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  • Clipping Path

    By your tutorial it is easy for me now to create a custom login page in WordPress. Thanks

  • Jamie

    Can i ask anyone here…

    I would like to customize my log in, by adding an extra field.

    People who wanted to join my site have to answer a simple question.
    does anyone know how to do this (plugins better that coding for me) ?

    I know custom menu 7 has a ‘quizz’ field, can you add this to the log in ?


  • rvoodoo

    I finally got around to making a custom login. Decded to go the nonplugin route. Pretty simple actually. for anyone looking to see how to do it. I use some code to swap a custom stylesheet instead of WPs loading. Then I’m free to design away.

  • jakerocheleau

    Hey we just put up our new WP login page at Destiny Islands. It took some Photoshop work to get a logo going but it looks sweet! Check it out on our login URL

  • Justin Germino

    Some amazing custom logins, I only did some basic updated ones on some of my blogs with the “Custom Login” WordPress plugin.

  • Rob Bertholf

    Great post!

    Check out the CSS on this custom WordPress Login:

  • Ret

    Wow. I am so thankful to find your article. I got an idea how to customized my WordPress login page. Thank your

  • Piyush Shekhar

    Nice plugin this!

  • Tom

    Doesn’t work with the new WordPress update. Too bad.

  • sarah

    Nice collection.
    You’have inspired me for this custom login page, do you enjoy this? :)

  • zplits

    Care to include my login page too?

  • aronil

    Oh thank you so much for featuring my custom login page :) I really appreciate it.

  • AJ Clarke

    There are some really nice examples here. I have a cool login page design as well. If you wish to look at it, you can find it at the link below:

  • Rick

    Great, easy-to-follow advice, and some brilliant examples. Thanks very much!

  • Angelo Beltran

    I enjoyed this post. Thanks!

  • Twas Anon

    This is a nice collection! has a nice custom login page.

  • steppinout

    Thinking of creating one soon. Thanks for the idea

  • ali

    very good list, l like it

  • Delighted

    Great Post, Was wondering how to create a custom login for clients in wordpress… thanks!!!!!!

  • lawrence77

    Amazing post…

  • Jason

    Nice collection, I used the bm custom login for mine. Nothin special but here it is: Flickr

  • Sandy


    cool designs here. It will bring some color if these custom login page. At the moments its too simple.

  • clippingimages

    Some awesome login page. Nice designed. Thanks for sharing this nice post. :)

  • Ronblogger

    Wow! awesome designs there.I will surely try it on my own login page

  • Jen

    Thanks for including the login I designed for! :)

    And to answer the question above – if the site is a multi-author blog, it helps to promote brand consistency. For example, if you have authors who aren’t web savvy, they don’t have to be confused by the big “WordPress” logo on the sign in screen. Just my opinion, though it’s been effective so far. :)

  • Zohaib

    I’ll try it. Thanks for share

  • abosami

    good idea

    thanks ^_^

  • The Frosty

    I’ve got a custom login plugin as well! Custom Login

    • Editorial Staff

      Nice one.

  • Peach

    Wow, that is awesome.

  • joyoge bookmark

    really nice login page designs of wp. thanks for share..

  • Kate Mag

    Awesome article!

  • Tom –

    They are extremely creative, however I am struggling to find a reason for having a custom wordpress login if you are the only one who sees it.

    • Editorial Staff

      It is very useful if you have a site that involves more than one user. For example if you have registered user option available. And if you had this option, you would’ve gotten a backlink from our site :)

      • Tom –

        Good point. I forgot that a lot of blogs allow visitors to log in and post.

      • Chad

        Well… flickr would get a backlink. :)

      • aronil

        i know i should really be having a reason for wanting a login page. When i made mine, i really just wanted one cause i thought it looked cool to get the site more personalised :) Thinking about it now, u have one for the sake of branding purposes for your presence online. That’s my two cents :)

  • shane

    why though, you see the silly thing for 2 secs

  • Rony John

    Whoa..I love the collections..:D
    good job .guys