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Meta Description

A meta description is a brief summary of your blog post or landing page that appears in search engines. On Google, it appears below the title of your content in the search results. In more technical terms, a meta description is an HTML element that… Read More »


MariaDB is one of the database management systems that WordPress can use to store and retrieve your blog information. It is an alternative to the popular MySQL database application. WordPress uses a database as a filing cabinet for your website. It contains your posts and… Read More »


Simply speaking, metadata is information about information. For example, think about a document on your computer. Any information about that document, like who created it and when, would be considered metadata for that document. In WordPress, metadata is information about your posts, pages, users, comments,… Read More »

Multisite (MU)

Multisite is a type of WordPress installation that allows you to create and manage a network of multiple websites from a single WordPress dashboard. This lets you easily make changes and keep all of your websites updated from one place. You can create a multisite… Read More »

Memory Usage

In WordPress, memory usage is the amount of memory used by a PHP script. This script could be a theme, a plugin, or a core WordPress file. Badly written scripts can use a lot of memory and slow down your WordPress website. Your web hosting… Read More »


MySQL is the database management system used by WordPress to store and retrieve your blog information. It acts as a filing cabinet for your website and is pronounced ‘my sequel’. The database application is currently owned by Oracle Corporation and is open source software licensed… Read More »

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Media is a tab in your WordPress admin sidebar that is used to manage user uploads. This includes images, audio, video, and other files. Under the Media menu, there are two screens. The first gives you access to the WordPress Media Library where you can… Read More »

Media Settings

Media Settings is a page in your WordPress admin area where an administrator can configure the settings for WordPress media uploads. This page is found by visiting Settings » Media. Configuring the Sizes of Your Website Images The first section of this page is for… Read More »