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Add a Floating Share Box in WordPress with Smart Sharing Plugin

We were getting enormous amount of emails from people asking us how to make a floating share box on their WordPress site. Whether it was a plugin? After collaborating with our team, we decided that it was more efficient if we create a free plugin rather than replying to each individual email.

What does this Smart Sharing Plugin do?

Smart sharing adds a floating box with social media buttons in single posts only. By default, you can pick between retweet, facebook, digg, and stumbleupon. But you are not limited to these choices because there is an option to add your own custom codes.

What is the Advantage of this plugin?

This plugin applies B.F Skinner’s Positive Reinforcement theory to social media marketing. Normally buttons are placed either at the top of the post, or the bottom of the post. While both of those positions are OK, they are not the best. If you place them at the bottom of the post, then you are expecting that the user reads all the way to the bottom. Sometimes users like the post, and they don’t read full articles. But they would still share your articles if there was a positive reinforcement. This plugin adds a small floating box which scrolls down with the user, so they can vote whenever they are done.

Read more about this plugin and Download it

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  1. @wpbeginner@RuthMadison82 I tried the way you said but didn’t receive any dl link.

  2. It doesn’t allow to download – Read the RuthMadison82 comment what’s she saying about that!

  3. @RuthMadison82 If it says that you have already signup, then it means that you are a member of our newsletter. Look through your email because the download link was sent to you in the final welcome email of when you first signup. Otherwise, simply unsubscribe and rejoin.

  4. This is supposed to help beginners? I cannot figure out how to download it. I go to the page and it tells me to sign up for the newsletter, so I do, and I click “download” and it tells me I’m already signed up for the newsletter, but does not give me a plugin. I’m getting very frustrated.

  5. Just installed the plugin. The share bar is not static like yours, it follows page scrolling. How would I make it static?

  6. hi @wpbeginner i just found out the smart sharing plugin breaks “GRAVATAR HOVERCARS” feature found in the Jetpack plugin. could u fix it? i luv ur plugin but kinda want the hovercards feature too! :(

  7. hi i added the plugin to my site. thank you for the plugin! just wondering how do you make the bar to dissapear when you reach the bottom of the page like on your site?