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Archives for November 2014

How to Disable Lost/Changed Password Emails in WordPress

Recently one of our users asked if there was a way to disable lost/changed password email notifications in WordPress? By default, WordPress automatically sends email notification to admins when any other user resets their password using the lost password link. These emails can become annoying… Read More »

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How to Override Comment Deadline in WordPress

One solution often suggested to reduce comment spam is to disable comments on older posts. There is an option on the Discussion settings page where you can turn off comments on posts older than a certain number of days. The problem with this solution is… Read More »

How to Create Invoices for Clients Using WordPress

Do you want to create invoices for clients in WordPress? Creating and sending invoices is crucial for many business owners and freelancers. By generating invoices right in WordPress, you can save time and money and get paid faster.  In this article, we’ll show you how… Read More »