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Archives for 2012

How to Add Quicktags in WordPress Comment Forms

Do you want to add formatting quicktags to your WordPress comment forms? By default, the WordPress comment box lets your visitors use basic HTML tags such as bold and italic tags in their comments, as well as include hyperlinks. However, most visitors don’t know about… Read More »

WordPress 3.5 – “Elvin” is Released

Just a few moments ago, WordPress 3.5 was released. The version is named Elvin in honor of drummer Elvin Jones who played with John Coltrane in addition to many others. WordPress 3.4 was downloaded over 28 million times. In WordPress 3.5, we saw some major… Read More »

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How to Disable XML-RPC in WordPress (Secure Method)

Do you want to disable XML-RPC on your WordPress site? XML-RPC is a core WordPress API that allows users to connect to their WordPress website using third-party apps, tools, and services. Unfortunately, in the past hackers have found ways to exploit XML-RPC to gain access to… Read More »