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HostPapa is known for their affordable, feature-rich hosting powered by renewable green energy. They offer a variety of hosting plans and easy-to-use tools for beginners to quickly create a professional website without breaking the bank. Your website has plenty of room to grow with HostPapa's ultra fast and budget-friendly VPS hosting plans. HostPapa boasts round the clock customer service and guarantees 99.9% uptime. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can give their award-winning hosting a try at no risk.

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HostPapa is known for their affordable, feature-rich hosting powered by renewable green energy. They offer a variety of hosting plans and easy-to-use tools for beginners to quickly create a professional website without breaking the bank. Your website has plenty of room to grow with HostPapa’s ultra fast and budget-friendly VPS hosting plans. HostPapa boasts round the clock customer service and guarantees 99.9% uptime. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can give their award-winning hosting a try at no risk.

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  1. Syed Balkhi says

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  2. Ash Raina says

    HostPapa – deals and support is what differentiates it from rest of the hosting providers. Absolutely love it currently…

  3. Ed Assenheimer says

    Title: I Am Very Satisfied With HostPapa Service!

    I had been with Lunarpages and pleased with the performance and service. Mine is a simple, personal web site. HostPapa acquired Lunarpages in 2019 and the performance and customer service have been great. The few issues I may encounter have always been resolved quickly. It is easy working with the techs. When I ask follow up questions to understand the cause of issues (maybe something I am doing) they clearly explain the root cause. Usually the cause is external to HostPapa; nor is it something I am doing.

    I recommend HostPapa.

  4. Robin Shepherdson says

    I have used Hostpapa since the early 2000’s for an html site with three other domains camped on the first one (whatever that is called!) and in 2017 I upgraded the whole first website to WordPress, the others being closed by then. Hostpapa has always responded promptly to my requests for help and they have been instrumental in my WordPress learning process. They set up the site for me and transferred it to the new position on their server when I asked. I have recently created a new site for a client in my industry and their help was terrific in getting it set up and operating. I can’t thank you enough, guys. I will certainly recommend Hostpapa to all my future clients.

  5. Oleg Donner says

    A very responsive company. What i like about them is that you can always talk to them on the phone, early morning or even in the middle of the night. That is so important for me!

  6. Ed says

    Support is quick to reply to issues and friendly to work with. They seem knowledgeable on various topics. The ticket system used to prematurely kick me off for taking too much time but that issue may have been fixed now. Sales are sometimes to aggressive to up sell me when it’s not needed.

  7. Steve Franklin says

    I have used Hostpapa for several years now and they provide very good support and servers. I would recommend them.

  8. Andy Fields says

    I’m so glad I signed up in the early noughts with LunarPages, which became HostPapa.

    Throughout the some 15 years, I always experienced good up time and excellent customer service.

  9. Tony Padilha says

    I hosted my former business website with HostPapa.
    I have my new business domain and mail with them too and I am about to start new websites hosted on their servers.

    So, I am a repeating customer due to their reliability, responsive and well priced service and good support.

  10. Jean Kavanaugh says

    I highly recommend HostPapa. Very reasonably priced and their customer service is excellent.

  11. Bill McLaren says

    I was with an another ISP for 15 year with multiple websites and dozens of domain names.

    In March 2021 they announced they are closing with little notice. I selected Hostpapa to handle our migrations.

    It’s now mid April and wow, this company is affordable, efficient, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

    With shout out to the support team, I plan to be here a long time.

  12. Sunny Rizvi says

    Hostpapa have been hosting my own as well as multiple client websites for more than a decade now. I have found their customer service extremely responsive with live agents on call and quick follow-ups & prompt resolution of issues. In the busy high-tech world of today, this human interaction & response is much appreciated. Wish Hostpapa the best. Please keep this level of customer service going. It’s what sets you apart.

  13. Ronald Long says

    HostPapa has hosted my websites for one and a half years, it’s reliable and cost effective. The support staff are great, knowledgeable, professional, fast and efficient.
    I recommend HostPapa highly.

  14. Steven R says

    I have been using Hostpapa for one year and I am very pleased.
    Tech service helped me get started when I had problems working with html code as it had been over ten years. Customer services is always #1
    I would recommend this server host to anyone and response time with questions is always professional and fast.

  15. Darren says

    Really impressed with the speed and ease of setup & transfer of my website.

    Feature set is brilliant. And at a great price.

    Excellent support experience too.

  16. Petr says

    We can strongly recommend Hostpapa. The customer service is amazing and always helpful. We never had a problem. The only issue we have is that the website is quite slow when you’re on the basic plan but this can be resolved by going to the pro plans.

  17. Michael says

    I’ve been with HostPapa for 12 years+ – I think that really says it all.
    They are reasonably priced, easy to use even for beginners, fast, reliable with many free tools and add-ons to help you run and develop your site.
    Whenever I have had an issue which is rare (2 or 3 in 12 years) they have always been prompt in resolving it i.e. almost immediately.
    I would definitely recommend them.

  18. Mark Willis says

    I have been a HostPapa customer for nearly 4 years now. I must admit I was a little sceptical at first and was concerned about after sales support and technical support. however I must say that the support channels have been excellent and issue resolution second to none.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending them to a colleague or friend.


  19. Barb Konrad says

    Host Papa has been my web host provider for ages and I’ve received consistent & reliable service at very reasonable rates. On rare occasions when I’ve encountered problems with my website, the support team have been quick to respond after I’ve opened a ticket, and have efficiently & professionally resolved the issues for me even when it hasn’t always been a quick fix. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a host provider.

  20. Esther says

    I have been with Hostpapa for a couple of years now, their staff are patience, knowledgable and professional.

    When I have problems, their support staff are there to help. Thank you so much, greatly appreciated.

  21. Anneke says

    Hostpapa has the most reasonable hosting cost. Their service and support are excellent. I would highly recommend HostPapa.

  22. Michael W says

    HostPapa has hosted my websites for two years, it’s reliable and cost effective webhoster. The support stuff are knowledgeable, professional, fast and efficient.
    I recommend HostPapa highly.

  23. Chic Casillas says

    So I just started to use HostPapa. I’ve contacted them with a couple issues and they’ve answered pretty fast and have helped with everything. I haven’t had any trouble with the server. The only thing that could make it better is if it was a little faster. This would benefit greatly my SEO since the webpage is not all that fast downloading. But other than that, the service is pretty good.

  24. Barb Wagstaff says

    I have been using Hostpapa for a number of years. Recently, I did a major overhaul of my website. I am not overly tech savvy so I reached out to Hostpapa for help in moving files and making changes. They were exceptionally helpful and very quick to get things done. Their service went above and beyond anything that I expected.

  25. Brian Parsons says

    I have been a customer of Hostpapa for many years. They provide a good product at an affordable price. Customer service is excellent. I am happy to recommend them.

  26. Annette Seeman says

    Hostpapa always provided quick and helpful support for all queries. Friendly & great green philosophy.

  27. David Judkins says

    I’ve had a blog hosted with HostPapa for almost 8 years and have been very happy with the service provided, with their reliability, quick response to tickets raised and social consciousness. Hère’s to the next few years!

  28. Richard Eaves says

    I was extremely impressed with the quality of support I received from Hostpapa. I had them migrate two sites with hundreds of files. They had it done within hours. Any questions I had, they got right back to me with the answers. I never expected this level of service for a hosting account that costs so little. The price is amazing for what I’m getting, especially when compared to the price I was paying at my previous host. To sum it up: great service, great price and very nice people.

  29. terry b hanson says

    Host Papa has been a positive experience. Their service has been affordable and their TECH staff have been both effective amiable.

  30. Doug E says

    I’m not an experienced website designer or administrator, so when things go wrong (as they occasionally do) it’s really nice to know that I can rely on HostPapa for prompt, expert and friendly support. I like to support local businesses, and I love the fact that their headquarters are just a few kilometers away. I can strongly recommend them!

  31. Francis O'Neill says

    During my time online, and having a number of websites to look after, I have been with a good few Webhosting companies. For my money HostPapa come out among the best I’ve been with. I’ve been with HostPapa for over 6 years now.

    I consider their help/support the best I’ve used. Some years back I did a rather stupid thing, when I deleted my main website, while thinking I was deleting a WordPress update I had already installed. To add to my problems I did not have a good recent backup – a lesson learned. Thankfully HostPapa support stepped in to help me to recover what could be recovered. They were brilliant. I got back most of it and was able to reconstruct the missing parts.

    Yes I am happy to recommend them.

  32. White Wolf says

    I clicked a link offering the top 10 web hosting sites.
    Hostpapa was listed on top and one of the only hosts that offered 99.9% uptime.
    Payment and contact e mails went smooth with no hassle or worry.
    Each time I submit a ticket I get a response and my issue is resolved without further explanations. I am planning t enjoy hosting my web site with Hostpapa for many years.

  33. Chris Pienaar says

    Host Papa are very easy to deal with, offer great responsive service and are well priced, a good deal all round.

  34. David Mallinson says

    I have four web sites that are hosted by HostPapa. My first one was originally hosted by an ISP in the States whose organization suddenly went dead at the controls, and I found it impossible to contact anyone there to cancel my account and transfer my domain elsewhere. HostPapa provided excellent support in transferring the domain name and setting up the web site. Since then I have created three additional sites, and all of them are hosted by HostPapa. This is an organization that is very responsive to its customers’ needs. I have always found that support tickets are handled promptly and efficiently, and their hosting prices (particularly initial rates) are very attractive. My only concern is that the rates go up considerably after the initial three-year term, as two of my sites are for charities that do not have a lot of money. That said, I would still recommend HostPapa for their excellent service.

  35. Jennifer French says

    Very grateful for prompt and accurate information which enabled our issue to be resolved.

  36. Kely says

    I’ve been a Hostpapa customer beyond the 10 year mark, but in the last 10 years, they’ve worked hard to earn my’s trust. I even notice some of their employees or contractors go beyond the scope of their parameters just to help and support customers where appropriate or applicable. I personally translate such service factors as a true value creation and they’ve earned it so far. I think they will continue to focus their business on People and what it means to them. Thank you hostpapa and I will continue to host/support them and refer my friends and others to go with them… not only because they understands technology but also they care about the people.

  37. Brett says

    I have been with Host Papa for many years now and they are extremely reliable and affordable. Their customer service is next-level and they’re always there to help 24/7. Highly recommended!

  38. Alex Berry says

    I’m a long standing customer of Hostpapa and from the beginning they have been supportive and responsive.

    Communications have been up with the best but the most important reason for staying with them is that the service is brilliantly managed and I’m as confident as ever that they will continue to delight for small businesses aswell as the medium enterprises alike.

  39. Darren says

    I’m glad i’ve made the right choice to switch my hosting to Hostpapa. Not only do I made a huge savings from my previous hosting provider, the service and support provided is excellent too! Highly recommended :)

  40. Mel Tranter says

    I wanted to choose a Canadian company to support the development of my website. I have found host papa to have incredible customer service. No question is too big or too small. I get reliable service every time, and through multiple channels. Whether it’s through chat, phone or email. My issues are resolved so quickly! I’m so glad I chose Hostpapa!

  41. Nils Rutger says

    HostPapa is truly the web hosting that everyone should begin with (at least). Prices are the best, truly competitive, and everything is very easy to use. Will recommend HostPapa to my friends who look for a reliable hosting provider.

  42. Scott Anderson says

    I transferred my web hosting and domain services to HostPapa several years ago (like… 7-10 years?). It has the full range of hosting tools and services, at competitive prices, with knowledgeable and responsive customer service. And I like that it’s a Canadian company. Whenever anyone asks me about web hosting, I tell them to look into HostPapa, as I’ve been very satisfied.

  43. Nigel Wardle says

    I’ve been with Hostpapa for 8 years, initially attracted by their ‘green’ credentials and pricing. The service they provide is excellent. They host 6 sites for me, 5 of which are ‘add-ons’ at no extra cost! Support is brilliant. My incompetence has led to a few bad mistakes over the years (deleting entire websites, trying to upload one site into another etc) but Hostpapa support has always come through quickly and comprehensively. I would, and do recommend Hostpapa to anyone looking for a quality service at a keen price.

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