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WPBeginner is now Powered by MaxCDN

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Last week, we were able to work out a deal with one of the biggest Content Delivery Networks known as MaxCDN to accelerate WPBeginner’s load time. Earlier this week, we made a few changes to WPBeginner in terms of site optimization. First of all, we switched from using WP Super Cache to W3 Total Cache Plugin. This does not mean that WP Super Cache is a bad plugin. It just means that at this stage of our site’s life, we needed something more versatile and powerful.

One of the main reasons for the switch was that W3 Total Cache is fully compatible with MaxCDN. There will be a full tutorial coming soon showing you step by step on how to use and setup W3 Total Cache Plugin in conjunction with Content Delivery Networks. The setup for W3 Total Cache is not as easy for beginners compared to WP Super Cache. So we will recommend that you wait until next week when our tutorial is out.

So why did we choose MaxCDN?

This must be the question that everybody is thinking about. We knew once our site reaches a certain amount of users, we had to make this move in order to main our site’s high performance. MaxCDN is the company that powers top sites including Mashable, Template Monster, BuySellAds etc. So we knew that the company has a great reputation, and it can be trusted.

Why use Content Delivery Network on your site?

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers containing copies of data, placed at various points in a network so as to maximize bandwidth for access to the data from clients throughout the network. A client accesses a copy of the data near to the client, as opposed to all clients accessing the same central server, so as to avoid bottleneck near that server [Wikipedia]. In short, Content Delivery Network accelerates the page load time while decreasing our server load (hence less bandwidth cost). All of our images, theme files, and other JavaScripts are hosted on MaxCDN servers whereas the database is hosted on our own server.

By having a content delivery network like MaxCDN, we reduce the risk of our site being slowed down when experiencing heavy traffic from social media outlets.

So why exactly is site load time so important for you?

Your site’s load time significantly impacts your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs). It also plays a key role in reducing bounce rate, and increasing average time spent by the user on a site.

MaxCDN Pricing and Coupon

Right now MaxCDN is running a special LIMITED time deal in which they are offering 1000GB (1TB) of Bandwidth for only $39.95. This is one heck of a deal when compared to other CDN services. On top of that, we were able to work out a coupon for you guys to use. If you use the coupon code “wpbeginner“, you will receive a 25% discount on the total price.

Lastly, we want to thank MaxCDN for partnering up with WPBeginner and accelerating our site for us and our users.

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Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi with over 16 years of experience in WordPress, Web Hosting, eCommerce, SEO, and Marketing. Started in 2009, WPBeginner is now the largest free WordPress resource site in the industry and is often referred to as the Wikipedia for WordPress.

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  1. Syed Balkhi says

    Hey WPBeginner readers,
    Did you know you can win exciting prizes by commenting on WPBeginner?
    Every month, our top blog commenters will win HUGE rewards, including premium WordPress plugin licenses and cash prizes.
    You can get more details about the contest from here.
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  2. wpbeginner says

    @sibtiger33 At the time when we moved, Super Cache didn’t have CDN support. It also didn’t have db caching, browser caching, and other methods that are offered in Total cache.

  3. sibtiger33 says

    I’m confused why did you move from Super Cache – what does Total Cache do which is better than Super Cache? I currently use Super Cache without any issue with MaxCDN – just want to know more about the reason behind the move

  4. DJ NightLife says

    Not sure I fully understand what MaxCDN does… does it fully replace any webhosting service like Knownhost ? And besides 40$ per month, is there any other extra fee? Is this compatible with cPanel?

    • Editorial Staff says

      MaxCDN does not replace your current web hosting. This is an additional layer. CDN = Content delivery network. It takes your media files and template files and mirrors them on several cloud servers. So if your user is located in Florida, then they will load the files from Orlando’s datacenter. Which not only makes the site load faster, but by dividing the server load, you are increasing performance and reducing the risks of crashes. MaxCDN is perfectly compatible with WordPress and any other cPanel web host.


    • Dhillon says

      40$ for 1TB is just for the trial first month after that its 99$ per month for 1TB ( or PAYG 10cent per GB )
      Still cheap IMO.

      Also for the first month trial you can avail 25% discount by using coupon code “wpbeginner“.

      • Mouad says

        What if I use less than 1TB ? I got a small website which utilizes much less traffic than 1 TB. WIll I still pay for 1 TB , or the actual traffic I use ?

        • Mouad says

          I see, thanx. But what do you mean by saying “after that its 99$ per month for 1TB”??

          After the first 1 TB, do you pay 99$ for the second TB, or do you pay 99$ for the second month?

          Please clarify that, as I am willing to join MAxCDN

  5. Justin Germino says

    I was considering MaxCDN or Amazon S3 when I convert to a CDN network to improve load times and reduce load on my shared hosting provider. I think if you use Shared Hosting, CDN networks allow you to handle more traffic without putting extra load on your hosting provider which allows you a greater # of visits.

    I like W3 Total Cache, do you set it to FTP your images/content to the MaxCDN or URL redirect?

    I just don’t know if I want to commit to an extra $30 per month yet, since that is around 15% of my blog earnings just to cover my CDN costs.

  6. Omri says

    Hi Adam,

    Can you clarify, is it 1TB of bandwidth every month for $39/month? In other words, does the bandwidth allocation reset each month, giving you a new 1TB allotment?


  7. xAquatics says

    I’ve used Amazon’s S3 service before. It certainly helped with the price of bandwidth but it didn’t do much to speed up content delivery. I was disappointed with how slow content delivery was on Amazon S3. I’m sure it would be difficult to compare MaxCDN to Amazon S3, but does anyone know of a benchmark test between the two or even between any other CDN services?

    • Editorial Staff says

      Hey Adam,

      This does speed up the site even when you don’t think it is doing it. When we were all based on one central server, upon every traffic hit, the entire site would slow down. For example, hitting the Front Page of Digg would cause the site to slow down for other users due to increase server load. Most articles that go viral, don’t just go viral in one network. Now you have Stumbleupon, Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit and others sending you heavy traffic all at once, impact those users who come from search engines looking for something else. In that term, CDN help a lot. Normally, you can achieve almost similar page load time with just having the right caching and .htaccess settings, but with CDN and correct .htaccess / caching setting (you are pretty much assured a faster site)


      • Adam W. Warner says

        @Editorial Staff,

        Thank you for the additional information, but I think my original question may have been misunderstood. Maybe I was asking too simple a question…

        …does a CDN replace one’s current hosting or is it a service you use in addition to a current hosting plan?

  8. Adam W. Warner says

    Can you clarify for those user who may not be familiar…how does using a CDN Network work with your existing hosting?

    More to the point, is a CDN the same as a hosting account and would require moving an existing site? Or is a CDN a service that can be layered onto an existing site with no need to change hosts?

    • Editorial Staff says

      Not a Paid POST… more of an announcement. It was telling users what is going on with WPBeginner. Paid Posts are when we start recommending products that have no use / value for our users.

      This is telling our users that we made these changes in the site within the last few days. More so of a press release.


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