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How to Reset Your WordPress Database to Default Settings

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How to Reset Your WordPress Database to Default Settings

Have you ever found a need to reset your WordPress database to default settings? If you have WordPress on a local server or online for testing purposes, you probably found yourself thinking of a way to reinitialize your WordPress database back to its default settings. A lot of folks simply reinstall WordPress, but there is an easier solution.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Let us introduce you to the plugin WordPress Database Reset. Once you install and activate this plugin, a new option will be added under the Tools section (Tools » Database Reset ).

WordPress Database Reset

As you can see in the image above, you can either choose to reset a specific database table, or the entire database to default settings. Once you select the tables you want to reset, you are required to type a randomly generated value into the text box. This is to confirm that you really want to do this. Once you hit the blue Reset Database button, its done.

If you want to reactivate current plugins after the reset, you can select the checkbox. Otherwise uncheck it. When you reset the database, all users will be deleted except for the first user. For example, if your first user was admin, then admin will be created. If the first user was ‘syed’, then syed will be recreated.

Note: This should only be used on test/dev installs. Not really meant for live sites!

Download WordPress Database Reset

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  1. Villy says:

    I used the database reset on my site , and now I can’t log in. I think it’s because I deleted the wP-users file. I tried to change passwords but didn’t receive an email. How do I fix this..

  2. Joe says:

    My wordpress post didnt show date and time and cant change the site timezone, can it solve my problem?

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      We can’t say that it would. First, you should try to find out why you are unable to change the site timezone. Time settings can be found on Settings » General page inside WordPress admin area. You may also want to try these WordPress troubleshooting tips first.

  3. Nathan says:

    I used this plugin-in and after I reset everything, my site no longer exist. How do I get it back? I can’t get into my admin permissions.

  4. Gozie Prosper says:

    What option can i select so as to reset my WordPress without loosing my users, my plugins and my pages. Even if I loose my themes, I have no issue with it.

    Thanks a lot

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      Your WordPress database contains all your data like posts, pages, comments, users, etc. Make sure you backup your WordPress database. You also need to backup your plugins folder.

      • Gozie Prosper says:

        Please guide me on the tables I can select using this plugging and reset large part of my data base without loosing my pages and plugins only.


      • Gozie Prosper says:

        please guide me on which tables to select in the list of tables as the pluggin displays which when selected will reset large parts of my WordPress site without resetting my pages.

  5. Jan says:

    Will this delete original blog posts on WordPress? I want to get rid of my duplicates but I do not want to lose my work :(

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      It will delete all your blog posts. You will have an empty WordPress site with clean DB.

  6. Louise says:

    After reading reams of information which might as well have been written in a foreign language, I came across this and it solved my problem beautifully. Thank you.

  7. Asim Khan says:

    Hi i have a problem that when i go to add new post my HTML and Text buttons are hidden and i cannot type my text so plz help me

  8. Mohammed says:

    I have reset the wordpress. But now i cant visit my site iam worried if i click on my site its coming white empty pls help

  9. Special says:

    Apparently I am a complete idot and I just wiped my clients entire website. Nope, apparently not smart enough to create a back and it is due next week. First big project…I need help….ASAP!!!

  10. hass annac says:

    Thank you for this tip, save me time and hassle.

    Thank you

  11. Gerrit Smit says:

    I have users reset with the plugin, now I can not login to wordpress.

    I get message
    “” You do not have enough rights for this page ‘

    Who can help me please


  12. Gerrit Smit says:

    for me is unable to login, what did i do wrong

  13. Muhammad Amir says:

    it worked .. but once signed out ..unable to login its nt accepting my current password or the 1st one :( ..

  14. Joe says:

    If this works you’re a lifesaver! Thanks.

  15. Joe says:

    Is there a plugin/way to delete all content on a site but keep themes and plugins intact?


    • WPBeginner Support says:

      You can go to phpmyAdmin and empty your database tables. Keep a backup in case you want to revert back.

  16. Luke says:

    Thanks a lot. I was doing my head in over my messed up site. Time to start again!
    Big help

  17. stacy says:

    Any chance this can be run from a cron job so it’s automated? I’m trying to setup a demo site and would like the content to be reset once an hour.

    On that note, any ideas on how to get the wordpress site to also delete any new images that were uploaded during that time?

    Thanks for your help!

  18. Joseph says:

    Hi, really cool post but I do have a question…will this affect my themes? I have some premium themes i don’t want to lose.

  19. jim says:

    AMAZING, thank you so much, solved my problem when i pretty much ruined my wp.

  20. Zaadu says:

    Thanks for this! All the times before I used to make changes to the db and make anew install of wordpress…No more from now on

  21. namaserajesh says:

    Useful plugin for me, I’m using WordPress on localhost so It’ll help me to reset database to default settings.

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