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How to Add Google+ Hangouts Event Countdown in WordPress

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How to Add Google+ Hangouts Event Countdown in WordPress

Google+ hangouts are fun specially if you want to organize an online event with your blog’s readers. Like most live events, you have to make sure to spread the word in order to get the most benefits. You can let your users know about the hangout by tweeting, sharing it on Google+, writing an article, sending an email newsletter, and many more ways. In this article, we will show you how to add a Google+ Hangout Event with a Countdown in your WordPress blog. The goal is to add a widget to the sidebar that shows a hangout event with a countdown timer.

Google Plus Hangout Widget in a WordPress Blog

To achieve this you will need a Google+ Account and a Google API account. First, install and activate Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events plugin. After activation, go to the plugin’s settings page located under Settings » Google+ Hangout Events. There you will see the plugin’s configuration screen.

Now you need to get the Google API keys. Go to Google APIs Console and click on Create Project button.

Creating a Google API account

Provide a suitable name for your project, e.g. WPBeginner Hangout Events. After that you will enter the Google APIs Console dashboard. On the left hand sidebar you will see API Project drop down menu. Click on “Create” at the bottom of the menu.

Create Google API Project

Enter the name of your project, e.g. WPBeginner Intro Hangout. Click on the Services item in the left hand sidebar to turn on the Google Calendar API.

Google Calendar API

Now you will reach API Access menu of your project, and you need to create oAuth 2.0 client ID. Click the button to create OAuth 2.0 client ID. You will be asked to fill in Branding Information for your project. Provide a product name this could be anything, e.g. WPBeginner Hangout App. Logo and Home Page URL fields are optional so you can leave them blank and click the Next button.

Google API Branding

On the next screen choose Web Application for the Application Type. In your site or hostname field, first you need to choose http:// instead of https:// from the drop down menu. Second, you need to enter the URL of the oauth2callback.php file inside Yakadanda Google Hangout Events plugin directory. Example:

Replace with your own domain name. Once you enter this, the Redirect URI will automatically change itself. Press the Create Client ID button, and you will reach API Access page with all the keys you need.

Google API Information

Go back to your Google Hangout Events plugin page. In Calendar ID field, enter the email address of the Google+ account you will be using to create Hangout events. Enter your API keys by pasting them from Google API Access page. Click save changes, and you will be taken to a Google Accounts page asking permission to connect the plugin. Click Allow Access and you will be redirected to plugin setiings page.

Allow Google Hangout Events plugin acccess to your Calendar

Now go to Appearance » Widgets and add Google+ Hangout Events widget to your sidebar. The widget will immediately start displaying Google+ hangout Events you have created.

Creating a Google Plus Hangout Event

Go to Google+ Events and then click on Create Event button. Click on Event Options button and then choose Advanced. In the Advanced menu choose Google Plus Hangout. Finally press the green Invite button and you are good to go.

Creating a Google+ Hangout Event

We hope that you found this tutorial useful in helping you organize hangouts on your blog or website. While you are on Google+, don’t forget to add WPBeginner to your Google+ circles.

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  1. Peter Ricci says:

    Guys, if you have support issues, please add them to plugin with other people as I do not check 3rd party websites for issues.

    If you carefully follow the instructions it works every single time. Anytime you hook into an API you have to follow instructions to the letter. This requires authentication and you inputting everything correctly. If you have issues there is a support forum on each plugin on WordPress.

    Some plugins are easy and some require a little patience on setting up, once this is setup correctly it is smooth sailing.

    Regards Peter

  2. Peter Ricci says:

    New Updates to Plugin Version 0.03
    – New Hangouts (Plural) Widget
    – Bugfixes

    *Coming this week: to Version .04
    – Ability to embed Google+ Hangouts + via Shortcode in Posts and Pages
    – Ability to embed Google+ Events via Shortcode in Posts and Pages
    – New Event and Events (Multiple Widget)
    – Bugfixes

  3. Peter Ricci says:

    Great article and thanks for this. We are the developers of this plugin and would love feedback from people and what they would like to see next. There will be an update shortly with even more features.

    • Glen Cumbie says:

      Look, I have been working on this for about 3 hours non stop and still don’t have it working. I have searched high and low for this Yakadanda Google Hangout Events plugin directory and finally just put in what I thought it was and of course it didn’t work.

      You know what? I used to love WP but you damn near have to be a programmer to figure out the plugins now. By the time you find help the article is updated or too damn hard to understand. I thought the entire reason for plugins was to prevent this type of frustration to the point of wanting to throw this damn laptop out of the highest window I can find.

      And I guarantee you I am not the only one. Yes you have some that have figured it out. But what about the numerous folks that are too tired to even leave you a comment after being so freaking brain dead.

      I should be able to activate the plugin fill in some simple information and be on my way. If it takes more than 15 minutes I am wasting my time.

      • Editorial Staff says:

        Hello Glen,

        Let me first start by apologizing for any frustration and inconvenience that we have caused you. I want to clarify that WPBeginner is an unofficial resource site for WordPress (so not related to the official WordPress folks). We are also not associated with any plugin author in the repository (we just review the ones that we find useful). Secondly, the plugins are created by individual authors (not always related to the official core team). WordPress is an open-source project which means that anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to the core project, create their own plugins, etc.

        If you have a problem with a specific plugin, then most of the time plugin authors are very helpful (if you ask them nicely). Often these developers create the plugins for their own use (or for a client). They put it out for the community, so others can benefit from it as well. But most of them DO NOT make any money from it. I personally looked over the plugin support forum, and I did not see your support request there. I would strongly recommend that you follow proper support protocol by going here and starting a topic:

        Your support request should follow this format:

        1. I used plugin version (version #) with WordPress (version #).

        2. Explain the exact problem. For example: I was doing this, but I got stuck or it didn’t work.


    • Susan Walsh says:

      @ Peter Ricci – we plan to try out your plugin – it looks really cool – but hope not to have the same issues Glenn Cumbie has reported on this blog post. Since you are the developer, perhaps, you can help him. It will help you in the longrun.


  4. Susan Walsh says:

    Great article. We are going to try this out for sure. We are us Google+ Hangouts for our business meetings. If companies have a private area for their channel partners, sales, etc. on their website, this would be a nice feature built in.


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