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How to Fix WordPress Website Not Updating Right Away

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Are you trying to fix your WordPress website not updating right away?

Often, users ask us why some changes they make to their site, like a new blog post or widget settings, don’t appear right away. It is a common issue and very easy to fix.

In this article, we’ll show you how to easily fix a WordPress website not updating right away.

Fixing a WordPress website not updating right away

Why My WordPress Site Not Updating Right Away?

The most common cause of a WordPress website not updating immediately is caching.

By default, many WordPress hosting companies enable their own caching systems, which store a temporary copy of your pages to improve website speed and reduce server load.

Apart from that, you may also be using a WordPress caching plugin on your own, which may not be configured correctly.

Last but not least, your browser may also store a cached version of your pages in temporary storage.

Usually, when you make any change to your WordPress website, those cached versions expire, and you get to see your changes right away.

However, this may not happen right away due to some configuration error. In that case, you will see the old version of that page for a while.

The most common symptom of this problem is new posts not appearing on the homepage of your WordPress website.

While you can still view the single post by clicking on the view post link from the WordPress admin area, you cannot see it on the main page.

That being said, let’s look at how to fix this issue easily.

Fixing WordPress Website Not Updating Issue

You’ll start by first clearing the browser cache. The instructions below will walk you through how.

For most users, this should fix the issue, and you wouldn’t need to proceed to step 2.

Video Tutorial

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If you’d prefer written instructions, keep reading.

Step 1. Force the Browser to Reload or Clear the Cache

Sometimes, your browser (especially Google Chrome) will show you a cached copy of your website instead of showing the new one.

To resolve this issue, simply press F5 or Ctrl+R in Windows (or Cmd + R in Mac) buttons on your keyboard to reload the page.

This will ask the browser to reload the page by fetching a fresh version. In most cases, this would fix the issue for many users.

However, if that doesn’t work, the next step is clearing your browser cache. In Google Chrome, click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner. From the menu, you need to go to More Tools » Clear Browsing Data.

Clear cache in Google Chrome browser

For more details, see our guide on how to clear cache in all major browsers.

Step 2. Clear WordPress Cache for Your Website

The second and most likely cause of this issue is poorly configured WordPress caching plugin. Most caching plugins make it super easy to clear your cache with the click of a button.

1. WP Rocket

If you are using WP Rocket on your website, then simply go to the Settings » WP Rocket page and click on the ‘Clear Cache’ button under the dashboard tab.

WP Rocket clear cache

2. WP Super Cache

If you are using the WP Super Cache plugin, then go to the Settings » WP Super Cache page.

Under the Easy tab, scroll down to the ‘Delete Cached Pages’ section and click the ‘Delete Cache’ button.

Delete cache in WP Super Cache

3. Bluehost

Even if you don’t have a WordPress caching plugin installed on your website, many WordPress hosting companies deploy their caching system by default.

For instance, if you are on the Bluehost hosting platform, you’ll notice a ‘Caching’ button in the admin toolbar.

Clear cache in Bluehost

Take your mouse over, and you’ll see the option to ‘Purge All’ cache. This will delete all cached files from your website.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround is another top WordPress hosting company that offers its own built-in caching system.

You can manage the SiteGround cache by installing and activating the SG Optimizer plugin. For more details, see our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you need to click on the Purge SG Cache button in the WordPress admin toolbar.

Purge SiteGround cache

This will clear up the SiteGround cache for your website.

For more hosting companies and caching plugins, see our complete guide on how to clear WordPress cache.

We hope this article helped you fix the issue of the WordPress website not updating immediately. You may also want to check out our guide on the most common WordPress errors and how to fix them.

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  1. Syed Balkhi says

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    • WPBeginner Support says

      If none of our recommendations are able to assist, you would want to reach out to your hosting provider to ensure they do not have a caching or are seeing an error on your site.


  2. Oliver says

    Hello! Firstly, always amazing guides! you are 100% my goto!

    I have this issue, the changes i am making aren’t updating (partially)

    layout changes aren’t updating. i have tested to see if its just a delay, by slightly changing some text. The text updates instantly, but the layout remains unchanged.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      If it is not your caching then you would likely want to reach out to your theme’s support to ensure the theme changes aren’t being overridden by a setting in the theme.


  3. Jack says

    After i update wordpress version i also update yoast. Then the site won´t load. it just keeping processing and does not show anything but a orange layer that is the main color of the website. Now the same thing is happening when i try to update different plugins but not all of them. I don´t receive any error msg from wordpress or the site. I also clear the cache etc…

  4. Kathi says

    Hi, I have updated my entire website’s design but for some reason, it will always show me the wrong front page.

    It’s always the front page, also on different devices, as well on my phone. The other pages will be shown completely right.

  5. Javed Iqbal says

    I have updated my WordPress Version 5.5.I have created a posts after that but my post now showing completely on my site. plz how can I resolved this issue.I used above mentioned method but same result.plz guide me how can i fix this issue.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      You would want to reach out to the support for your specific theme and they would be able to assist.


  6. Junaid says

    I was the same issue in my WordPress website. But I solved this issue Through Reading This Post.. Thanks Buddy…..

  7. Abhishek Gupta says

    I have updated the payment method (COD) in my wordpress panel but it is not updating in the website. I don’t know why??

    • WPBeginner Support says

      As this article states, you would want to clear any caching on your site, and should that not work you may need to reach out to your ecommerce plugin’s support to ensure that there isn’t an issue with the plugin itself.


  8. Gman says

    Great, thanks for the article. ctrl+F5 worked for me.
    I had previously tried clearing the cache, but still it didn’t work, but ctrl+F5 worked right away for some reason.
    Thanks again

    • WPBeginner Support says

      Good to know to check your browser cache as well as the website cache as it sounds like that was your issue :)


    • WPBeginner Support says

      Our recommended solutions should work unless you have an odd niche error. Feel free to reach out to us using our contact form should none of our recommendations help you :)


    • WPBeginner Support says

      You would want to reach out to your host to ensure you changed the PHP in the correct location and if you did you may want to try deleting your htaccess file and resaving your permalinks to recreate the file.


  9. Zeeshan Alam says

    Thank you for sharing this post, its really Cached plugin I remove the cache and my post update text showing on Homepage

    Thanks a lot

  10. Colton says

    You’re a lifesaver, seriously. Couldn’t figure out why my pages weren’t updating but once I deleted and deactivated my cache, they all appeared. I’m so relieved!

  11. Robin says

    I have done everything suggested several times and my updates are still not showing on my front page. What else can I do?
    Thank you.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      You would likely want to reach out to your hosting provider to ensure there are no errors or caching from your host’s end


  12. Peter says

    I don’t understand. When I’m on the homepage its empty, then I click “Customise” in the bottom right and it takes me to the version I’ve worked on, but when I go back to the homepge it’s still empty. I can’t see anything anywhere about plugins apart from the download page but it says I need to be on the business plan (I’m on premium).

    Is my webpage stuck like this until I upgrade to business? Do I need to install a plugin or does the premium plan come with one already? Clearing the cache on my computer does nothing unfortunately.

  13. Arfaan says

    Great video! however, I do not have any cache plugins of any sort. I have cleared my brower cache and still no luck :( Any other suggestions? im using Chrome.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      Have you checked with your hosting provider to ensure they don’t have caching for your site?


  14. Adam says

    I had a problem with my website today and found this solution and it worked perfectly. Thank-you very much. WPBeginner is always the first place that I look whenever I have a problem with my WordPress website and so far I have always been able to resolve it with the material that I find here. Very helpful. Thank-you very much.

  15. chinweike onwuchekwa says

    thank you very much for this. being having problem with my website not updating immediately. after this video. I uninstalled the wp super cache and my website updated immediately. thank you so much.

  16. Kevin says

    Hello! Great article. Unfortunately it didn’t help me, and I don’t have a caching plugin. Any other solutions? I have cleared cache in Chrome as well.

  17. Heather says

    I made a few minor changes to our website content. When I test it on my computer using chrome, the updates are there. If I use IE on my computer I do not see the changes and co-workers using IE, chrome or Mozilla do not see the changes. I made the changes and then clicked update on the page in the dashboard. Please help.

  18. Ashley says

    Any suggestions for this issue? WordPress says ‘All themes are up to date’ but my theme is not up to date therefore I can’t install the latest version. My site is broken because the developer says I need the lastest version but I am stuck because WordPress says all themes up to date. Ever heard of this? My site has been down for 13 months because of this and the developer offers no support once you pay for the theme.

  19. Christopher says

    I am having a devilish problem. I changed an image on my home page… (woocommerce storefont) — and also a product image. I have done every variation of purging possible… but the home page keeps reverting to the previous form. I have changed it other times… had a some problems but managed to get it to work. IN fact these times… I purge and reload, etc… and get the correct page. Then I immediately purge everything again… including browser of course… then it seems to work. Then I close and open and it is the wrong page again…. OR I press the top icon which takes you back to the front page and it is the old one. The mobiles show the previous home page… and the old images in other locations. ?? – totally feel like I wasting huge amounts of time over something shouldn’t even happen. I disabled super cache… got it right right… and then boom it reverted again… reenables super cache… purged everything… got it right… one click… back to the old home page… ANY IDEAS??

  20. Raj Trivedi says

    Hey Team,

    I do not have any WordPress caching plugin and the posts do not get updated for at least 2 hours or less. We have cloudfare cdn. We have tried everything in the books to resolve the problem This problem persists with posts and category listing where all the posts are shown of its category, This happens randomly, sometimes it will get updated and sometimes not. When logged in to WordPress we are able to see the updated content but not when we are logged out or as a visitor visiting the website.

    Ideally, after 2 hours everything gets updated at once.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      Hey Raj,

      Have you tried disabling Cloudflare temporarily to see if this resolves your issue. We will also suggest contacting your WordPress hosting provider particularly if they have their own caching solutions in place.


  21. Vince says

    No good. I have tried everything and suddenly today NO changes of menus, widgtes, logo ect are reflected on the site, unless I’m logged in to wordpress admin panel.

  22. Lucy says

    I’ve had so many problems with my updates not showing, and after following every piece of advice I could find online was at my wits end.

    However, I think I have solved it – for me, at least.

    My hosting is done through Bluehost and there is an automatically installed plugin called Endurance Cache (I’ve since learned this through Googling), which I think defaults to Level 2 setting. In a last ditch attempt, I set this to Level 0 and low and behold my updates appear.

  23. Sommer Arruda says

    Im have a strange issue. The WordPress has updated… But only on certain computers. 3 computers have the updated version of my website, where the other 2 do not.

    I had a small problem with text randomly fading away and never coming back on my front page, I went to fix it and now Im having the issue with different computers seeing different things. I am not sure if this is a wordpress problem, a plugin problem, or something else.

    Anyone else had this problem? And have you fixed it?

  24. Mohamed atef says

    I don’t have any cache plugin and i have this problem what is should do ?
    Please help me

  25. Alex Legard says

    Unfortunately, I still have this issue even though I never had any caching plugin installed in the first place. The web page isn’t updating even after using ctrl-F5. I installed W3 Total Cache and followed the steps in this article. I don’t know what the issue could possibly be.

  26. June says

    So I installed W3 cache plugin, and it actually seemed to slow down my site. I uninstalled it, but now my site is not reloading on google chrome no matter what I do. I don’t know how to fix it. Do I need to resinstall W3 cach plugin to fix it? Thanks!

  27. Mak says

    Please Help !!

    I changed the email address and location of my website in wp editor ..after updating am unable to see the google map and also my email icon not showing on live site .please help

  28. Mister Z says

    Thank you very much for this post! I was wondering why my date on a post was not updating! It was because of the caching.

  29. Steve says

    “To resolve this issue, you need to simply hit CTRL + F5 (or Cmd + R in Mac) buttons on your keyboard to reload the page.”

    And who’s going to tell my readers this? Why doesn’t anyone answer the obvious question of how to make readers get the latest version? All other websites out there seem to load the latest version so there’s clearly a solution.

  30. Nirdosh says

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I have been trying all sorts of things to resolve this issue but nothing worked unless I found this article. Thanks once again for helping us out!

  31. Fred Haycock says

    I wanted to know How to Fix WordPress Website Not Updating Right Away I have been trying all sorts of things within in my admin area for the last 2 days with no luck.
    I then came on your site and followed the instructions on the video and within seconds my problem was solved AMAZING. I will bookmark and will also recommend as a matter of course, thanks very much for information and help

  32. Ecole Maison says

    Hi, this did not work for me. I deactivate all my plugins, I cleared the cache, I changed my theme, and the 3 together… and my posts/pages still do not update. Even deleted widget stil appear in the sidebar. And it is 3 days now, of searching an answer. Do you have an idea ?

  33. Ecole Maison says

    You are wrong in our case. It’s been 1 week that we are changing pages which do not change on line. We remove widgets on theses pages / articles and they are still there. We completely remove plugins and widgets on all pages / articles and the pages/articles are still the same. It is really the strangest thing We’ve seen sinc we started 10 years ago.

  34. Rick says

    We are having a problem where our blog content is showing updates we make but any text links are not being updated. For example, changing text in a headline will show up but changing a link in the text from a location on our dev site to a location on our live site does not show up. The original link to our dev site persists and the update to the link is not reflected in the updated page. One other quirky thing is that when I am logged in as an admin the link update to our live site is shown while regular users see the old link to the dev site.

  35. Arthur Hicken says

    What if none of the above work. IE I have no cache plugins, browser refresh doesn’t work, loading from a fresh browser on a fresh machine still shows the original page? I’ve copied the .htaccess file from a working wordpress blog I have and there is nothing in the WP section in that file.

  36. Neil Speers says

    Found an odd cure based on something I read above in one of the other comments. Been fighting with WordPress for about 8 hours trying to get the new site look to appear. It had nothing to do with browser caches – I looked on machines that hadn’t loaded the site yet. Wasn’t the cache plugin in WordPress, I didn’t even have one installed on the site. Tried installing one and deleting the cache to see if that would trick it into fixing things. Tried changing between themes, turning off plugins, and so on.

    Finally – after reading about the .httaccess file, I went in by ftp and deleted everything off the file, reloaded the site on my browswer and the new theme and page showed up. Reinserted the text into the .httaccess file and everything seems to be working. But of course, if I change things in the future they are not going to show up.

    So now – any suggestion on which line in .httaccess is causing the problem? And what can be done about it.

    • WPBeginner Support says

      .htaccess file in WordPress is used for setting up SEO Friendly Urls. Some other plugins may also add code to this file. Generally, it has the same code which starts with #Begin WordPress and ends with #End WordPress lines. If you have just that particular code block, then this can be a bug in your theme or a plugin you are using. Try updating your permalink structure. Simply visit Settings » Permalinks and then click on the save changes button without changing anything.


      • Neil Speers says

        That would make sense, except it happened with several themes including the stock themes with wordpress installs, and no plugins active. The ONLY thing that I did that actually fixed it was the change the .htaccess file. However I didn’t try the permalink change – if I run into this issue again I’ll give that a try.

  37. VicHaunter says

    Hello and thanks for the explanation. If you disable all caches in the plugins and CDN, and you can see the updates of the website, but in feedburn, ifttt, zapier, gtmetrix, pagespeed, etc continues appearing the cached content what can be happening?

  38. Dheeraj Singh says

    Somehow I am unable to see the results even after deactivating and deleting the plugin. Tried on multiple devices as well.

    I can see the changes when logged in as an admin, however not for non logged in users in WP.

    • VicHaunter says

      I had the same problem, was solved changing WP Super Cache from htaccess to php and deleting the rules from the .htaccess file. If you entered some time must delete it if change the configuration. See also if you have any CDN configured like cloudflare and change to development mode in the cdn panel to see if changes occur.

      Also can be if you have server cache like varnish or nginx proxie.

  39. Greg Johnson says

    Thank you so much for the quick video. I have been fighting it for hours and simply deleting my cache helped resolve the issue immediately!

  40. John says

    Is there a way to force a browser to load the latest version of my page thus overriding the browser cache? It is all well and good me emptying my browser cache so I can see the updates but that approach does nothing to fix the issue for my readers. Any tips would be appreciated?

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