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How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

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How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

We have written about how to display recent sticky posts in WordPress, but we never covered how to make sticky posts which was our shortcoming because one of our users asked us this question. Making Sticky Posts in WordPress is really easy.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

First you would need to login to your admin area, and open up the post page.

Look towards the right hand sidebar where you will see a Publish box. Look at the (Visibility: Public) field and click edit.

Sticky posts option in post edit screen

Check the box to make the post Sticky and publish it. If you want to make an older post sticky, follow the same steps and just click save.

Sticky post checkbox

We hope this post helped you learn how to make sticky posts in WordPress. You may also want to take a look at our list of 6 cool things you can do with sticky posts in WordPress.

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  1. Heather says:

    I am trying to sign up for email blog tips but it says I have input my email to many times…one time is all I did to get this

  2. Nergis Parikh says:

    Can you tell me how to create a sticky headline the way it is done on WikiHow site.

  3. Anto Navis says:

    Is there any option to make the sticky post as particular time automatically ..

    Its possible means Please guide me. i like to add the feature on my Tech Info World Blog.

    Thank you !!!

  4. Petrea Dishman says:

    THANK YOU! I would never have looked there for that. I was trying to figure out how to use post-class, thanks for the save. It shouldn’t be hidden like in my opinion.

  5. Wunmi says:


    Great Post.

    So i tried sticking a post and after a while i “unsticked” the post.

    But then the post seem to have disappeared, i can only see the title and the comments.

    The post content itself is gone. I’ve tried editing in the back end, but there’s nothing, my content is just gone.

    Have you heard of this before? Could you help fix this? *weeps*

  6. Jank Spim says:

    Hi, tnks for this very helpful post and comments.

    Does anyone know how to grant WordPress authors permissions to make a post sticky?

    I don’t want to make the author an editor, only make that “sticky post” checkbox visible.

  7. Dan says:

    Thanks for tip

  8. Viola says:


    After searching for so many helpful posts about the sticky option, i just couldn’t see it anymore.

    Then i saw the words: “WP Admin” in one of the comments of this post and that immediately got me going at first. YEP I needed to see WP ADMIN. and I knew exactly what i had been doing wrong all this time.

    I am more visual :)

    So after I finally was able to remove the sticky post, I came back to reread this post and watch the video more carefully and:

    This whole post is very helpful!!!

    Reposting it on my blog for somewhere in the future, if i forget about sticky posts again ;)

    thank you so much ^_^

  9. Alyson says:

    This isn’t helpful. There is no edit option. I can’t figure out how to stick or unstick post anymore

  10. Buzz says:

    The format has been changed and under visibility public, there is no “sticking to the front” kind of thing for me, is there another way?

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      There is an Edit link right next to Visibility: Public option. Clicking on that Edit link will reveal the option to make a post sticky.

      • VT says:

        Sorry but in my admin there is no link or whatsoever. I have tree tick box and that’s it.
        I have an old post sticked (stuck ?) and can’t remove it.
        Any other option ? I’m hosted directly on

        About his “You have to login through Wp Admin option”
        Would love to try but don’t know what that mean


    • Nirajan Thapa says:

      You have to login through Wp Admin option, then you will have extended dashboard where you can find posts and edit from there, there is the option for it.

      • Viola says:

        Oh this one is helpful.

        I have tried everything I saw at first glance on the support page. Signing in as WP Admin was the BEST solution :) Thank you.

    • Jeff Potter says:

      I have a post marked sticky. I want to unstick it. I have a new post I want to make sticky. There are zero options for doing any of this. Very frustrating. Some comments here have remarked on this. Can anyone help us? I am using a standard, basic free blog template. I have googled this. No help. None of the dashboard images look like mine. I have 3 options under Visibility — no edit option. This is a crazy waste of time!!!!

  11. Ivor says:

    I can’t open Edit in Public Visibily to make my latest post sticky.Is it because I have too many sticky posts ? (39) If it is I still need to open edit to unstick some earlier ones. Thank you in advance for any help in solving this.

  12. Ivor says:

    I can’t open the visibility public edit feature to make a post sticky.Can you have too many sticky posts (39) ? If it is that how can I unsticky some when I can’t open edit ? Thank you.

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      You can have as many sticky posts as you want. You can edit a post and remove the sticky check from the post to make it unstick. Alternately you can also set an expiration date for sticky posts in WordPress.

      • Guy Dauncey says:

        My Visibility button no longer has an option to make apost sticky t the top. Did you change something? I used to have that ability – now its gone.

        • Desi says:

          I also can’t see it – under “visibility”, there are only 3 options now: “public, private and password protected”.
          I made my last post sticky and now when I publish something new it doesn’t come up on top and there is no way no edit it.

          Please help

        • Bev says:

          I have the same problem as Guy and Desi. Under visibility there are only 3 options “public, private and password protected” and none of them allow me to make a post sticky. I was able to have one sticky post and none after that. The theme I use is “The Dyad Theme.”

  13. Maru says:

    Hello there

    Is there a way to change the sticky note text (it says “featured”)? And if so, is there a way to have the option to change the text for single sticky notes, instead of all of them?

    Thank you.

    Best M

  14. Christopher Pontine says:

    Hi There,

    Is there a way to make a page instead of a post do this?



  15. sajeda says:

    hello , I checked to my post on sticky but it doesn’t appear never ?? what is the wrong ???

  16. Umair says:


    On WordPress 4.2.4, nothing appears when you click on Public in the Edit Menu of Publish Section. So i can’t make my post sticky via that option. Can anybody help me regarding this version?

  17. Mon Villarin says:

    Hello wpbeginner i am using genesis i would like to know how to change the background color of a sticky post from the front page? i can’t find any tutorial or code anywhere online. I hope you can help me. My site’s address is:

  18. DON COBB says:

    I get how to make a post sticky, but that sticky post only shows as a title, not an article. One must click on it to read it. I would like the sticky post to show the whole article, like every other post. Is that possible? Thanks in advance…

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      The appearance of sticky posts depends on your WordPress theme and how it handles sticky posts. If this is how your theme displays sticky posts, then you will need to edit theme files to show full content. Ask your theme author for support before making any changes to the theme yourself.

  19. Hanna says:

    To the question regarding a sticky post in a category rather than a page, you said yes. Well, my question is how. :) Please help!

  20. Graeme Voigt says:

    Is it possible to publish a post to my home page that CAN’T be clicked on? My masonry theme has an option to publish a post that appears as a quote on the home page. The only thing is, I don’t want users to click on this quote and be taken to a random page that only contains one sentence! I want the posts to appear on the home page just as some inspiration – not a link to a page.
    Thanks for any help!

  21. Frost says:

    I want my chosen posts as sticky in homepage permanently.I don’t want additional posts to be visible in home page.
    Also can 5 or more pages be made sticky.

  22. BrianL51 says:

    I have created a sticky post as a welcome note explaining what my site is about, and how best to use it. It’s been at the top of the tree for over a week, above more recent posts. Just how I wanted it to be. Today when I login, the sticky post is #2 in the list, under a more recent post that was below it yesterday. I’ve found nothing to explain this. The sticky post is still the only one with the sticky box checked. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what’s going on, and how to stop it happening? (For now, I plan to make the post non-sticky, and then make it sticky again. Fingers crossed, but even if that works it’s hardly ideal.)

  23. WPBeginner Staff says:

    Go to Appearance -> Widgets and remove the recent posts widget. You can add it back whenever you want by simply dragging and dropping it to the same sidebar.

  24. BrianL51 says:

    Hi, I already found the way to make a post sticky, but there’s another problem. A link to the new sticky post appears in the Recent Posts list on my sidebar, but clicking it results in one of those “Shucks, this is embarrassing isn’t it” messages because the link somehow can’t find anything to point to. Any suggestions? After another five or so regular posts, this dead link will drop off the bottom of the list anyway, but I’m curious to know if it can be fixed.

    • WPBeginner Staff says:

      Try adding another sticky post with different title. See if you can reproduce the error.

      • BrianL51 says:

        Many thanks for your prompt reply and for your suggestion, but… this is a live site I’m editing. If I manage to reproduce the error I’ll wind up with two dead links in my ‘recent posts’ list. As far as I can see, I don’t have UX access to edit the list of recent posts. If you can tell me I’m wrong, and how I can delete entries from the list, then I’ll happily experiment with the sticky post problem.

  25. Tim says:

    In Genesis, it’s turned off.

  26. Kate says:

    Hi, is it possible to have the sticky post just on one page? Without the CSS or programming code? Thanks!

  27. Omniaural says:

    Oh dear. So simple, yet I never thought to look there!

  28. WPBeginner Staff says:

    You can do so using CSS. WordPress automatically adds sticky class to the sticky posts. You can use that class in CSS to add your style rules. For example:

    .sticky {
    border:1px solid #ccc;

  29. Terry says:

    How can I change the color of the sticky note?

  30. WPBeginner Staff says:

    A sticky post will remain sticky until you publish another post and mark it as sticky or you manually uncheck the sticky post option.

  31. Smiley says:

    Thank you a lot guys for your great work, but please can you please answer these tow questions for me :
    Does a sticky post stays sticky until I check the box?
    and what happens if I have more than one sticky post?

  32. Jen says:

    I am trying to do this on my posts, but can’t seem to find the sticky button? Does this feature no longer exist?

    • WPBeginner Staff says:

      It exists, but you need to click on the Edit link next to visibility under publish metabox to see it.

  33. WPBeginner Staff says:

    You don’t need a plugin for that, this functionality comes built-in with WordPress

  34. donmatrix says:

    but there is a plugin for that??

  35. Dana says:

    I thought I wanted to have a static home page but realized what I really want is a cool content slider at the top… recent posts.. a little about me section. then all of my social media buttons instagram plugins and such…. Is this possible with a sticky post as the homepage?? Or what else can I try?

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      There are some free and premium WordPress themes that allow you to do all this easily. But if you want to do this without changing your theme, then still a sticky post is not the right way to do this.

  36. Keith Davis says:

    Thanks guys
    I should have known that, but I didn’t.

  37. Johan Horak says:

    Hi Thanks.

    Will the post stay sticky until I remove the tick? ;-)

  38. junnydc says:

    Looking deeper into the table structure wp_post what fields makes it sticky?

  39. btfb says:

    Thanks for the share, we can make the post sticky if it is about a contest or a resource.

  40. btfb says:

    Thanks for the share, we can make the post sticky if it is about a contest or a resource.

  41. Jacky says:

    Hi, thanks for the tips, I do it but the background of post in sticky post in theme twenty ten changed to light blue. Is there any way to make it to white as well? Thanks.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Yes, you would have to change the class in the css file. Search for .sticky and change the background color.

  42. Judy says:

    Great article. I find WPBeginner to be a great resource!

    Is there a way to assign a sticky post to a category? For example, I have set up a custom menu to include some categories as tabs on my navigation. When you click on the category on the nav bar, you are taken to a page that lists all the posts in that category. I would like the first post to be sticky. Can I do this?

  43. vickie says:

    Thanks, a really useful feature.

    If you have more than 1 sticky post is there an easy way to make sure they appear in a specific order rather than date?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      You would have to edit the loop for that Vickie. Email us with exactly what you are trying to do, and we can help :)

  44. Ted Thompson says:

    Great info, very helpful! Cheers Ted

  45. Rick says:

    Thanks for this. This is one of the key advantages of using WordPress as your blogging platform, so it’s important to know how to do it properly.

  46. Nimit kashyap says:

    Thanks for the information, i used to use the plugin to make a sticky post.

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