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  • kkramer2195

    I came across this plugin recently and LOVE IT!!!! I am trying to figure out how to verify a person is logged in prior to allowing them to write a post using Gravity Forms.

    All forms work properly, I found generic code to redirect to wp-login.php but since I am using the plugin, I want it to redirect to the same as the theme my login screen does.

    Here is sample code: (setup as page_loggedin.php)

    <?php else:
    wp_die('Sorry, you must first log in to view this page. You can register free here.');
    endif; ?>

    I don’t want hard coded site references, so any help with the PHP code will be appreciated! Preferred choice would be if user not logged in the redirect like the plugin does (but I can’t find how it does it yet)


    • WPBeginner Staff

      Seems like the code you wanted to share is stripped out by Disqus. Please refer to Syntax Highlighting in Disqus.

  • chen

    how can i create a platform where visitors to the site can create a profile and edit it.

  • FRBL

    Like this plugin
    How do you remove the bullets for ‘lost password’ and ‘register’ if on the login page? And remove ‘lost password’ if on the register page?
    I want to keep these options but remove the bullets.

  • J

    Do i need to upgrade my wordpress to enterprise version in order to have the plugin feature for my website and install your custom login feautre?

    • WPBeginner Support

      If you can not see Plugins on your site that’t probably because you are using and not a self-hosted blog. See the difference between and

  • Joyce Evans

    Can this log-in page be used to log into a specific page of a website? I don’t want people logging into the admin section, but when they click on the link for a particular page, I want people to be able to log in with a username and password for just the one page. They need to be able to set up an account and create their own password, thus the reason I can’t use the password-protected option offered per page by WordPress. All members’ usernames and passwords need to be unique.

  • Ruchi Agrawal

    Its very good plugin to login. But if we want to disable the header and footer using this plugin then how we can do this. If anyone knows this then please upload your answer and give me it on ly email id.

  • LaShunna R.

    This plug-in is fine except if someone loses their password. I don’t know if it’s me, but the plug-in doesn’t seem to communicate with WordPress very well. For instance, James loses his password to my site. He requests that a new password be sent to him. James receives an email saying that he lost his password, but he should go to *blank* website to reset it. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere for James to go to retrieve/reset his password. Now, I could be wrong about this, but so far, I’ve found no way around this problem

  • subbareddy

    It worked for me its nice plugin

  • Pete

    The plugin isn’t compatible with the latest version of wordpress

    • Editorial Staff

      It is compatible. The only reason why the plugin author hasn’t updated the plugin’s readme file is because they haven’t come out with new features yet. It works just fine.