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How to Split Post or Page Title in WordPress

Do you want to split a WordPress post or page title into a new line? By default, your post title is just a single heading, and you cannot break it into a new line. In this article, we will show you how to split post or page title in WordPress.

Split post or page title in line breaks

Difference between Split Title and a Subtitle in WordPress

Splitting a post or page title allows you to break the title into a new line without changing formatting or style.

A long post title

On the other hand, a subtitle allows you to add two different headings for your WordPress post or page.

A WordPress page with a title and subtitle

See our tutorial on how to add subtitle for posts and pages in WordPress for detailed instructions.

Having said that, let’t see how to split post or page title in WordPress without writing any code.

Split Post or Page Title in WordPress

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Page Title Splitter plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you need to edit a post or page where you want to split the title. On the post editor screen, you need to click on the little button below the title field.

Split button

Clicking on the button will add a pointer below the title field. You will need to click on the pointer to select it.

After that you can move the cursor inside text field to the point where you want to split the title.

Title splitter marker

You can also add multiple split points to break your title into more lines. Just click on the icon and then move the marker by selecting and putting the cursor at the right place.

Multiple splits

You can also delete a marker. Just click on a marker to select it, and you will notice that the title splitter button will turn into a close button. Clicking on it will remove the title splitting marker from your post title.

Once you are finished adding and adjusting the split marker, you can just save or publish your post.

You can now visit the post or page to see the split post title on your website.

A post title splitted into line breaks

We hope this article helped you learn how to split post or page title in WordPress. You may also want to see our guide on how to add a reading progress bar with your WordPress posts.

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  1. The plug-in doesn’t work. Even after I install it, nothing comes up in the editor when I’m trying to edit the title. I’ve given up and uninstalled it.

    • Thank you for letting us know, we’ll be sure to take a look at the plugin or for alternatives :)


  2. I was not able to use this plug-in because it added code instead of a marker and it split wherever the heck it wanted instead of where I put it. I deactivated the plug-in after about 20 minutes of trying. Any thoughts?

    • Sorry guys… I’m running on no sleep, and I forgot to add ” ” in my last comment.

      What I meant to say is:

      *I put in my title, where I wanted to break the line, and it worked.

  3. Wow, you really need a plugin for that?

    Why don’t you just insert tag? Installing million plugins, that aren’t doing anything really isn’t a good idea… Especially, if such plugin is not popular, so very few people have looked at/controlled it’s code (this plugin had 30 active installs).

      • It’s not the problem with number of plugins, but with their quality and reason to use them.

        It’s like somebody would ask “how to add period after sentence” and you answered “there’s a plugin that…”

        This approach just makes no sense at all. You’re recommending useless plugin, which inserts tag in title, and uses a lot of JS code to do that. Inserting these tags yourself is much easier, much more effective, much more efficient and secure…

        There are better and worse solutions for every problem, but your solution for this problem is most uesless one, anyone could think of, I guess…

        PS. I thought it’s wpbeginner, because you’re aiming to give simple advices for wpbeginners, not that you are total beginners with WP :(

        • We understand your point of view. However, most of our audience are beginner level WordPress users. Things like editing theme files to achieve something, may look quite simple to experienced users, but they are not that simple for beginners. Many of them don’t know any HTML or CSS at all. If there is a plugin that makes it easier for them to do something, then we will always recommend the easier solution first.

        • @WPBEGINNER,

          What are you writing about? You don’t need to edit any theme files to insert tag in the title field. Just go to your wp-admin, start to edit your post and write in the title field. It’s all. Done. Finito ;)

          So it’s easier, simpler, quicker and much safer than installing plugin, which does exactly the same thing, but with a lot of JS (and you have no idea what sits in its code, right?).

          If somebody doesn’t even try to understand comments, then he deserves strong words, I guess…

          Especially, if he tries to teach something, and recommends totally bad solutions – so he ends up teaching and promoting bad habits.

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