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12 Best WordPress Developer Jobs Sites (+ Example Job Template)

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Are you looking for the best WordPress developer job sites?

These days, WordPress developers are in demand. Unlike other developers, they specialize in building websites using WordPress. Whether you are looking for a WordPress developer job or trying to hire one yourself, using the right platform to find or post these jobs is important.

In this article, we will share some of the best WordPress developer job sites. If you’re a recruiter, you will also find an example job template that you can use to post your WordPress job listing.

Best WordPress developer jobs sites

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Why Hire WordPress Developers Using a Job Website?

If you have a WordPress website, then you’ll likely need the help of a developer as your site grows.

A developer can customize your WordPress theme, which might not be possible with default options. Similarly, you might want to add certain features and functionalities that aren’t available in any WordPress plugin. A developer can write custom code to make this possible.

Plus, a WordPress developer can help with other technical stuff for your website. For example, you might want to speed up your site and require migration from another platform. In both cases, a developer with technical skills can be really helpful for your business.

That said, finding the right talent can be a challenge for many business owners. This is where a WordPress developer job website can help you out. You can shortlist candidates from a large pool for a full-time role or for a limited-time project.

On the other hand, if you are a developer yourself, then a job website can help you find your next job opportunity. With WordPress’s growing popularity, there is a high demand for developers. You can find a lot of opportunities to land a job, secure clients, and work on multiple projects.

Before we reveal the best websites for finding WordPress developers, let’s look at a sample job description template.

WordPress Developer Job Description Template

When you are posting a job opening for WordPress developers, you want to attract the best talent. This is where creating an enticing and detailed job description can be handy.

A typical WordPress developer job template will include:

Company Details

You can start with a brief introduction about your company. Simply tell the candidate about what the company does, its achievements, values, work culture, what you’re looking for, and why they should join your organization.

For instance, here’s a look at the introduction for a Development Team Manager at Awesome Motive.

Company intro in job description

Job Description

Next, you can add details about the job and what type of person would be suitable for the WordPress developer position.

For instance, you are looking for someone who is a self-starter, has excellent communication, someone who can jump between front-end and back-end development tasks, and more.

You can take a look at the WordPress developer job description on Awesome Motive for inspiration.

WordPress developer job description


After that, you can go ahead and list the responsibilities a WordPress developer will have to fulfill.

These can include writing and testing new plugin features, triaging bugs, providing feedback, refactoring legacy code for backward compatibility, and more.

If it is a managerial role, then you can include responsibilities like supervising other developers, giving feedback, and training new recruits.

WordPress developer job responsibilities

Qualification and Skill Requirements

In this section, you’ll need to list the skills, qualifications, and experience the candidate should have to perform the job successfully.

For instance, the WordPress developer should be proficient with PHP and MySQL. They should be familiar with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and more. Plus, you can also list the number of years of experience a developer should have before applying for the position.

Similarly, you can add more details for a managerial role, like having project management experience, a deep understanding of third-party APIs, etc.

WordPress developer job requirements

Benefits and Perks

A WordPress developer job description should also include the perks you are offering to the candidates. These can include health insurance, paid time off, annual retreats, reimbursement programs, personal development courses, and other benefits.

For example, here’s a list of benefits Awesome Motive offers to their employees around the world.

Company benefits

Other Information and Disclosures

Here, you can add additional details to the job description, like where you’re based.

Plus, it is also good to provide any legal disclosures and inclusion statements.

Additional details and disclosures

Submission Requirements

Finally, it’s good to explain what documents or details the applicant should send along with their job application. This way, they can provide all the necessary information, making the selection process smoother for both parties.

Submission requirements often include a cover letter expressing their interest and qualifications and a portfolio showcasing their previous WordPress projects.

Below is an example of a job application requirements for a WordPress developer position:

WordPress developer job application requirements

With that said, let’s look at some of the best WordPress developer job sites where you can find the best WordPress developer talent.

1. WPBeginner Pro Services

WPBeginner Pro Services

WPBeginner Pro Services is the best place to hire developers for your WordPress website or projects.

As the largest WordPress resource site, featured in Forbes, Business Insider, WIRED, and Inc., our team has helped over 100,000 people create WordPress websites. With over 10+ years of experience, you can comfortably rely on our WordPress experts to get the job done.

The best part is that we offer straightforward pricing plans. Simply visit our Services page and buy a package that suits your specific business needs.

For example, if you want to hire developers to build a website, you can choose from options like: Rebuild Your Site, Quick Launch Site, Custom Web Design, and eCommerce Site.

Website design plans offered by WPBeginner Pro Services

Many WordPress development services are fully booked for months out and you end up waiting a long time for your website design. However, WPBeginner Pro Services offers an estimated turnaround time of just 30 days for a custom website design.

Plus, if you need a website urgently, you can get one in about 7 days with the Quick Launch Site package.

You can also hire WPBeginner Pro Services for WordPress site speed optimization, hacked WordPress site repair, and WordPress website maintenance.

With our maintenance services, we’ll handle all of the behind-the-scenes technicalities of your WordPress site, so that you can spend more time growing your business.

For more details, see our WPBeginner Pro Services announcement.

2. Seahawk Media

Seahawk Media

Seahawk Media is another great platform for hiring WordPress developers for your project or business.

As a top-related WordPress services company, the team has worked with some of the most well-known brands in the WordPress and hosting industry, including DreamHost and GoDaddy. With Seahawk Media, your website will be in safe hands.

To hire a WordPress developer using Seahawk Media, you can book a free consultation first.

Simply select an available date and time slot on their booking calendar, and you can speak directly with the team about what you are looking for in a web development service.

Seahawk Media's consultation booking page

What’s great about Seahawk Media is they won’t just find the best developer to build a site for you. They have a specialized WordPress team that can make sure it is fast, secure, and optimized for search engines. This way, your business website looks good and has a great user experience.

If you are running an online store, then Seahawk also offers WooCommerce WordPress development. They can migrate your website to WooCommerce easily and install the necessary add-ons for you to run your online business.

Need help with your website? Seahawk’s expert web development support has got you covered. They are available 24/7 via email and chat, so you can reach out to them any time there is an issue.

For WordPress developers, Seahawk Media is a great company for you to launch your career. They are a 100% remote team and have worked with well-known companies in the WordPress industry, so you can elevate your WordPress skills further.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Best WordPress developer job site

LinkedIn is one of the best WordPress developer job sites for business owners and job seekers. It is a popular social media platform that helps connect companies with the right talent.

You can set up a company page on LinkedIn, add details, and list job openings. The best part is that it allows users an Easy Apply option. Job seekers can simply share their LinkedIn profile with the company and apply for the position.

For example, see Awesome Motive’s page on LinkedIn.

Post jobs on LinkedIn page

With LinkedIn, you can also build a brand and grow followers. It lets you share recent blog posts and announcements, create a network, and more.

As a WordPress developer, LinkedIn is a great platform to search for job opportunities. You can create a profile for free, connect with other people in the industry, follow different companies, access courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform, and get notifications for the latest job posts.

You can also set a special frame on your profile picture that shows you are either ‘Looking for Work’ or ‘Looking to Hire’ so that your connections can know at a glance you’re someone they should contact.

An important thing to note is that LinkedIn is free to use. However, it also offers 4 types of premium subscription plans for recruiters and job seekers.

For instance, with the Recruiter Lite plan, you can access advanced filters, 2nd and 3rd-degree networks, get smart suggestions, candidate recommendations, and more.

4. Upwork

Upwork WordPress developer recruitment website

Upwork is a popular work marketplace where you can find experienced WordPress developers.

The website is great for finding expert developers for specific projects. This way, you can find the right talent for a limited time and pay them an hourly rate or a fixed amount for the project’s duration.

For example, you can post projects for website restructure, build a multisite using Elementor, optimize your website for performance, and more. Developers can then submit proposals for each project, and you can then shortlist the best candidate.

Upwork job example

As a WordPress developer, Upwork is a great place to find clients and work on different tasks. This way, you can build a WordPress career and gain experience in different areas. The best part is that it’s free to create a profile on Upwork. After that, you can bid on various projects

5. WordPress Jobs

WordPress job board

WordPress Jobs is the official job board on the website. You can create a job post and find a developer from the large community of WordPress experts.

There are different categories for which you can create an opening. These include performance, design, support, development, plugin development, theme customization, translation, writing, and more.

The job board is easy to use, and you can hire talent from a global pool of experts. Once your job post is reviewed and approved, it will be displayed for 21 days on the website. This gives you ample time to find the best WordPress developer for your site.

Jobs on WP job board

For instance, in the screenshot above, you can see different jobs listed for development. In each post, you get to see the job type and location.

6. Codeable

Codeable job website

Codeable is a WordPress developer job website designed specifically for WordPress experts. It has a rigorous and thorough process of hiring developers, so you always get the best talent.

The platform follows a 6 step process for vetting developers. The process starts with a professional review and then a technical exam. After that, there is a behavioral interview and live coding test. People who pass the test must then complete a Codeable Academy course exam.

Once a WordPress developer passes these steps, candidates start working on real-life projects on a 90-day trial period. Lastly, the performance of each WordPress expert is continuously monitored.

As a website owner, you can hire a developer for consultancy or create projects on Codeable in no time.

Create a project in Codeable

Note that the platform will charge a 17.5% fixed service fee based on your project’s estimated cost. For a simple, non-urgent, and basic website design and development, the estimated cost starts from $2500.

7. FlexJobs


FlexJobs is the next website on our list that you can use to hire WordPress developers. It is a popular job board for remote workers and freelancers around the world.

If you’re a WordPress developer and looking for a remote position or a freelance project, then this is the perfect platform. FlexJobs has a thorough vetting process for posted jobs and ensures all employers are reliable.

Besides that, as a developer, you can also access the library to write award-winning resumes, mock interviews, and tips for successfully landing remote jobs.

WordPress developer posts on FlexJobs

Do note that it is a paid platform, and you’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan to access job descriptions and apply for a position.

Similarly, companies can also post jobs on FlexJobs only after successfully completing their vetting process. As an employer, you can access the large network of developers on FlexJobs.

8. SolidGigs


SolidGigs is a paid WordPress developer job website for freelancers looking to secure clients and projects. It hosts the top 1% of WordPress developer jobs, so you get to work for reliable and well-paying companies.

The job board was created by WordPress developers and writers themselves. It is different from other freelancing websites like Upwork or FlexJobs.

Instead of going through a list of projects and sending proposals, SolidGigs will find the right client for you.

How SolidGigs works

As a developer, you’ll first tell SolidGigs the type of work you want.

After that, the website searches for ideal clients and then alerts you when a good match is found. You can then send a pitch to the client and secure the gig.

9. We Work Remotely

We work remotely

We Work Remotely is a leading online remote job website. It is used by many startups and top tech companies like Google and Amazon. We also use We Work Remotely to hire WordPress developers for our team.

It is a paid platform where you’ll need to pay $299 to post a job opening. Besides that, you get helpful resources like a hiring guide, the latest trends, and remote job description templates.

Plus, We Work Remotely has a strong community. You can join their Slack channel and forum to interact with other members and potential candidates.

We Work Remotely jobs preview

We have used the WWR job board numerous times to hire developer candidates for WPBeginner, as well as our sister products such as WPForms, AIOSEO, OptinMonster, and others.

As a WordPress developer, you can easily search for job openings on We Work Remotely. There are full-time roles, freelancing projects, and on-site development positions listed by many companies.

10. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter page

ZipRecruiter is the next WordPress developer job site on our list. It is a popular website for companies hiring developers and job seekers.

You can post a job opening on ZipRecruiter and find qualified candidates. The platform offers a matching technology feature that helps you scan through thousands of resumes and find developers with the right skills, experience, and education.

There is also an enterprise solution offered by ZipRecruiter. You can run sponsored ads and target a specific audience, access the resume database, and take assistance from dedicated specialists for developing a hiring strategy.

View wordpress developer jobs on ZipRecruiter

As a WordPress developer, you can create a free account on ZipRecruiter and find suitable jobs. You can search for jobs using different keywords, locations, or salary ranges.

11. WPHired


WPHired is a popular WordPress developer job site founded in 2010 and is one of the oldest WordPress job boards.

You can easily find expert WordPress developers on the website. Be it for plugin development, theme customization, code creation, programming, or any other task, WPHired is the perfect place to find the right talent.

All you have to do is create an account and post a WordPress job. Next, you can choose from 1000+ WordPress experts and hire them for your website. The best part is that you can post unlimited jobs for free for 30 days.

However, if you’d like to get your job post featured and stand out, then WPHired offers premium pricing plans starting from $39.99. The post is listed at the top of other jobs on the homepage and is promoted through social feeds.

Job posting on WPHired

On the other hand, as a WordPress developer, there are many opportunities to land full-time roles, temporary jobs, or freelancing projects. It lets job seekers search for projects based on keywords, regions, or categories.

12. is another popular job board that you can use to post an opening for a WordPress developer position.

It helps you connect with talented individuals from around the world and hire developers remotely. The platform is used by popular companies, such as GoDaddy, Aha!, and Thomson Reuters.

WordPress jobs on

As a WordPress developer, is also a great place to find remote work. You can perform a simple job search on the website and see the latest openings.

Plus, the website also offers detailed FAQs on different topics for both recruiters and job seekers. For instance, you can learn how to manage remote teams or what traits to look for in candidates.

Bonus: Indeed


Indeed is a similar website to LinkedIn and allows you to find the right talent for your company. Creating a job post is straightforward on Indeed.

All you need to do is create a free account, set up a job post by adding a title, description, and location, and post your job. Indeed also lets you create sponsored posts, which helps increase the visibility of your job opening.

Indeed wordpress developer jobs

Indeed, it also helps job seekers find the best WordPress development jobs in the market. You can perform a simple search using a keyword and country to see different openings.

Which WordPress Developer Job Site Should You Use?

In our experience, the top WordPress developer job sites are WPBeginner Pro Services or Seahawk Media. They’re the best platforms to find a WordPress developer for any project or business.

On the other hand, sites like LinkedIn and FlexJobs are great if you are looking for full-timers. Codeable is more for those looking to hire WordPress developers on contract for specific projects.

If you are looking for the best remote WordPress job board, then We Work Remotely is a reliable source of getting high-quality candidates.

To find the right talent, it’s good to post job openings on multiple platforms. Most job boards and websites allow you to post an opening for free, so you can maximize your chances of attracting the best resources.

We hope that this article helped you find the best WordPress developer job sites. You may also want to see our ultimate guide to WordPress SEO and our comparison of the best business phone services for small businesses.

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