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Hotlinking is when someone displays one of your images or media files on their website by directly linking to your image URL. They do this without your permission. It is generally considered bad practice. Hotlinking often happens when someone has stolen the image or entire… Read More »


HTML stands for ‘HyperText Markup Language’, and it is the code used to define all pages on the World Wide Web. It tells web browsers how to display the content on web pages. While it is handy to have an understanding of HTML, it is… Read More »


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. All web addresses begin with HTTP (or HTTPS), and it tells your web browser what protocol to use to load a website. When you try to visit a website, your browser will make a GET request from the web… Read More »

Home Page

A home page is the main page of a website, and the place your visitors will form their first impression of your business or blog. It’s the page they’ll see when navigating to your website’s domain name. The default WordPress home page displays your latest… Read More »


In WordPress development, hooks are functions that can be applied to an action or filter in WordPress. They are one of the big features that make WordPress so customizable. Hooks allow developers to change or extend WordPress’ functionality without needing to edit the WordPress core… Read More »


.htaccess is a configuration file used by the Apache web server. It’s a hidden file located in the root folder of your website and contains rules about how the web server should function. WordPress automatically stores some of its settings in .htaccess, and advanced users… Read More »

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The header is the section found at the top of your WordPress website. It usually contains the website logo and main navigation. It may also have social media links, opening times, account options, and search functionality. It appears consistently across every page and post and… Read More »