?

  9. jasonmarklloyd says:

    Aarrrghh – I just ran it to move from All in one SEO to Joosts SEO and it told me there were 133 things it could transfer during the Analyse. I then hit convert and nothing happened, so ran Analyse again and it said 0 things to transfer. Now all my SEO Titles and descriptions have gone from 70 articles!! Crap, that’s going to be a database restore job…. Grrrrr

    • MouadKhateb says:

      Same happened to me !! on two blogs even not one !! this plugin sucks and its author should be ashamed of not making it at least recover the old entries if transport does not go well…I understand that it works by “moving” the date rather than duplicating it.. so it moves them to nowhere, and they disappear from AIO SEO… how did you manage to fix it up?

    • MouadKhateb says:

      @jasonmarklloyd damn I cannot fully revert to an older database because all the day long ive been busy with updating thumbnails an every post.. I cannot revoke that all now by restoring a full DB.. how can I restore only the concerned AIO SEO fields/entries/columns whatever they are called, to the current WordPress DB?

  10. Marc says:

    I’m really glad you made this plugin. Nothing else like it exists and I really hope you keep developing it. I started using Headway and got worried since I put over 200+ pages worth of SEO data in there but recently have been thinking about using Yoast. You’re a life saver.

  11. Jack Liang says:

    omg this plugin is godlike! I can’t wait to try it out on transferring all my SEO settings to my new theme. Thank you wpbeginner.

  12. Adam W. Warner says:

    I just made use of this plugin recently to transfer four years worth of All in One SEO data to Genesis.

    Worked like a charm and just as advertised (like everything from StudioPress:)

  13. Albert says:

    I have to try this pulgin in Thesis Framework.

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