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Scala Hosting is the best cloud-based VPS hosting provider on the market. It offers managed cloud VPS, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting at affordable prices. Moreover, you get a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and free website migration with every managed VPS hosting plan. And, WPBeginner users will get an exclusive 63% off on the Scala VPS Hosting.


  • Free Domain, SSL, and Migration
  • Free SPanel for VPS Hosting
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Award Winning Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Higher Renewal Fees
  • Limited Native Server Locations

WPBeginner users get an exclusive 63% discount and free Domain!

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Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is a popular cloud-based VPS hosting company. They offer managed VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting, app hosting, and reseller hosting plans. You should follow our complete Scala Hosting review to find if Scala Hosting is the right VPS hosting provider for your website. Click to Read More »

Scala Hosting Review

In this detailed Scala Hosting review, we will put their claims and promises through our testing process.

Following are the areas we will look into:

  • Reliability:Will your website be available 24/7/365 without any downtime?
  • Performance: How fast will your website load on the Scala Hosting VPS server? We will run our own performance tests to analyze this.
  • Customer Support:Can you count on their customer support? Will you be able to easily get help when needed?
  • Features:Do their features help you easily create and manage your website?
  • Pricing: Do they offer the best pricing in the industry? Are there any Scala Hosting deals that can save you money?

If you don’t want to go through all the details, then the following is a quick summary of our Scala Hosting review score with our conclusion below it.

Scala Hosting Review Summary
Performance gradeA+
Average load time1.04 s
Average response time120.4 ms
Free domainYes
Free SSLYes
1-click WordPressYes
SupportLive Chat / Knowledge base
Start with Scala Hosting

Bottom line: Want to skip the details? To summarize, we found Scala Hosting to be a reliable cloud VPS hosting service. Their live customer support has a quick response time.

That’s why we’ve added Scala Hosting as one of the best WordPress VPS hostingcompanies.

Let’s jump to the more detail-oriented parts of our Scala Hosting review. This will help you figure out if Scala Hosting is right for your website.

About Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting was founded in 2007 and quickly became the leader in the cloud VPS industry.

They focused on building VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting a secure space for beginners, startups, small businesses, and large enterprises.

Scala Hosting has a dedicated team to improve server and website security. And, they built SSheild to add a security layer and protect their cloud VPS hosting resources.

With automated and multiple backups on the remote servers, you can restore your website with a single click.

It also comes with a 1-click app installer for WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and other popular website builders.

Scala Hosting Pros and Cons

Most web hosting providers offer common features. And, it’s difficult for beginners to select the best WordPress hosting for their website.

Scala Hosting is a major cloud VPS hosting company with built-in powerful services. Like any hosting solution, they also have pros and cons.


  • Speed Optimization: Their VPS hosting servers are 100% SSD-powered with complete performance and speed optimization.
  • Scalability: You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS hosting plan or other Scala Hosting services, with a single click.
  • Security: Scala Hosting has SShield, a built-in cybersecurity service to prevent 99.98% of attacks and hacking attempts. It also sends alerts to you for any malicious activity on your website.
  • Freebies: With each cloud VPS hosting plan, you get a free domain name, free SSL certificate, free website migration, and a free SPanel (alternative to cPanel).
  • Customer Support: Scala Hosting has an excellent customer support team that ensures customer satisfaction. Their live chat response time is 30 seconds, which is helpful to tackle urgent issues.


  • High Renewal Fees: Scala Hosting offers up to a 63% discount on their VPS hosting and other web hosting plans. But when it comes to renewal, you’ll need to pay the original cost. From the second year, you’ll also need to pay for the domain name and other services, so the renewal fees are higher.
  • Less Server Locations: There are only three native server locations and no data centers in the Asian or Australian region. However, Scala Hosting integrates with DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services, having over a dozen servers globally.

Scala Hosting Speed Test Results

Scala Hosting claims to offer SSD cloud servers with built-in performance and speed optimization.

For our detailed Scala Hosting review, we created a test site to find out how fast Scala Hosting really is.

Our test site was powered by WordPress using the default theme. We also importeddummy content for theme development, including images.

After that, we used the Pingdom website speed testing tool to run the tests. Here are the results:

Pingdom Speed Test

As you can see, our test site loaded in 1.04 seconds, which is a good result.

Now, this is a completely fresh website with no traffic and load. So, it’s not the best way to judge the website’s performance.

For a better speed test result, we wanted to send traffic to our test site and see how it performs.

We used a tool called K6 (formerly LoadImpact). It sends virtual users to a website and gradually increased the number of users on the site up to 40 at once.

You can see the result in the chart below:

Load Impact Test

The purple line in the chart is page load time and the blue line shows the number of virtual users on our test site.

As you can see, our dummy site performed really well throughout the test with an average response time of 2,223 milliseconds.

The test results are particularly good for a managed cloud VPS hosting account.

Scala Hosting Uptime Test

After running the uptime test for a few days, we noticed that there was no downtime on our test site at all.

During this time, we sent traffic to the test site but it remained up and running with an excellent average response time.

Scala Hosting uptime report

Scala Hosting Server Response Time

The content of your website significantly affects the page load time. For example, if your website has many images, then it will increase the page load time.

This affects your server’s speed test results. We wanted to see how fast the Scala Hosting VPS server actually responds.

To test this, we used a tool called Bitcatcha.

It works differently than other website speed testing tools. Instead of loading the content, it only tests the response time of the server.

Here is how Scala Hosting performed in these tests:

Bitcatcha test

Our Scala Hosting test site performed really well. The server response time remained less than a second (precisely 120.4 ms).

And, it was merely 72 ms in the United States, which is a good result.

Overall, this server response time result indicates that your site will load quickly around the world.

Scala Hosting Pricing Plans

Scala Hosting offers a variety of plans for beginners, developers, small businesses, and agencies.

The pricing plans are different for managed cloud VPS hosting, self-managed cloud VPS, simple web hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Here are the Scala Hosting Managed Cloud VPS plans and their features:

  • Start – This plan costs $14.95 per month (when paid for three years). It includes 50GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth
  • Advanced – The second-tier plan starts at $32.95 per month (when paid for three years). Here you get 80GB SSD and unlimited bandwidth
  • Business – A more top-notch plan that costs $72.95 per month (when paid for three years). This includes 160GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth
  • Enterprise – The top-tier plan costs $152.95 per month (when paid for three years). It comes with 320GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth, good enough for an enterprise-level business

You can host unlimited websites with any of the managed cloud VPS hosting plans. And, each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Scala Hosting also integrates with Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean. If you choose a VPS hosting plan for these services, then pricing plans start at $41.95 per month.

WPBeginner users get an exclusive up to 63% discount on all Scala Hosting plans and services. You should check out Scala Hosting coupon code for more details.

Scala Hosting Customer Support

Scala Hosting offers the best 24/7 live chat support. You can reach out to them anytime from their website or your VPS hosting dashboard.

The support team includes technical support, sales, and billing experts.

Scala Hosting’s customer support team ensures customer satisfaction and they’re available at every step to guide you with purchasing and setting up your site.

They claim to respond on live chat within 30 seconds to every customer. Also, their support ticket response time is 15 minutes for every ticket.

Conclusion: Is Scala Hosting the Best Cloud VPS Hosting Provider?

Scala Hosting has over 700,000 websites hosted on their VPS cloud servers. The company is focused primarily to offer the best managed cloud VPS services on the market.

If you’re looking for a VPS hosting plan, then Scala Hosting is definitely the right choice for your website.

With award-winning customer support and regular backups, Scala Hosting has everything you need to make a website and grow your business.

Ready to get your online business up and running? Check out Scala Hosting’s managed cloud VPS hosting now!

WPBeginner users get an exclusive 63% discount and free Domain!

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  1. Support was very patient with me and walked me through what needed to be done to get my site working again. Scalahosting is the absolute best in not only support, but hosting as well. I’ve been extremely happy with them throughout my many years.

  2. Scalahosting is one of the best hosting company I dealt with as far as services, SPanel control panel and support. Thank you.

  3. Super helpful, courteous, and attentive. Took care of my requests and got my site transferred very quickly.

  4. Great customer service. Whenever I had issues with my site, their customer service would guide me through the issues really patiently (my IT skills are limited). Just for that, it deserves a 5 star.

  5. I had to resort to tech support this past week and everyone has been so helpful! I am stoked how amazing the customer service is here in Scalahosting. Quick reply, guided me every step of the way and very patiently. I appreciate this so much!

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  7. As always – Scalahosting Support to my rescue!! They figured out my problem SO quickly! They are truly supportive, thanks!!

  8. Excellent service, SPanel and assistance! I really appreciate all of their patience and help.

  9. Once again I received excellent support above and beyond what I expected. I have been with Scalahosting for 5 years and the help and support that I received is way better than that offered by my previous hosting sites.

  10. I have never been let down by Scalahosting Support. They are responsive and efficient in solving a problem. They make your problem seem like it is the most important thing that needs a solution…and, always seem to have that solution at hand.

  11. I made a mistake accepting a promotion and paid for a second account. The staff was great explaining what had happened and offered to give me a refund on the account I had mistakenly bought. Scalahosting has the best support team.

  12. Super friendly, super helpful and the issue gets resolved every single time. And service always does way more than I would expect, so they actually stay with you till it’s done and not just point you to some resources. Best customer service I have ever had, and consistently over several years. Really impressed!

  13. Scalahosting team was really supportive and helped to fix my problem really quickly! Thank you very much!

  14. They have a good knowledge base and an amazing support team. Every time I had a technical issue, I got great chat support within seconds. Even if they cannot solve it right away, they make sure that they follow up until the issue is solved.

  15. Excellent support experience from a very knowledgeable support team member. And their pricing policy is simple and flexible and there are no hidden fees. Like them.

  16. I recommend Scalahosting to a number of customers as their services are quality with high uptime and user-friendly SPanel. It is very easy to use but also the support is fantastic. Highly recommend.

  17. Excellent and prompt customer service. Webmaster-friendly control panel – SPanel. Site hosting is superfast. Prices are competitive. Highly recommended.

  18. I decided to use Scalahosting because of their customer service, user-friendly SPanel and good reviews. Now, three years in I decided to renew for another three because they have been great.

  19. It’s a great hosting provider with lots of tools – had SPanel control panel which was my main interest. Customer support is fast and easy too.

  20. Awesome place. Convenient and reliable service can be got from Scalahosting + their user-friendly control panel – SPanel. Support is second to none.

  21. Scalahosting is by far my favorite hosting platform. The reliability and ease of use are great, but the reason is mainly because the technical help is so consistently amazing. Thank you for your expertise, and quick patient solution!

  22. Always get a clear and positive experience when dealing with the tech’s at Scalahosting.

  23. I appreciate the support received and also suggestions regarding plugins for my website. I have a web developer that checked the backend and made suggestions that would save me money, if I did the work, and sure enough, I gained knowledge and saved money. Thanks!

  24. Professional and polite. Real help. I really like the support today, one person that understand my questions, give the right indications and extremely polite and professional.

  25. Absolutely incredible hosting services with webmaster-friendly control panel – SPanel. Their support team is second to none. They solve your technical issues seamlessly and quickly!

  26. Support was quickly able to resolve my issues on a weekend. Plans are full of useful for me resources + high uptime. Recommend.

  27. Scalahosting is my hosting of choice. I like their support, extremely knowledgeable and always wants to help no matter how small the issue. I use them as my host and I also advise people to do the same.

  28. I was in a tough situation with managing a renewal and Scalahosting was very helpful in guiding me to a solution. Thanks very much to the helpful and considerate customer service representative.

  29. Scalahosting is the best in the field. Their hosting plans are flawless. And more than anything, nothing beats their customer service. They are the nicest people of all.

  30. Online technical support is a great group, fast response and trustworthy..
    They provided me with a lot of services and explanations.. And their SPanel is second to none.

  31. I’m so glad to be your client of Scalahosting company, what an awesome support they have. And moreover their SPanel is beyond praise. All works well for me.

  32. I had a great experience with Scalahosting’s support team (as always). They were able to solve my issue quickly and the resolution was seamless. I am very satisfied with the service provided by their support team since Day One. I also like that they are available 24/7. Thank you.

  33. Scalahosting is a fast and reliable hosting company. Whether it’s for a blog or a business website, they have all types of hosting solutions – fits the budget. Plus, customer service support is truly amazing. They are available 24/7.

  34. It was really a pleasant experience. I am totally pleased with their server speed and accuracy of the person. Job well done! And their control panel – SPanel is very usable.

  35. I am very impressed with the support service, SPanel control panel and the speed of the responses and the detailed explanation provided by this company.

  36. Great support. Very fast and very knowledgeable. Helpful beyond words. Reduced my stress levels immediately. SPanel is quite customizable and has a nice navigation.

  37. It is always an incredible experience, not only because of the customer service level provided but also because you really feel well supported.

  38. Experience was excellent, clean, handled! Their control panel – SPanel – is simple to use and their pricing policy is right for me. Servers are as solid as a rock.

  39. I am very satisfied with Scalahosting’s service and use it. Consultation is also very quick and accurate. I recommend them to people around me.

  40. I really like their support team, they are 24/7 avalilable.
    Their control panel SPanel is the best one which I have ever used.
    Pricing policy is simple and straightforward.

  41. Just did my purchase and must share my customer service experience with Scalahosting which is awesome, fast, professional and always there! I was connected to customer support agent who was incredible and always trying to help and even more! 5 from 5!!!
    Thanks a lot for this amazing customer service experience and user-friendly control panel SPanel!

  42. Thanks for a great hosting service, you are the best and most reliable as always.
    SPanel is usable and has a comfortable navigation. Prices are also modest.

  43. Their technicians solved my problem very quickly and got my site back up and running before I could even check it. I always get great, friendly and professional service from the their Tech Support Team! It’s really a pleasure dealing with them and I am very happy I chose your service over the competitors! I recommend it to all my colleagues.

  44. I can’t thank Scalahosting enough for their great service. From technical questions, to even budgetary concerns, they just seem to know how to solve everything. And the best part is, they do everything for you! Definitely a first-class level service.

  45. Great service provider Scalahosting is! I love their customer service and SPanel. And their pricing policy is simple and flexible.

  46. It’s good as expected, this is my second account under Scalahosting company and the support is still in the best level + webmaster-friendly SPanel.

  47. Scalahosting are amazing. The customer service is insane. You can always reach them in seconds and they solve all your problems in a matter of minutes.

  48. It was really awesome chatting with them. The staff is quite knowledgeable and provide accurate help. No asking to buy stuff, always providing some good solution. And their SPanel is web-master-friendly and usable.

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