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How to Setup a Professional Email Address with Google Apps and Gmail

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How to Setup a Professional Email Address with Google Apps and Gmail

After purchasing a domain name, the first thing any webmaster would like to do is to setup a branded email address ending with the custom domain name. At WPBeginner, people over and over again ask for email hosting recommendations. Gmail has managed everything very well so it appears pretty illogical to look for any other email provider, particularly when Gmail is free. This tutorial will help you in connecting your custom domain name with Gmail so you can setup a professional email address and enjoy the irresistible features of Google Apps.

Update: Google Apps is no longer free. If you still want a branded email, then we recommend that you use the service.

What is a Professional Email?

A professional email is the one that has your business name in it. For example is a professional email rather having There are many ways you can setup a professional email. You can use the built-in mail server that comes with most WordPress web hosting providers. But that does not nearly match up to the features you get with Gmail.

Why To Choose Gmail To Organize Your Emails:

Every organization needs to maintain their email records usually they recommend reliable paid email brands but using Gmail has many advantages. Not only it is free but it has some splendid features which are as follows.

  • Lots of Space: Gmail provides 10+ GB free disk storage so you can easily receive as many attachments as you like but if your disk space is full, then without any hesitations you can ask for more disk space from Gmail support.
  • More fun, less spam: Gmail has made the world of email spam free so you don’t need to worry about spammed emails because it automatically deletes unwanted emails, before it reaches your inbox.
  • Email Search: Gmail allows you to search emails like Google search engine and with instant search technology you can find the exact message by entering a few keywords.
  • Call phones: With Gmail phone service, you can easily call to USA and Canada phones free of cost and get low rates to other countries.
  • Security at its best: Gmail has always tried to fulfill the basic needs of its users and in order to provide full proof security Gmail has utilized HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure.
  • All This For Free: You will get all these spectacular features for free.

Step 1: Setting Up The Google App

  1. First go to Google Apps for Domains
  2. Now once the page gets done loading carefully insert your WordPress domain without typing the “http://www” i.e.
  3. Google Apps

  4. Then fill the vacant text boxes with your personal information i.e. username, password.
  5. Google Apps login

  6. Fill in the information about your organization i.e. contact name, phone number, address and etc. but keep your alternate email address the same as your personal Gmail ID or any other email address ID.
  7. Google Apps information

  8. Now, after agreeing to the Google Apps terms and conditions, just press “create the account” button and proceed to the next step.
  9. Google Apps create account

  10. After successfully completing the registration, you will be redirected to the setup page where you have to verify that you own the domain name. You have two options for the verification: express (ideal for individuals) or custom (you can test apps with few different users). I recommend express install because it will take less than 10 minutes for completion.

Google Apps install

Step 2: Verifying Your WordPress Domain:

This is the most vital phase of the whole process where you have to verify your WordPress Domain name, if you wish to access the Google Apps. There are quite a few methods for domain verification, which include:

  1. Recommended: Upload HTML File (Here you have to use FTP software)
  2. HTML Tag (Second Best Option)
  3. Google Analytics (Alternate Method)
  4. Domain Name provider (Alternate Method)

If you have full command over your FTP then you could just upload an HTML file for verification, but if you don’t want to get your hands too dirty then inserting an HTML tag is a good alternative. To do this:

  • From the verification menu select Alternative Method >> HTML Tag.
  • Google Apps verification

  • Now you will see a one line HTML code, just paste it in your header or footer with the help of Insert Headers and Footers Plugin for WordPress.
  • Google Apps verification

  • After pasting the verification tag come back to the Google App verification menu and press “Verify”.

Step 3: Connecting Gmail with Your WordPress Domain:

  • To enable Gmail services you first have to login to your Google App account, so go to (Note:Don’t forget to replace your-domain-name with your WordPress custom domain that you have connected to the Google App)
  • Sign in to your account with your username and password.
  • Google Apps sign in

  • From the navigation menu select Organization & Users » Services. Now look for Gmail App and then press the “on” button.

Enabling Google Apps

Step 4: Setting up Your WordPress Gmail Account

Now in order to send and receive emails from your custom WordPress domain, you have to make some changes in the DNS settings of your domain.

  • Go to your Google App and login to your account.
  • From the navigation menu select Setup » Set up Gmail » and then follow the instructions.
  • WordPress domain setup

  • Now after following the instructions correctly you will be able to see 5 MX records, which you have to submit on your webhost.
  • MX records for Google Apps

  • If you have standard cPanel hosting, then with ease you can configure your MX records. First go to your cPanel and login to your account with username and password. Now within your cPanel look for MX records Tool (usually you will find it under MAIL options).
  • Adding MX records to WordPress for Google Apps

  • After opening “MX Records” you have to select your domain (this option will only appear if you are hosting multiple blogs).
  • Select a domain in cpanel

  • Now we have to select Email routing there are 4 different methods available to route your emails, but we will select “Automatically Detect Configuration” (Recommended).
  • Domain name configuration

  • Then add the MX records that has been provided by Google App, one by one insert all 5 MX records correctly (here you will use “Add a Record Tool”)
  • Add MX record in cpanel

  • After adding your all 5 new records, your MX Records would somewhat look like this.
  • Adding MX records

    Congratulations! You have successfully created a Custom Gmail address for your WordPress Domain. Note: It may take 24 hours to complete the MX records integration as it depends on your hosting and ISP. For most modern countries, it should only take a few hours though.

    Head on over to Gmail and login with your new branded email. That’s all there is to it.

    Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi.

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    1. josh says:

      I have little question,
      Can I use google email for one email address ?
      I have hosting account, one email using email from google business and other email still using email from my hosting provider (standard cpanel email)
      Is it possible ?

      Thank you.

    2. gokul says:

      how much google cost for it?

      • WPBeginner Support says:

        $5 per month for each user. Please see the pricing page on Google Apps for Work website.

        • Olo says:

          Hi WP Beginner Support.

          I too like Jay am a beginner and have the same exact query. I use a different host provider but I experience the same thing. I am able to forward emails to a personal Gmail account. Why do I need the G apps? Why would spending the extra 5 bucks make sense….a bit confused.

          If I do the forwarding thing and then do the “send emails as” won’t I end up with the ability to send and receive in Gmail with it appearing instead as my domain

    3. Jay says:

      Hey everyone, newbie here. So I’m curious, I’ve set up my personal Gmail to receive my domain’s emails. I went through Hostgator’s CPanel >> Mail >> eMail accounts to creat my domain email, then went to CPanel >> Mail >> Forwarders to have all domain eMail forwarded to personal Gmail. That’s worked for me… Now what’s the difference between this method and Goodle Apps? Thanks in advance! :]

    4. Niall Harty says:

      I have bought my domain name, I also have a business hosting package which includes web and email hosting (outlook) etc. but I want to use Google Apps, which I have also set up. I will be setting up a website soon too, so do i still need to pay for hosting from the hosting company or is this covered in the Google Apps fee?

    5. tksingh says:

      Please tell me How much is Google is charging for this service? Thanks

    6. WPBeginner Staff says:

      There are news that the free service will no longer be available in near future. We will try to find an alternate. meanwhile if you must pay, then we would recommend Google Apps.

    7. UK Centre for Higher Education says:

      is this service still free? when i been there to setup email for it shows there are different prices!

    8. Aatheswaran.NRGA says:

      i can’t send mail from my phone

    9. HARGUN says:

      hi ,

      while setting up the account, there is an option of ORGANISATION size , why is that there if im unable to create more than 10 id’s for my employees.

      please help , its urgent

    10. jonson josh says:

      This is really easy
      And awesome I love having an email account

    11. jonson josh says:

      This is really easy

    12. Jeremy says:

      Ok so I bought the domain name for my new biz via GoDaddy.

      I went to create the @gmail address so I could use Google Biz to create the “firstname”@ address but the @gmail address is already taken.

      Does that lock me out of being able to use Google apps for biz for this endeavor?

    13. Yinka Olayokun says:

      Nice article!
      This will really ease and help SMEs.
      thumbs up.

    14. Kathy Fluch says:

      I had a trial version google apps and set up a custom email using my domain. I decided not to continue with google apps, but now cannot seem to divorce google from my domain name, and hence use my cpanel or outlook to set up my custom domain. Do you know how I might go about that? Every time I try to get help, it just tells me I only have a free account.

      Thank you for any help you can give me!

      • WPBeginner Support says:

        All you need to do is reset your MX records. In the article above, at step 4, we showed how to set MX record using cPanel. Simply go to your cPanel dashboard, click on MX records, you will see the custom Google DNS record entries you added earlier to setup Google apps. Click on delete link next to each entry.

    15. Titus says:

      A friend signed me up for a google apps account when it was free for a personal blog I planned to create. I no longer will be creating or maintaining a personal blog. I now want to use my free google apps account for a business that I own.

      How do I transfer that account that was setup for me TO me, so I can take ownership of that free account and manage it myself for another domain. He is very busy now and I don’t want to keep bothering him.

      Thanks for the help!

    16. RN Ghosh says:

      How to set up the MX records to point gmail servers to start receiving emails in our own domain names ?? They seem to have changed the entire interface

    17. Hassan says:

      How to configure my company gmail account on outlook please help

    18. hadi akl says:

      My business domain name is already configured on gmail, but when i’m creating a new email i can not seem to check it from gmail.. The old mail addresses were configured by an old hosting company which i don’t work with anymore..

      The google MX records are already configure in the cpanel of the hosting, I checked it..

      is there any specific procedure for new mail addresses?

      Thank you

    19. Ashly says:

      how to configure in MS outlook pleas help me

    20. sanoj says:

      Hai, i,m not receiving my mails. My mail is company name. I want to anything paid for this mail. This mail is parterner of

    21. Valentine Cosgrave says:

      Once the account has been set up can/should you remove the verification code from the header ?

    22. Bill says:

      Customer has an existing company website / email accounts that they have now handed to me due to a bad relationship that developed between themselves and the previous web company. I’ve ended up developing a new website, however their exisiting email accounts where setup through gmail (utilizing their existing domain) but I am unable to access them since the previous web company will not supply the necessary ‘google control panel login’ info. Is there a way to acquire this info., or do I just setup the same accounts (same domain) elsewhere with another webhost?

      • Editorial Staff says:

        You would have to setup a new Google Apps account or use another mailing service. For a new google account, delete the verification files that exist on your server that verifies the old account.

        • Bill says:

          Since I did not create the original google account(s) for the customer I have no ‘verification files’ and no control panel ‘login’ information? The customer has no access to the accounts which we’re setup by the ‘other’ company that is no longer communicating with them. I realize the security aspect of this situation and that I could easily seutp new accounts (but that means entirely new email addresses which creates problems for their customers and their collateral materials already in existence) but Is there any way possible to enable the company to continue with the same email accounts that were already setup through google? Is there a way to contact Google about this situation?

    23. Sandeep says:

      I have my domain registered and laid for 3 years. Can I have few (say 2-3)mails through google and don’t mind paying 5 for each mail configured through google but my rest of mail ids for my staff work normal on my registered domain or I will have to migrate all mail ids on google application.

      • Editorial Staff says:

        You would have to move everything to Google. You can’t use your in house mailing server because that will cause conflicts.

    24. Sagar Rai says:

      Editor, I think Google apps is paid application. Just the first month is free. Moreover I think outlookcom is more easier interms of customizing. Kindly let me know if we can have it on Gmail for Free or not?

    25. deb says:

      I think now google charge it, its not FREE :(

    26. Mary says:

      Hello I have a big question I did all of this but Google says is only a free trial for 30 days, so in 30 days If I don’t pay I won’t be able to access my personalized g-mail? Also can I configure such personalized email as I would any other gmail on outlook express? Please help me, thanks.

    27. michelle says:

      When it comes to the MX records, I have this:

      Your current MX records…

      Priority Points to
      0 MYBLOG.COM.

      I dont see anything like:

      What went wrong?

      • Editorial Staff says:

        They are not suppose to be there when you first go in. You have to add those in your MX records.

    28. Monique says:

      Thanks. google Apps has changed a bit, but the tutorial still works.

    29. Jordan says:

      This seems like a great way to go. My only question is that many people have stated that it is not a bad idea to use email other that Gmail for privacy sake. Is this a valid concern or just a bunch of hyped up info?

    30. Lisa says:

      OK now I see what’s missing. In Step 4: Setting up Your WordPress Gmail Account, I don’t see the option in my Google Apps for Gmail or even Gmail setup. I did look around and found settings>email but all it points to is MAIL.MYDOMAINNAME.COM so I am not sure what to do at this point. I am still looking around to see if gmail is somewhere. Any ideas?

    31. Lisa says:

      Thanks for this! I was not aware I could do this, and was getting rather frustrated trying to do it between my hosting site and email provider. Much better and easier in my opinion. With me, I didn’t have to do anything after step 2. I am not sure if it’s because I have bluehost or not, but it was so easy. It automatically sent me to in my inbox, but I will check to make sure that I have everything all set.

    32. Andrew says:

      Great tip, I’ve noticed that some hosts like hostmonster provide a google app wizard that will do most of this automatically.

    33. Ankur says:

      10 emails are VERY less. I have migrated to live domains for the same reason. It works very well too.

      • Editorial Staff says:

        Oh good to know. Do they not have a limit of accounts?

        • Ankur says:

          When I signed up Gmail restricted upto 10 accounts for free while hotmail did not had any limit or had thousands emails accounts for free.

          • Editorial Staff says:

            Ok. Yeah we are aware of Gmail limits. Just wanted to clarify the Microsoft Live account limit. It’s good to know that they don’t have a limit.

    34. Jordan says:

      Thanks, I had no idea that you could do this without shelling out $$. I need to setup my existing email this way. I just need to make sure I don’t loose any mail in the process.

    35. Ike Norris Jr. says:

      This is interesting and I’m not a hardcore Gmail user so for me it raises a concern.

      Once you do add your email does Google lock you into using this email address only?

      In my experience, as long as I keep my YouTube, Google+ and Google Voice on my own email address, I can freely change it in my Google account settings. However, with a Gmail address, I’m stuck with it.

      • Editorial Staff says:

        You have the ability to switch your email if you want. You can stop using Google and switch to server email or anything else. Because you own your domain, you can use whichever mail server you like and keep the same email name.

        • Ike Norris Jr. says:

          Thanks, now I feel more comfortable about it!

          Although when I first read this post, I thought it was only for one email address. While going through the process, it seems that the MX records will route ALL email from the domain to Gmail. Is that correct?

          If so, how will I access the additional inboxes I have from the addresses I didn’t set up with Google?

          • Editorial Staff says:

            You can setup up to 10 accounts with Google Apps for free. You can enable multi-sign on as well, so you can be simultaneously be logged into multiple accounts and switch with few clicks. For more than 10 accounts, you will have to pay Google.

        • Tammy Bridenbeck says:

          There are no free versions of Google Apps anymore. If you don’t want to get locked into paying 5.00 a month for the rest of your life for a Google Apps account after the 30 day free trial, just use Horde from cPanel and deal with the lil quirks.

    36. Brandi Hegerty says:

      I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the helpful tips, tutorials, and user -friendly web content that you provide. Although I have a lot to still learn, I wanted to stop by and say “thank-you”

    37. dpi says:

      I set up a few Google Apps acc for my clients and for my use, i see this write up is awesome and very useful for references to set up Google Apps. Thanks for Syed Faizan Ali and WPbeginner.

      • Syed Faizan Ali says:

        Thanks Pal, For your Kind Response and Truly I am having a great time while posting on WPBeginner. Lots of stunning Articles and Tutorials are coming up, so stay Tuned to WPB.

    38. Damien Town says:

      Hi Syed Great article thanks for that. Question – If the domain hosting lapses then does this mean the email address will no longer work?

      • Editorial Staff says:

        YES, it does mean that. Lets say that you are changing hosting providers from HostGator to Bluehost. You need to make sure that you have properly configured the MX Entry before moving. Otherwise, you will see that your emails won’t work. Same with if you let the domain expire… it won’t work.

        • Manveet Singh says:

          I bought a .in domain from a local registrar, and hosted it elsewhere. And I registered it for use with Google Apps. It was frankly a pain to get it all working.
          Changing MX settings only for buying registrar’s DNS Manager was not enough, and only for hosting registrar’s cPanel didn’t work either. Got it working only after changing MX settings for both, and a little bit of praying!

    39. Howard says:

      Seems like a lot of work to me. I just go to CPanel, set up a forwarder to my gmail account, and I’m done. I can use gmail to filter it to a specific folder.

      As a side note, I use a similar trick to track who is selling my emails. I use a forwarder to send all email to any @mydomain and then I can create new emails on the fly. For instance, when I subscribe to a newsletter I’m not sure about, my email address is @mydomain. Then if anybody other than that ever sends me an email, I know that he has sold my name, and @mydomain gets routed to the bit bucket.

      • Editorial Staff says:

        Sure you can use your server Email provided in cPanel and then forward it. You can also mask the sender email using your server email. However sometimes it will still show sent from from

        This allows you to prevent that. Not to mention it allows you to have calendar invites that will sync with your mobile phone (giving you reminders). It is a much more efficient setup doing it this way rather than sticking with the server email.

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