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  • FranE

    I notice this functionality on some of my sites, even though they don’t have the plugin installed. Is it included in certain themes? Maybe Genesis?

    • WPBeginner Staff

      We are not aware of any themes including this functionality. Remember themes are not supposed to add functionality to your WordPress site. Functionality comes under plugins. May be it is something added by your web host?

  • Torben Heikel Vinther

    Sounds like a good and simple plugin, but why not use Better WP Security instead? BWS has a whole section about Limit Login Attempts AND many other security issues in one single plugin! In addition BWS was last updated 2013-8-24. Limit Login Attempts hasn’t been updated since 2012-6-1!

    • Editorial Staff

      Torben, there are a lot of plugins that offers this functionality. Limit Login Attempts is a simple plugin that does one thing and does it real well. That’s not to say that BWS is a bad solution. It’s a very good solution (over 1 million downloads on the plugin already proves that).

  • abdelhafidcom

    what about login lookdown plugin ? is it useful ? should i replace with this plugin ?

    • wpbeginner

      @abdelhafidcom That’s also good. It does the same thing. It just hasn’t been updated in a while.

  • AlbertAlbs

    Thanks for sharing this WordPress security information.

  • ColeRuddick

    Excellent tip! As WordPress is the most widely used platform out there now, site security should be something all users are taking seriously and this plugin is a great help. Thanks for sharing!

  • namaserajesh

    Agree with you, Limit Login Attempts is very good plugin to protect our WordPress blog.

  • joeytribbiani

    I prefer Login Lock. It is officially compatible up to version 3.3.1

    • merrittsgret

       @joeytribbiani Login Lock effectively blocked everyone out of my site recently.  I’m switching to Limit Login Attempts.

  • Alan

    Thanks for this!

  • doug_eike

    I’ve been looking for ways to protect my blog, and your plugin suggestion looks as if it might be helpful. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks!