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Archives for February 2021

21+ Best Alternatives to the WordPress Jetpack Plugin

Are you looking for the best alternatives to the Jetpack plugin? Jetpack is a powerful WordPress plugin suite that adds various features to your WordPress website. Recently one of our readers asked us to share possible Jetpack alternatives for WordPress. In this article, we’ll show… Read More »

How to Display Full Size Images in WordPress (4 Methods)

Do you want to learn how to display full-size images in WordPress? The latest version of WordPress automatically resizes large images to improve performance. But sometimes you may need to display images with larger dimensions. In this tutorial, we’ll share four different ways to display… Read More »

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How to Create Flipbox Overlays and Hovers in WordPress

Want to add flipbox overlays and image hover effects to your WordPress site? Even if you’re using a high-quality WordPress theme, you might feel limited by customization options. Flipboxes and image hovers add eye-catching animated effects to your site. In this article, we’ll show you… Read More »