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Step by Step Guide to Setup FeedBurner for WordPress

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Update: We no longer recommend using FeedBurner because it’s a dying product full of bugs. Please read this article to see why you shouldn’t use FeedBurner and find out about the alternatives.

Every major blog is using FeedBurner to burn their RSS feeds because it is a free feature rich system that you cannot turn down. FeedBurner provides statistics, feed optimization option, feed publication option and much more. Integrating FeedBurner and Google Analytics is a must for every WordPress blog. In this article, we will show you how you can setup your WordPress blog feeds with FeedBurner and use it to help take your blog to the next level.

Why FeedBurner is Important for Bloggers?

FeedBurner is a free service that is loaded with options that you do not get with the default WordPress feed. Some of the features include:

  • Statistics about your RSS Subscribers so you can analyze and optimize your blog posts.
  • Give your users multiple options to subscribe such as Email, and other feed-readers (Netvibes, Google etc).
  • Social Proof (Subscriber count)
  • Option to customize your feeds such as modify post headings, branding and more.
  • Option to ping various feed-reading services once you publish your posts.
  • Integrate Google Adsense to monetize your RSS feeds.
  • And more…

Just with the short list of features, you can see that it is a must have for all blogs. Now we can move onto setting up the FeedBurner Account.

Setting up Your FeedBurner for WordPress feeds

First you will need to have a Google account (any gmail account will work). Visit the feedburner service page to begin this process.

In the first step, you will type the link to your WordPress Blog Feed. If you have SEO Friendly WordPress URL Structure, then your feed link should be like

Step 1 - Claim Your Feeds on Feedburner

In step 2, you will choose the title of your Feed and the address of your feed. It is advised to keep the title of your feed the same as your blog. It is best to keep your feed address short and memorable.

Step 2 - Select Title and Feed Address

Technically your feeds are created, so you don’t need to follow the steps any more. Click on the Skip directly to Feed Management.

Step 3 - Go to Feed Management

You will see a page with a link to tons of blogging platforms. Ignore all that as we will revisit them later in this article. Just cilck on the optimize tab that you see in the image below.

Step 4 - Click on Optimize

In step 5, we will work on optimizing your WordPress Blog Feed. You need to make sure that you haev Browser Friendly option activated, Smart Feed activated, and FeedFlare activated. You can activate other services if you want, but these 3 services are a must have. BrowserFriendly makes subscribing much simpler. SmartFeed ensures maximum compatibility with all feed reader applications. FeedFlare builds interactivity into posts by adding email this and other sharing options.

Step 5 - Optimize your Feeds

In step 6, we will take a look at all the publicize options for the feed. You need to allow Email Subscriptions on your site because there are users who prefer to get email updates rather than using Google reader. Pingshot must be activated because it notifies services when you post. Feedcount widget lets you show off your subscriber count. It is one of the best social proof methods. Awareness API comes handy if you are trying to list yourself on sites like BuySellAds because they can extract your subscriber count easily. There other snazzy options like Headline Animator, BuzzBoost that you can activate if you like.

Step 6 - Publicize your feed

Monetizing your feed is another good features of FeedBurner except it only allows you to use Google Adsense. So sign up with Google Adsense and follow their direction.

Step 7 - Monetize your feed

Once you have done all the above steps, you can click on the Analyze tab. Most likely you will see a screen like the one below because the stats are not recorded. Give it up to 24 hours and you will start seeing numbers there. Use the subscriber count, clicks and other useful data to improve your blog. See what your users like and don’t like with this stas, and then focus on the type of posts that your users like and enjoy.

Step 8 - Analyze your Feed and Improve

Integrate FeedBurner into WordPress

Even though you have setup your feed with FeedBurner in the steps above, but you have not yet really integrated it with WordPress yet. First thing you want to do is stop diluting your feed and make it one. You need to create a redirect, so when users try to visit they are redirected to your feedburner feed page. This way you can keep track of the subscribers on your blog.

There is a plugin called FD FeedBurner which lets you create this redirect easily. You can also redirect your feeds using .htaccess file, but we will not be sharing that method because it is not something we recommend for beginners.

Most WordPress Themes are now coming with FeedBurner integration such as Headway Theme, Standard Theme, and others. If your theme is not compatible, then use the plugin above.

Add the Email Subscribe Box on your site

First visit Publicize » Email Subscriptions then copy and paste the code they give you in the template file that you like (mostly sidebar.php). Remember to customize the look of your email form, you would need to have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If your blog does not have FeedBurner feeds, then get it right now.

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  2. InfoDari says

    Hi… thanks for this nice tutor. How long it takes feedburner send a new post url on twitter?

  3. yourwebchick says

    Loved this post.. went through the whole thing super fast with your fantastic instructions.. then went to my blog to set it up in the side bar.. it asks for my code which was tricky to find but finally did BUT it says it’s not set up to do email subscriptions …. and I clicked that button in the setup? Any ideas what might be going wrong? it’s

      • yourwebchick says

        It suddenly seems to be working so either I was putting the wrong code in or it just needed a little more time.. I have a tendency to rush things! Have you played with the Beta interface yet?

        • yourwebchick says

          I had no idea by the way that I could have my feed tweet out with #Hashtags… That ROCKS my world… Thank you again for this fantastic Tutorial!! @JustAskChrissy recommended! :)

  4. BrandenWilliams says

    Looks like a strange Feedburner mess has started for those of us that use a permanent SSL redirect. Do you know a way to create a file that just dumps the feed content without a rewrite redirect such that I can keep that part non-SSL?

  5. wpbeginner says

    @yashmistrey We are seeing it just fine.. It is listed under circulation.. FeedBurner has glitches sometimes.

  6. yashmistrey says

    hi i activate the Awareness API but count not showing !

    300 subscriber not display

    <entry date=”2011-09-12″ circulation=”0″ hits=”0″ reach=”0″/>

    see :

  7. RafaelTrabasso says

    @wpbeginner you missed my point – as a theme designer i was looking for a way to redirect the feeds to feedburner WITHOUT a plugin so this would not be a potential problem with future customers.

    so the long title for this article would be “learn how to set up a feedburner account then learn how to install a plugin to redirect your feeds to feedburner”.

  8. wpbeginner says

    @RafaelTrabasso Actually that is pretty great. WordPress makes everything SIMPLE… We showed you exactly how to setup your feed with feedburner. Then all you have to do is redirect your main WordPress feed to feedburner just in case if someone types in: they go to the feedburner feed, so you get full stats.

  9. RafaelTrabasso says

    well so the tutorial for integrating Feedburner with WordPress, excluding the part of setting up the Feed, is: use a plugin.

    (not) great.

  10. prsbest27 says

    I just want to say thanks.. This has help me setup my feedburner feed. I really appreciate your great knowledge in WordPress and many other things. If I have a question, now I know where I have to come to find the answer. Super Excellent guidance!!!

  11. sherwinraavi says

    Another excellent tutorial! Worked perfectly. I’m actually building a business from stuff I’m learning here. Please don’t make me become a premium member =)

  12. wpbeginner says

    @impukax You would need to edit your functions.php file. Please search our site and you will find the article on that.

  13. impukax says

    @wpbeginner @impukax Thank you, i got it worked now! Is there a solution to display thumbnail with this method?

  14. SmarMendem says

    it’s really power full tutorian and really helped me!!

    i’m newbie and nice to met you!!

  15. wpbeginner says

    @impukax Go to Settings > Reading in your WordPress blog and select Summary instead of Full post to show in feeds.

    • DTL8791 says

      I want my full posts to show in the feed reader, and just modified the Settings > Reading to do that. Will that change affect previous posts or just new posts?

  16. impukax says

    Is there anyway to customize the feed for just post the title and exceprt only? currently in my feedburner it’s showing full post and there was no excerpt.

  17. tla says

    Can’t get feedburner to work. Able to subscribe for email notice, but when send out new post, I don’t get any notice. I find this message in site admin. of my blog: RSS Error: A feed could not be found at

    What’s wrong?

    Should I install FeedburnerFeedSmith or John Watson FD Feedburner for a WordPress blog 3.1 version hosted by ipower? Not sure which one I should use.

  18. Nick says

    Perhaps I am looking for something that does not exist, and I’m trying to either confirm or access what I am trying to do through here…so any help would be really beneficial. I have a self supported wordpress on my own FTP server where my website is. I also have a twitter feed, facebook fan page, and a linkin account. I want to streamline my feeds completely through Hootsuite (and my clients SMO), but Hootsuite doesn’t interact with self supported WordPress blogs……only wordpress hosted blogs. Although, Hootsuite will allow me to submit a RSS feed that can check for new blog posts every so often, and I can set up which social media platforms I want the feed to go once it finds the feed or blog I’ve posted. Basically, I want to to post updates, advertisements, my portfolio, and share marketing advice through my wordpress blog. Then I want that blog to be broadcasted over every other social media platform I have….automatically streamlined. I would use twitter feed but I have clients of mine that I will need to manage their SMO the exact same way. Just makes it easier for me to keep up with everything. When I supply the feed link as:

    Hootsuite will not accept the feed. Will feedburner allow me to create a feed in which Hootsuite will accept?

    Is what I am doing even possible?

    I really appreciate any and all help or understanding with this. Been racking my brain for like a week on this one!

    • Editorial Staff says

      Automating social media is probably the worse thing you can do for your business. However, if you do choose to go that route, it is possible. There are several plugins for WordPress that lets you publish your recent posts to Twitter as soon as they are published.


  19. jkissa says

    how can you get feed burner to show the author of the post. It is assigned in wordpress but the rss doesnt display author name in the feed just title, then content.

    Any ideas?

  20. Chloe says

    Hi I have feedburner attached to my new wordpress ecommerce website. I had it from ages ago when the site was under construction. It’s feed address is set at this URL Should it really be set at

    Please don’t laugh at me if it is a silly question but I am not sure. I subscribed to the site myself and posted a blog earlier but didn’t get an email from it. I have now taken the post off. I would be grateful of any help.

    • Editorial Staff says

      Well, if your main installation is << then the feed will be … if you are running two separate installs, then you can have the feed on

      It depends on where you need the feed to be.


      • Chloe says

        Hi, what do you mean by separate install? I bought a web theme and the blog is attached. I guess this means it isn’t separate and the feed should be kept where it is? I know my site has feeds on it as the blue rss feed box comes up in the URL when you go to my website. Thanks for
        your help so far. I appreciate it and Happy Easter!!

  21. Jo Rae says

    Loved this article! One question. After setting this up and connecting the feed to WordPress is it supposed to send out the email every time I post a new post by itself or do I have to burn a feed myself each time and insert the address into WordPress? I can’t seem to get feeds to go out consistently.

    Thanks for any advice you can give!

    Jo Rae

  22. Pieter Hartsook says

    I’m finding that Feedburner is unreliable getting the latest post and especially delivering via email for one of my sites. It will work fine for several weeks (average 2 posts/week) then fail.

    A really strange issue is feedburner adding the latest post to the feed, visible on the Your Feed view and looking at the feed in an rss reader, but just not bothering to send out the email to subscribers, even a day later.

    I ping, resync, change the feed source from rss to atom and back, change the delivery time and eventually the Feedburner will trigger and send out the email. But there doesn’t seem to be any consistent way to fix the no delivery problem.

    It’s so frustrating I’m looking for a reliable alternative. What kills me is there is zero, nada, absolutely NO SUPPORT from Google for this service. Google really doesn’t seem to care about Feedburner. They bought it and seem to be hell-bent on destroying it.

    Too bad, it had great potential.

  23. Julie says

    Having problems burning my feed. I get the error message;
    “Your feed filesize is larger than 576K. You need to reduce its size in order for FeedBurner to process it.”
    I have reduced the number of posts in the ‘Reading’ section on WordPress to 5 and also validated the blog through Feedburner but I still can’t get past this stage.
    This is a new blog and has not got much content on it so surely it can’t be that big!
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  24. Ron says

    I had a problem getting Fedburner to burn a feed. After spending several hours trying to get it to work I finally figured out what the problem was.

    The problem—-

    We have a self hosted WordPress blog that is a duplicate theme of another blog we have. The original blog has a feedburner feed that works without a problem (whenever we post an entry appears in the

    I created a second feed for the second site and things seemed to work without a problem. We were getting close to cutting the second site over and we needed to clear the test items out of the feed. We could not clear the these items out of the feed even after we deleted all blog entries and did a resync with feedburner (under troubleshooting).

    So I decided to delete the feed and tried to burn a new one. The burn failed because the validator indicated that it can not find the feed (error 404).

    Prior to the deletion of the feed we upgraded to the latest version of wordpress (3.0.3) but the feed continued to work after that. The only problem was that we could not remove the test items from the feed.

    The solution—

    It appears that feedburner will not burn a feed for wordpress unless there are published items in the blog. Sort of a catch 22. Once I published one entry in the blog Feedburner was able to burn the feed.

    I don’t know if this is a new issue or was always like this but I thought I would post this here in case someone else runs into this problem.

  25. Jo says

    Thank you, thank you soooo much for this step-by-step guide!

    I have successfully completed all of the above steps, including activating the Feedsmith plugin, do I still need to add a “Feedburner ID” in the widgets, on my primary sidebar; on the enews section and copy and paste it into the box that says “Feedburner ID”

    Im using the Genesis Framework Lifestyles theme.

    Oh, and thanks again! :)

    • Editorial Staff says

      The feed is determined by where your blog is installed. So if your blog is installed in then your URL would be … if your blog is installed in the root directory then it will be

      It all depends on where you want the blog installed.


  26. Gretchen says

    The FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin worked for me when I initially installed it, and continues to work on that install even as I upgrade WP. However, it has not worked for me on new installs, so I use John Watson’s FD Feedburner Plugin when I do a new WP setup with FeedBurner.

  27. Twolane says

    When I enter into the “Burn a feed this instant”, when I hit the “Next” button and it tells me that a valid feed isn’t available.

    When I click “Confirm validity” I go to a page with this line highlighted in yellow:

    That’s it. No feed. Nada. It won’t accept the feed.

  28. Gretchen says

    The email subscription to feeds is popular on the multi-author blog I’m part of, but subscribers complain that they can’t see who wrote the post in the email: only in a feed reader or on the site. I can’t seem to figure out how to include the author field in the email subscription. Is this possible? Thank you!

  29. sriganesh says

    if i change my feed name will it affect my rss subscribers or still it can send my new post to their emails ??, i like to change it to short and effective :D

    • Editorial Staff says

      To keep the content related and targetted, we avoid talking about topics like: blogging, blog marketing, blog monetization, how to make your blog successful etc. WPBeginner focuses on the technical aspects of WordPress and how it relates with blogging rather than non-technical aspects such as social media, affiliate marketing, blog promotion etc.

      We do try to add that blend of content in our Newsletter tips, so if you want those then signup for our newsletter.


  30. Yael K. Miller says

    Thanks for writing this — you have stuff that I didn’t know about. I had no clue about FeedFlare.

    I’m curious about why you recommend FeedBurner FeedSmith as the WordPress plugin to use. It hasn’t been upgraded for a long time. I use the FD Feedburner Plugin.

      • faheemday mktg says

        I’m having an issue with the email subscription…when the feed emails out, it only emails portion of the post without having any “read” more or anything…I’d like for it to send the entire post not just the portion…what do I need to do for it to send out the entire post?

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