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Over the last year and a half, if you typed in the domain, then you were redirected to WPBeginner. This was an unexpected and unpleasant surprise for many because you really wanted to visit, home of the popular content management system. Today, I’m pleased to announce that we have donated the domain to the WordPress Foundation.

For majority of you, this doesn’t mean anything and life goes on as usual. For those who’re more involved in the WordPress community, this is a huge deal because now you can type in your Tweets, Slack messages, Facebook statuses, etc without cursing at me or WPBeginner.

I know this redirect was frustrating because many of you tweeted at me or sent us angry emails. To all of you and even those who took the high road, I want to apologize for my actions.

Now you’re probably wondering what changed?

The short answer is A LOT.

My wife and I are pregnant with our first baby. This has given me a new perspective on life as whole.

Balkhi Baby

From ironing out a new will to working on expanding my life insurance coverage, there’s a lot happening. For the first time in my life, I’m thinking about unforseen circumstances. Some of you who’re older and much wiser will call this “growing up”.

I wrote down all the things that are very important to me, and among the top after my family is WordPress. It is my extended family, and you can see that if you meet me at any of the WordCamps. I have been using WordPress for the last 10 years and WPBeginner has been around for almost 7 years.

In other words, WordPress has been part of me for 40% of my life.

As I think about all what WordPress has done for me, donating to the WordPress Foundation is the least that I could do.

WordPress is far bigger than one person or one organization. That’s the reason why the WordPress Foundation exists. Now if something is to happen to me, at least I know this domain won’t be auctioned off to the highest bidder (rather it’ll be safe at home) with the Foundation.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. But I’m glad that I did now.

Life teaches us new lessons every day, and I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot with the new baby.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and I look forward to continue serving the WordPress community.

Yours Truly,

Syed Balkhi
Founder of WPBeginner

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  1. Syed Balkhi says

    Hey WPBeginner readers,
    Did you know you can win exciting prizes by commenting on WPBeginner?
    Every month, our top blog commenters will win HUGE rewards, including premium WordPress plugin licenses and cash prizes.
    You can get more details about the contest from here.
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  2. Nina Montgomery says


    Congratulations on your baby, as well as the generous gift. I can’t imagine what a domain name like that would be worth~ so the thought of “donating it” in todays corporate world of greed is quite humbling.

    I do know too that regardless of donating the name or not~ your WP Beginner site has helped me on a weekly basis for the past two years as I stumble my way around building my brand.

    With your generous attitude to help and serve others, along with a keen eye for business, your little one could not have chosen herself greater parents.

    Wishing you all the best for you and your wife~ and God Bless the beautiful #balkhibaby


  3. Sunith Babu L says

    Hi Syed !

    I’m a avid reader of WPBeginner, After reading this post, I must tell you one thing, your involvement with the baby will be more than the involvement you’ll have with the blog. Trust me, it was the same in my case, although, my daughter is 1 year and 2 months, I find time to blog only when she sleeps. But still, its worth it.

    Blog like a Baby !

    Sunith Babu L

  4. Paul Douglas says

    Just another reason why we count on WPBeginner, WPForms and Syed Balkhi –

    You are Real
    You are Dedicated
    You are an Asset

    to the WordPress Community, WordPress Developers and WordPress Site Development Businesses.

    Congratulations on the baby, we have 5 children 3 – 17 and they are all the blessings I need but having You and Your staff to help building our WordPress business has also been a blessing.

    Thank you.

  5. Adrienne says

    Well done on the

    Congrats on the new additional. Ahhh, get ready, you will not be sleeping for about a year! it’s called adulthood, they tell me.

  6. Rajesh P says

    This is such an awesome (and rare for these times!) gesture! The whole WP community, am sure, salutes you on this one.

    As for the good news on the domestic front…good things happen to good folks! Hope this good karma rubs off on the exciting future that is in store for you and your wife. Wish you both and the baby all the very best!

  7. Derek says

    Congrats on the new addition and you my friend did the right thing and will always be remembered in the community by your action.

    My family always comes first before the job and before I even turn on the laptop. As long as you pay your web hosting bill, you can login to your websites to do work on them in your spare time. :)

  8. Stephanie says

    Congratulations on the baby news! It’s very exciting to have your first baby on its way. Second, thank you for donating the domain. I think it was a nice gesture and I am sorry for the angry emails you received from people (not us). The mob mentality on the web is unpleasant and, at times, excessive.

  9. Gnanes says

    Congrats and it was nice of you to donate the domain. Lets see if WordPress will do you a favor and reserve a .blog domain for you since they own it now.

  10. Jermaine Valentine says

    That’s a great gesture, one that the entire WordPress community will appreciate. Congrats on your new baby! If your ever in Jamaica let me know, the first round will be on me…cheers!

  11. Pam Blizzard says

    Many congratulations! Your first…how sweet. Yes, your brain gets re-wired in a very good way :)

  12. Atta says

    It is an amazing gesture. I appreciate it. WP.ORG is a high value domain and it can easily sell in 6 figures.

  13. Charlie Patel says

    Kudos and Congrats on the new addition to your family. Truly an inspiration!! All the best.

  14. Jason says

    Kudos on the donation, Nothing wrong to me with a redirect on a domain you owned for a similar relevant site but I can see where some might view it as not wordpress and get angry. I was wondering why had Red in WebOfTrust browser tool with no reviews stating why it had a bad rating but this explains things. I followed you on fb and bookmarked your site so your donation gained me whatever that is worth. Regarding WebOfTrust, Any users that use it and read this should go rate the domain accurately so that visitors with the browser extension are not fooled into thinking is not trustworthy… I will! P.S. Also going to rate this domain and it already has a good score! :)

  15. Amauri Champeaux says

    Thanks for this donation It’s very nice for WP community but I guess hard to take..
    Congrat’ for your baby!

  16. Aravind Ajith says

    Well done Syed, really appreciate your gesture! That’s a brave move.

    And congrats on the baby! I know that feeling. I became a ‘grown up’ a year back. ;)

  17. Bernhard Kau says

    This is really a great step. But somehow I am not redirected to – has someone hijacked the domain?

  18. Blair2004 says

    Happy to hear that, and this is so kindly. i which the best for your familly and for WPBeginner, my favorite wp tuts source.
    Can we have yet the surname of the babie ?

    Thank you.

  19. Nayan Kariya says

    I must say this is a great move for you. Its but Obvious that you are getting a huge traffic because of that domain. Great domination for WordPress. I really like this contribution. and Congrats for new baby.

  20. Vinodh David says

    Congrats Syed on the new family member. Becoming a parent changes a lot of perspective for sure. And a great selfless move towards the donation. You will be a great dad I am sure :)

  21. Gaurav Tiwari says

    That’s great work. But to be honest should go to instead of The later needs less of it.

  22. Japh says

    Fantastic news on your growing family, Syed! Super happy for you, there sure is a lot to learn, but it’s all very worthwhile too, eh.

    Also, kudos on donating the domain name. I really appreciate this :)

  23. Fernando Morais says

    Congratulations for the new baby.
    We’re also expecting to be parents (again) in November 2016 so maybe yours will meet mine in a few years in some WordCamp around the World. :-)

  24. Vitor Madeira says

    Those are the kind of stories that will be turned into history.

    I use to say that, to accept some people on some specific jobs in society, one should not be required to have superior education, rather it should be required to be a father / mother in the first place.
    We would definetly have a better world.


  25. George Bikas says

    Kudos for the domain !!
    I Wish you the best for your growing family!!!
    Regards from Greece.

  26. Ed says

    Well said and I would like to thank WordPress and WPbeginner for being a major portion of my career! Heart WP!

  27. Elvis says

    Well, thanks for your commitment to WordPress! Another reason to love this site, along with the helpful tips…

  28. Juwel Khan says

    I appreciate your donation. You donated best thing that one could do and ofcourse we didn’t forget the contribution of wpbeginner to the community !

    Best wishes for you, your family and specially for your baby !!

  29. Barış Ünver says

    Nice! It was frustrating to see every time I typed, even though I’m (always) a huge fan of WPBeginner.

  30. Chandan says

    Great to read this , you did well Syed.
    Congo for your baby.
    Thanks for your donation.

    Chandan Dubey

  31. Ged Ward says

    Well done dude thats a good thing to do and all the best for your family and the new baby to come. :)

  32. Suresh Patel says

    This is a very brave move I must say. I am sure you are generating a huge amount of traffic because of that domain. I know donating this domain is a big think. Hats of to you man and congratulation for upcoming baby :)

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