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SSH is software that allows you to manage your website by typing in powerful commands. It stands for ‘Secure Shell’, and when it is installed on both your computer and web server, you can securely manage your site using a command-line interface. Less technical users… Read More »


SFTP means Secure FTP, which is a safe way to upload files from your computer to your website or transfer files from one website to another. FTP stands for ‘File Transfer Protocol’, and it allows you to perform file management for your website. SFTP encrypts… Read More »


SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. It is a series of techniques that will help your website to rank higher on search engine results pages. Search engines are a huge source of traffic for websites, which makes SEO extremely important. By improving search traffic, you… Read More »


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) is the industry standard protocol for sending emails. It uses proper authentication, meaning that emails are more likely to end up in users’ inboxes. By default, WordPress uses the PHP mail() function. However, this does not use authentication and… Read More »


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It’s a type of image format made up of vectors (instead of pixels), which are mathematical descriptions of the image’s shapes and colors and are stored in XML format. These equations describe all the points, shapes, curves, lines, and colors… Read More »


Subscriber is one of the default WordPress user roles. Users with the subscriber user role are able to log in to your website but have limited access. The WordPress user role system defines what each user can and can’t do on your website. It’s important… Read More »

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A subdomain is an optional prefix added to a URL before the main domain name, like You can use multiple subdomains to organize your website into different sections or create multiple websites. You don’t need to use subdomains on your website. However, they are… Read More »


SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s an encryption technology that keeps sensitive data between web servers and web browsers secure and private. When you enable SSL, your website will use HTTPS instead of HTTP. You will also see a padlock sign next to… Read More »


A slider is a design element used to display images and videos on your website. It works like a slideshow, showing one image or video at a time. The content changes after a few seconds or when the visitor clicks to view the next one.… Read More »