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Archives for March 2013

How to Display Gravatar from User Email in WordPress

Do you want to display website visitor’s Gravatar from their email in WordPress? Gravatar is a web service that connects a user’s email address with their online avatar / picture. WordPress automatically displays Gravatars in the comments, but you may want to add them to… Read More »

How to Add a Flickr Widget in WordPress

Flickr is one of the good old reliable photosharing sites. It has its very own social features and a thriving community of loyal users. Showcasing your flickr photos on your WordPress website is extremely easy. Since flickr supports oEmbed format, you can simply copy and… Read More »

How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files

As an open source software, WordPress is regularly maintained and looked after by a global community. It releases new versions and security releases on a very regular basis. With each new WordPress version, some funtions become obselete and some files become unnecessary. However, an update… Read More »

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What Features are Coming in WordPress 3.6

It was just a few months ago when WordPress 3.5 was released (December 11, 2012 to be exact). Well, the next major release, WordPress 3.6, is already underway. WordPress 3.6 is expected to be released in late April 2013. We have been following the developments… Read More »

How to Add Google Translate in WordPress

We live in a diverse world where people speak many different languages. According to Linguists, there are anywhere from 6000 to 7000 different languages in the world. Even though a lot of people can understand English, it is worth translating your site if a large… Read More »