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TLS is an encryption technology that secures sensitive data between web servers and web browsers to keep the information private. It stands for Transport Layer Security and is related to SSL (Secure Sockets Layers). These protocols use security certificates that give users peace of mind… Read More »


A WordPress theme is a tool to change the layout and design of your website. Themes customize the appearance of your site, including the layout, typography, color, and other design elements. A theme is a zipped folder with a group of files, including a set… Read More »


In WordPress, the toolbar is a horizontal black bar at the top of the screen. It gives easy access to common administration tasks in WordPress, such as adding a new post or editing your profile. It is visible only to users who have logged in… Read More »


Tags are one of the default taxonomies that can be used to organize your blog posts. They are normally made up of one or two words and describe specific details of a post. For example, if you wrote a post about a book, then you… Read More »


In WordPress, a template provides the structure for how your content will be displayed. It’s a file generated by your WordPress theme that can be applied to specific posts or pages to control the way they look on your website. Templates vary from theme to… Read More »


In, a taxonomy is a user-friendly way to classify and organize content on your website. Think of it like a filing system for grouping posts. Just like how you might organize files into folders on your computer, WordPress allows you to categorize your content… Read More »

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Theme Framework

The term WordPress theme framework often refers to a code library that is used to facilitate development of a theme. In the old days of WordPress, there were some crucial problems with the way how themes were developed and maintained. There was no good way… Read More »

Thumbnail Sizes

Thumbnail sizes is a built-in WordPress theme feature that allows theme designers and developers to define thumbnail sizes for images uploaded by the users. Often users confuse think that thumbnail sizes only apply to thumbnails or featured images. It is NOT true. Thumbnail sizes apply… Read More »

Theme Editor

Theme editor is a simple text editor in WordPress located at Appearance » Editor. It allows you to modify WordPress theme files from the admin area. You can see the preview of the theme editor in the screenshot below. On the right hand of the… Read More »

Theme Options

Theme options is a custom admin page which comes with some WordPress themes. It allows users to change theme settings without modifying theme files or touching any code. These theme option pages can be very simple with a handful options or it can have tons… Read More »