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How to Use WordPress App on your iPhone and iPad

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How to Use WordPress App on your iPhone and iPad

In the annual State of the Word talk, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg shared some very interesting data. Like for example, we learned that only 4% of newly created blogs on actually experienced continued use (see the difference between vs blogs). It was also revealed that nearly 31% of WordPress users access WordPress using iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Did you know that there is an official WordPress App available on the app store. For our beginner level users, we decided to show you how to use WordPress app on your iPhone and iPad devices.

Why Use WordPress App on iPhone or iPad?

There are great ideas for content everywhere and WordPress app for iOS allows you to run your site without losing mobility. Take some photos, record and upload a video, write quick posts while sitting in a train or bus, walking around, or hanging out with friends. You can take your WordPress site with you in your pocket.

WordPress app is designed to be mobile and touch friendly, so it is very easy to use. It has an intuitive user interface which makes using it a pleasure. Writing without a physical keyboard had been an issue for many bloggers. Combining iOS native touch keyboard with WordPress app’s formatting buttons, you will find it simple and easy to write posts on your touch devices.

As your blog or site grows, you would want to stay in touch to see if there is a new comment that needs approval or a new order on your WordPress based eCommerce store. You can perform these tasks without sitting on your desk or using a PC.

It is true that you can open your WordPress admin area in a mobile browser, but the problem is that WordPress admin area does not have an optimal interface for smaller screens. On the other hand the WordPress app is made for iOS devices so the interface is designed to be more touch and small-screen friendly.

Note: WordPress App is available for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phones.

Setting up WordPress App on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

WordPress App for iOS devices is available for free from itunes store. After installing the WordPress app, sign in using your WordPress site’s username, password, and provide your website URL. The iOS App will connect to your WordPress website and retrieve your data.

Sign in to your WordPress site from WordPress for iOS app

The WordPress App for iOS devices has a simple and intuitive user interface. There is a menu on the right from where you can jump to different sections of your website. You can write or edit posts and pages, manage comments, view site, or go to admin area in a browser.

WordPress App for iOS main user interface with menu

There are two buttons at the bottom of the menu, Settings and Photo.

Settings and Photos buttons at the bottom of main menu in WordPress app for iPhone and iPad

The settings button will take you to configure different options for using WordPress on iPhone or iPad. You can also add multiple blogs and site from settings page and manage them from the single WordPress app on your device.

Settings screen in WordPress App for iPhone or iPad

Many WordPress users who use WordPress app on their iPhone or iPad usually like to post content on the go and photos are a great part of that content. The conveniently placed photo button allows you to take a photo and upload images from your iPhone or iPad to your WordPress site with just a few taps.

Quickly upload videos to your site from your iPhone or iPad using WordPress app

This is a great solution for travel bloggers, and several of our users have utilized this feature on their vacations across Europe and other parts of the world.

Writing Posts in WordPress App

Writing post in the WordPress app is simple. Tap on the add icon next to posts and start writing. The post editor in WordPress app for iOS has a neat interface allowing you to easily type on your mobile device. Keyboard interface on the post edit area allows you to do some basic formatting and add links. You can also upload media and other files by taping on the attachment icon.

Writing a post in WordPress app for iPhone or iPad

Each post you write or edit in WordPress app for iPhone or iPad, has a settings button at the bottom. There you can choose a post status, set visibility, add a featured image, etc.

Post settings in WordPress app

Managing Comments

You can read, edit and approve comments right from the WordPress app. WPBeginner gets many comments each day, so we can truly appreciate this feature. It allows bloggers to moderate and approve comments on the go. So even when you are not at your desk, you can always be part of the discussion on your blog.

Managing comments in the WordPress app for iOS

Over the years, the WordPress app for iOS has significantly improved. We hope that this article will encourage more users to try WordPress app on their iPhone and iPad.

Give it a try and let us know about your experience in the comments below. What you like or dislike about the WordPress app?

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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  1. shalini says:

    Your blog done a great job, you have intimated me lot of things, i am a big fan of your blog and it is really nice and very much interesting.

  2. Janine HM says:

    I can’t figure out how to add tags to my posts in the app?

  3. Yvonne Berry-Porter says:

    I’m having trouble inserting pics into the body of my text when using my iPad. Is there s simple way to do this?

  4. AliceLouise says:

    If I download WordPress on my Ipad can I also use it froom my desktop?

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      WordPress on iPad is an app that allows you to connect to your WordPress website from your mobile device.

  5. Carol says:

    App opens everything in Safari.
    What’s the point of an App if it uses browser?

  6. Angela says:

    Have the wordless app on my iPhone and iPad.i write from iPad only. However any time I change to another tab to check info, I have to log back in to WordPress. Fine once in awhile, but over and over over again…

  7. logavanig says:

    hi….its really good blog……u have clearly explained about word press on i phone or i pad.thank you for this useful blog

  8. Chris Elsworth says:

    I have an iPhone 4. I cannot download the wordpress app because it requires iOS 9 and mine is an iOS 7 – the phone won’t let me download the newer OS. So can’t use wordpress app on the iphone. If I go to the site by its URL address, I can (clumsily) write posts on my blog site, but can’t post them. Any ideas? Thanks

  9. Colin Pask says:

    I manage about 20 wordpress sites I have built for clients. I wanted and app that would allow me to add a photo to one site from my iPad while on holidays. Sadly, this app does not seem to allow me to do that – If it does, I would really appreacite knowing how to add a photo.

  10. Sharon says:

    I installed this app on my iPad and the screen doesn’t look anything like you show. All I can do is write. Can’t add pics or preview. Not very helpfull

  11. Nancy says:

    I can’t link my photo as an attachment using wordpress on my iPad. It only gives me the option to link to the address for my blog. Any help with this would be appreciated. It is not a self hosted site. It is a

  12. Barbara Gabriel says:

    For self-hosted wordpress sites, this app seems useless. I can’t insert photos correctly or basically anything I’ve tried to do. Extremely frustrating.

  13. Kathy Araujo says:

    Can’t find Events or our calendar. Where are they?

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      Your events and calendar are custom post types. Unfortunately, the WordPress app for mobile devices does not support custom post types. Your custom post types are safe and unharmed, you just can’t edit or manage them from the app.

  14. DKB123 says:

    LOL … I simply cannot figure out how to do something as simple as looking at previous posts of a blog Im following. It’s kind of crazy. Any help there? I see the latest post but no apparent button for seeing older posts?

  15. Meriharakka says:

    The application used to handle different picture sizes, but after some upgrade I’m only able to load full-size pictures?
    Does anyone know if I just haven’t found it, or was it taken away?
    And if it was taken away – does anyone know an up-to-date other wordpress application for iPad which could also handle pictures in different sizes?

  16. Nati says:

    The app is limited. I have an Ipad and it is impossible to past or insert à pic correctly.

  17. Lori says:

    Hi. I just downloaded the app on my iPad. I personally do not have a wordpress blog. when I signed up, I was able to sign up for a username only. I can not figure out how to add a blog that I want to read. There is no plus sign or a way to add. I have some on my reader from following while I’ve been on my laptop. Are you not able to add directly on the iPad?

    • Agnes Riley says:

      The WordPress app is for managing content on an already existing WordPress site you own or allowed to edit. It is not for reading other people’s blogs.

  18. Rovan says:

    Can i change my wordpress url address?

  19. Peter says:

    Hi , I have my own server running wordpress. I want to use wordpress IOS app. Is it possible?
    – Peter

  20. Jody says:

    Hi. I need help. When I view my post of FB from my IPad, they cannot be read? Others are saying they cannot read them on a device either. From a laptop, they are fine. I have checked all settings. Please can you help. When I click the blog on FB, it leads me to the mobile app??? Thank you.

  21. Georgie Moon says:

    I am a complete beginner with WordPress on iPad and finding it VERY difficult! I have, I think, set up my blog and inserted pages and posts. I can’t get any widgets to appear on my site. Also, when I go to google and search for my WordPress blog it doesn’t appear anywhere so presumably no-one can see it. Is it because I am only using an iPad? Please help!

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      The iPad app currently does not allow you to do certain things that you can do on the web. However, you can access your site using the browser on your iPad and you will be able to take advantage of the full WordPress admin interface.

      • Colleen says:

        I have designed a 7 page WP site for a client. The 2 pages with contact text and gallery listing(s) CANNOT be read by her on her i pad. A few friends have had problems reading these 2 pages too. Is there a plug-in to make WP more readable to others? The site looks fine on my mac.

  22. John draper says:

    I like the app, but it is lacking in the capability of managing more then one site. Is there a way to add additional sites to manage, without having to go to settings, and enter a new site, which I fins annoying and time consuming, and I don’t always have the access credentials. The app should let you choose a site, with stored access credentials.

  23. Dianne says:

    Great article. I have been searching and searching for answers. I just started using the app. The symbols confuse me for editing comments. Trash can is obvious. Is the check mark the one we use to approve a comment or the flag? I can’t find this answer anywhere :(

    Thank you for your helpful website.

  24. Vicki Winters says:

    Oh how I wish this worked for me. The app says I don’t have a website…

  25. Scott says:

    Does adding multiple blogs still work? I have several .com blogs that I want to add and it doesn’t seem to recognize multiple blogs in different accounts, just whatever blogs are associated with one account. Any ideas?

  26. Fred Sandsmark says:

    Can you clarify on the comments moderation page what the four icons (checkmark, trashcan, flag, pencil) mean? I assume approve, delete, flag (as what?) and write a response; is flag the same as marking spam?

  27. Gerard @ CAP5 says:

    Good post, regretful that the app doesn’t work with Google’s oAuth (the authenticator app).

    Kind regards,


  28. marylruby says:

    Great article !!!!!! and very helpful in i phone and i pad

  29. Bruce Gerencser says:

    I love the app. It makes handling comments much easier. I do wish the comments showed the IP address of the commenter like it does in the desktop version.

    One recent change I don’t like it the admin panel opens in Safari now rather than in the app.

    I always write my posts on my desktop computer. (Live Writer) however, when I later spot an error I use the IOS app or Blogsy to easily fix it.

    Kudos to WordPress for their continued development of this app. I was quite buggy for a while but they have turned it into a first class app

  30. Sagar Rai says:

    I use this tool on my iPad. But I donot like the Image integrity options on these kinda apps. Bit complicated.

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