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How to Install WordPress on your Windows Computer Using WAMP

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How to Install WordPress on your Windows Computer Using WAMP

Did you know that you can install WordPress on your personal computer for learning and testing purposes. The process of installing WordPress on your personal computer is also known as setting up a local server environment or localhost. Often theme designers and plugin developers install WordPress on a local server environment to speed up their development process. An average user can use the local server environment to test plugins and/or make changes to the site before making it live for their audiences. In this article, we will show you how to install WordPress on your Windows computer using WAMP.

Note: If you install WordPress locally on your computer, then the only person who can see that site is you. If you want to have a live WordPress site available to the public, then you need to have a Domain and WordPress Web hosting. We recommend that you follow this guide on how to install WordPress.

What is WAMP?

WAMP or WampServer is a compilation of Apache web server, PHP and MySQL bundled for Windows computers. Basically, you need WAMP to setup your own local server environment and install WordPress on Windows. There are other clients for Windows such as XAMPP, but we use and recommend WAMP. It is free and easy to use.

Installing Wampserver on your PC

First thing you need to do is go to WampServer website and download the latest WampServer. You will be presented with various options on their download page. Simply choose the one that applies to your Windows (64-bit or 32-bit). When in doubt, select the 32-bit version because it will work on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Once you have downloaded WampServer, run the installation program and follow on-screen instructions. At one point during the installation, WampServer will ask for the location of the default web browser. By default it will use Internet Explorer, but you can change that to Google Chrome or Firefox by locating the browser in Program Files.

Installing Wampserver

Once you are done with the installation, launch WampServer.

Setting Up a Database for WordPress

WampServer comes with phpMyAdmin, a web based application to manage MySQL databases. Click on the Wampserver icon in windows taskbar and then click on phpmyadmin.

launching phpMyAdmin in Wamp

phpMyAdmin will open in a new browser window. Click on Databases in phpmMyAdmin to create a new database for WordPress. Choose a name for your database and click on Create button.

Creating a database in phpMyAdmin for WordPress

Installing WordPress on Windows with WAMP

Download a copy of WordPress from Extract the zip file and copy the wordpress folder. Go to C:wampwww and paste wordpress folder there. You can rename the wordpress folder to anything you want for example mysite, wpbeginner, etc. For the sake of this tutorial, we renamed our wordpress directory to mysite. Now open a web browser and go to:


WordPress will inform you that it can not find a wp-config.php file. Click on the Create a Configuration File button to create it.

Create wordpress configuration wp-config file

On the next screen, you need to provide your database information. The database name will be the one that you selected. In our case, we called it test_db.

Please note that your default database username will be root and leave the password blank. Click on the submit button and WordPress will create a configuration file for you.

Provide your database information to install WordPress on localhost with WAMP

After this you will see a screen informing you that WordPress has successfully created the configuration file, and you can proceed with the installation. Click on Run Install button.

Run WordPress Installation Script

On the next screen, fill out the installation form. You need to provide a title for your website, choose an admin username and password, and provide admin email address. Finally press the Install WordPress button.

WordPress Installation Page

WordPress will quickly run the installation and create database tables. Once done, you will see a success message after the installation. You can then proceed to your WordPress by clicking on the Log in button.

Troubleshooting WAMP Skype Error

If you have Skype installed and running then WampServer may not be able to work properly due to a conflict with Skype. The conflict is caused by both Apache and Skype using the same port 80. There is a simple fix for this problem. Open Skype and go to Tools » Options. Click on Advanced and then Connections. Uncheck the box that says Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections. Save options and restart Skype.

Fixing Wamp / Xampp Skype Conflict

Enabling Pretty Permalinks in WAMP

Pretty permalinks will not work by default on your local server environment. All your URLs will look like localhost/mysite/?p=18. If you go to Settings » Permalinks and use one of the other opttions, then it will show you “page not found” errors. We have already written about a solution here that will show you how to enable custom permalinks in WAMP.

Migrating from WAMP to Live

After numerous request via twitter, facebook, email, and comments in this post, we have written a guide on how to move WordPress from WAMP local server to a live site. Hopefully you guys will find it helpful when you are ready to deploy your local site to production.

We hope that this article helped you install WordPress on your Windows computer using WAMP. Having a local server environment is great for learning and testing purposes. Remember, if you want to run a blog for other people to see, then you do not need to install WordPress on your computer. You need to install WordPress on a web hosting provider. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress lovers led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  1. Gabriel Popov says:

    Thanks, this article was really useful.

  2. Omar says:

    Amazing!! thanks a ton!!

  3. Aaron says:

    Downloaded everything. I can access wordpress but need to create a database for wordpress. When i click on phpmyadmin it takes me to a 403 forbidden error saying You don’t have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server. I cant figure it out.

  4. Annie L says:

    Hello – your tutorial rocks. I’m able to get pass the 5 min setup and land on the WordPress login page.

    One issue, after entering the same credentials provided in the 5-min setup (/wordpress/wp-login.php), I get “SSL connection error.”. Looking at the wp-login.php file, it forces a redirect to SSL.

    How do I get around it without installing a SSL locally?

    Running Wamp 2.4, Windows 7, Chrome browser.

  5. lubna says:

    really help tutorial bro.I just cant log in to word after the successful installation Help.

  6. Miriam says:

    I think your tutorials are clearer than anything else I find for a newbie like me. Thanks!
    Can you offer any suggestions for my problem creating a database? I already have a WP site under Bitnami. I decided to download WAMP to have multiple WP sites using WAMP. After installing WAMP, when I open phpMyAdmin I get a log in window. If I log in using the username/pswd originally set up (with Bitnami installation) it says I don’t have priveliges to create a database. I can log into phpMyAdmin using the usename/pswd from the Bitnami WordPress site and I have priveliges but it gives me a 1044 Error when I try to create a new database. I am not sure what to try next. Thanks in advance for any suggestion you may have.

    • Miriam says:

      I figured out that problem and am on to a different problem. After installing WAMP and putting WordPress in c:WAMP/WWW… I open a browser and try http://localhost/mysite/ but get a 404 Not Found. Could this be related to the fact that I already have Bitnami/localhost? Thanks!

      • Win says:

        You didn’t paste it in the www folder. You can’t post it in the main wordpress file — you have to navigate to the www folder and paste it next to the index.html file. This should fix your 404 error problem

  7. IBAS says:

    I really found this tutorial so helpful to me, thanks for the efforts

  8. Kriss says:

    Wamp Server is an outdate program died on 2013. Probably it is not the best for wordpress

  9. Laurent Lafont says:

    You are not saying what the username and password are when launching phpmyadmin! And all web searches are giving dummy information as well….. So now stuck…. very useful instructions indeed…….

  10. Helen Magner says:

    Thanks for the instruction. It worked well. I have had a wordpress site up and running for a year now. but now but I would like to be able to import it to to local site so that I can write and save wile I cannot connect to the internet and publish when I can get back on line. Thanks for your help.

  11. ludovic says:

    Simply perfect. Merci !!!

  12. Robert says:

    When i follow the steps wampserver to myphpadmin I get the login page, not the page which allows me to click on the database tab as shown in your very well written tutorial. Suggestions to get the wp-config.php file set up?

  13. Maryam Jamil says:

    thanks alot
    your article really helps :)

  14. Dharmesh Joshi says:

    Thanks you bro…(Y)

  15. Vivi says:

    Hey! Really helpfull article, But… I can’t log in in wordpress..Firstly , in the step of installing wordpress i was directed in a blank page( logo only) , then i reloaded and said it has allready been istalled, so i procceded with the log in, but it seems that my account is not valid..nothing workd..not even the e-mail for getting a new pswrd .
    What should i do? I allready copied the steps twice from the beggining with different databases and data.

  16. nel says:

    your tutorial worked PERFECTLY

  17. Andy says:

    Please help . Thanks 8-)
    installed WAMServer, as according to your instructions, I chose phpMyadmin, and I encountered this error msg, “HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found
    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
    Detailed Error Information
    Module IIS Web Core
    Notification MapRequestHandler
    Handler StaticFile
    Error Code 0×80070002
    Requested URL http://localhost:80/phpmyadmin/
    Physical Path C:\inetpub\wwwroot\phpmyadmin\
    Logon Method Anonymous
    Logon User Anonymous”
    I installed and re-installed WAMServer, but encounter the same error, how do I proceed from here?

  18. farah says:

    Hi, Thank you for great tutorial, I am facing an issue please help me to solve the issue. After successful installation of WAMP, when I have clicked on PhpMyAdmin , It is asking me to login , but i dont know what is my username and password that can be used here?


    • WPBeginner Support says:

      Try username root and leave password field blank

      • Barbara says:

        I had the same error and other sites had very complicated and, frankly, unsuccessful suggestions on how to fix it. Thank you for this clear and simple solution – it worked!

  19. KarSho says:

    Simple, Clear and Helped.

    Thanks Dude…

  20. Sara says:

    Hey there! I installed WampServer like you said but when i press phpmyadmin it opens a blank chrome webpage. No database menu or anything like the printscreen you showed. it’s just blank. I’ve tried unistalling and installing again but it remains the same. help!

  21. sumit says:

    while installing wamp server it wll shows error again and again.. . error is about MSVC3100.dll file error.. . kindly fix this error

  22. LIsa says:

    I installed wamp successfully, renamed database, installed wordpress, entered all fields and then once I hit the final “install wordpress”, got a weird blank screen with the wordpress logo at the top. When I hit the “back button” it said wordpress was already installed so I tried entering the username and password and it says it is not found. I tried entering the email I had entered to reset the password and says it isn’t found. I tried using the instructions above for changing the password within the phpmyadmin found the Wp-users file in my database and clicked on pencil icon to edit users and it says “my sql returned an empy result” … help!

    • Lisa Tomsio says:

      Never mind … I just deleted wordpress installation, created a new database and started over and it worked. I had unchecked the “allow search engines …” on the wordpress page the first time so I left it checked the second time and it worked fine. Thanks for this information!

  23. Campbell says:

    I installed WAMServer, as according to your instructions, I chose phpMyadmin, and I encountered this error msg, “HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found
    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
    Detailed Error Information
    Module IIS Web Core
    Notification MapRequestHandler
    Handler StaticFile
    Error Code 0×80070002
    Requested URL http://localhost:80/phpmyadmin/
    Physical Path C:\inetpub\wwwroot\phpmyadmin\
    Logon Method Anonymous
    Logon User Anonymous”
    I installed and re-installed WAMServer, but encounter the same error, how do I proceed from here?

  24. yousef mayeli says:

    hi there
    i installed many times with different options but same problem,it’s icon appears and when i click it to proceed it doesn’t appear anything. i don’t know what should i do.just disappointed

  25. yousef mayeli says:

    i installed wamp and its icon came on desk but when i click on it doesn’t open i even went to my skype and changed but didn’t affect anything , thanks
    . guide me

  26. Kevin Salt says:

    Good article … Thanks.

    I don’t want to nit-pick but I think you’re missing a semi-colon in the Skype section …

    “and go to Tools &raquo Options. Click on Advanced and then Connections.”

    ——————-> »

  27. al b says:

    I seem to be hung up on the http://localhost/mysite/ I get a 404 Not found error.

  28. Kenia says:

    I had just installed WAMP and then had no idea how to proceed from there as there is no manual for WAMP. This and the next article on making the wordpress site live are both lifesavers. Seriously. THANK YOU for writing this for beginners, and not assuming we know things we don’t (I see that a lot with experts: they take their knowledge for granted and forget what it’s like to start out and not know things).


  29. Martin says:

    Hello Guys, all done.. no matter what I am doing.. still last step freezes. I see only WP white-blue logo and white unloaded text box. After typing my website I get: “Error establishing a database connection” error. Any ideas? Cheers.

  30. Chris says:

    Thanks so much for this! Successfully installed. Only problem I ran into was with the wp-config.php file. I needed to open the copy of wp-config-sample.php, make changes on my own and then save. Other than that, easy install.

  31. Amelia says:

    When I went to click on “create database” in phpmMyAdmin, it said “X No privileges”. What did I do wrong?

    • Amelia says:

      No matter, I got that fixed. Now I’m just stuck on the configuration page, info filled out and hit submit but the install wordpress page never comes up!

  32. om gupta says:

    in my laptop wamp server is not working in the local user account .it work only in administrator account but i want to run wamp server in local user account because i do not have administrator access right pls help me how can i run wamp server in my local user account.

  33. Ratan says:

    Hi ,
    I followed the complete step and dowloaded the WP and started uploading theme . With my first theme only , I got the below message after tryin to install the same :

    The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

    Please guide .

    Regards ,

  34. utpal says:

    after install Wampserver i go to phpmyadmin, inthin a login option is here
    where i get pass and id

  35. Alan says:

    Hello again,

    Per my last comment, I think I figured it out. Sorry for the bother.

  36. Alan says:

    Thanks for the write-up! Wondering if you might have any ideas as to why I cannot create a db from phpmyadmin? After clicking “databases” to create a db, I get a “loading” message for quite some time, then that disappears & nothing…

    The same occurs no matter which tab I select in the phpmyadmin dash. Been Googling for over an hour & I haven’t been able to find a solution. Thanks again!

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      Try uninstalling and then reinstalling WAMP server. If that does not help you can also install XAMPP.

  37. Maureen says:

    Hi Guys! Step by Step Wonderful! Installed WAMP successfully, set up database, downloaded wp with no problem Sucess! now log in… user name or password invalid… press here to have password sent via email… i receive this message “The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.” any help is appreciated!

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