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How to Update URLs When Moving Your WordPress Site

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How to Update URLs When Moving Your WordPress Site

If you have ever had to move your site from one location to another you know how painful it is to go back and rewrite every link and URL to point to the new location. The Velvet Blues Plugin for WordPress will do exactly that. It allows you to input your new website URL and then it automatically updates every link in your blog.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

To get started, first you want to download the Velvet Blues Plugin. Once you have activated it go to the settings tab in your admin panel and select “update URLs”. You will then be shown a screen that allows you to type in your old website URL as well as your new website URL.

Update Urls

Choose which URLs you would like to have updated and as soon as you press update URLs all of the links in your site that you selected will be modified. Although this saves a lot of time, you will still have to go back and manually change any links that are hardcoded. This is by far the easiest and effective solution that we know of that allows you to update your post URLs in WordPress when switching sites.

Download the Velvet Blues Plugin for WordPress here

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  1. Vidy says:

    Cool plugin and great tutorial, I’ve just migrate my domain and I have 300 post. I searched exactly the plugin u reviewed. Thanks for your help. I didn’t needed to replace my internal link one by one.

  2. Michelle Z. says:

    Question: I updated my theme, and the blogroll is now on a secondary page, when it used to be on the homepage. So I have the same url but different path. Check it out:

    Old Link (we want to maintain these):

    New Link:

    I tried adjusting the permalinks but its not working…yet. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much!

  3. Sourabh Saraf says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tut , i usually go for backupbuddy for my migration but sometimes due to server limitations backupbuddy doesnt work . This trick comes handy everytime i manually migrate wordpress and works like a charm .

  4. Sonali says:

    My old and new site urls are the same since I migrated my site content from to Not sure how to use this and get those errors fixed…Please advice! Thanks!

  5. Melissa says:

    I used this plugin after migrating from Blogger to WordPress. None of my image URLs are updating…so none of my images are currently showing on my blog ( Can anyone help me with this? I’m freaking out!

  6. jatinder says:

    I installed this plugin and is working perfectly.

    But my question is, why doest it work on the content build using Content Builder plugins like Visual composer or Muffin tool. i have certain hard-coded links it does change those link.

    Any comments??

    • Josh says:

      Hi Jatinder.
      The reason this plugin doesn’t work for content inside Visual Composer is because Visual Composer stores the links in a strange way. If you click on “Classic Mode” in Visual Composer you’ll see that links don’t look like proper URLs.

      For example, I have a VC button that points to this link:

      But in Classic Mode I can see that the link looks like this:

      So this will be why Velvet Blues doesn’t change these links.

      To fix the content, without having to manually edit every link, you’ll need to run another search and replace plugin and search for the urls using this structure.

  7. marcelo araujo says:

    hi, cool post. some media does not change. specifically the media that is added in theme options. any command to change all urls in all database? i change mine from .org/site for

  8. Henry says:

    Hi Syed

    I am desperately looking to get advice on the following. I have recently flicked my website from http to https. It all works fine however the links in the content hasn’t changed to https. I was just wondering do I have to rewrite them all manually (hope I don’t) or is there any solutions for making them sitewide https?

    Does anyone know the answer?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


  9. Christine Lavery says:

    **SOS** I have recently changed my site to a site, I followed every instruction on your post about “How to Change Your to” ( Everything seemed to transfer smoothly. However, I also ran the Velvet Blues plug-in and it did not work because I needed to update the domain name. I don’t know what to do to fix this, and I am still new at this enough that I don’t trust my abilities to manually adjust the links myself. I’ve already paid and set up/activated everything through Bluehost, and I noticed on the link above that you guys also will change everything over for an individual for free. Is it to late for you to help with that? I desperately need the help and I don’t want to do anything else to “mess up” my new blog further.

  10. Maggie Dill says:

    Hi there, I can’t figure out how to edit my original URL, because my default blog address is a address that I can’t seem to change. I’ve transfered everything else to a site including updating the name servers to bluehost, and I wonder if this last blog url
    detail is holding me back?

  11. Louise Findlay says:

    Whoa, I wish I used this instead of the Broken Links Checker plugin.

  12. Jose says:

    Hello there,

    I have just used velvet blues update urls to change my urls to make them protocol relative, changin by // In order to revert the changes, should I use in both the old and new url fields or should I enter // in the old url field and in the new url field?

    Thank your. Love your site!

  13. tiggyboo says:

    Does changing the links have to be associated with a site move? I.e., I work in an area where tons of wordpress content addresses an internal URL that will be changing, and we’re looking for a way to do it en masse… would this be applicable? Can it ignore parameters in a URL?

  14. Robin Jennings says:

    Great plugin. Worked a treat and saved me hours of time!

  15. Johanna Summers says:

    We ran Velvet Blues today to try to fix the image urls that appear with the temp url address in the html on each page ( but correctly as the file url in our WP Media – eh?) – it hasn’t changed them – we now have the blues? Why didn’t it work? (we moved our site to WP about 3 weeks ago.. stressed!

    • Philipp C. Dukatz says:

      Hi Johanna, have you found a way to solve this? I am about to move my blog from temp to live and I am really afraid of the same thing ….

  16. Vincent says:


    Great article. Thanks.

    Unfortunately I am still confused about whether “updating the URLs” using these special plugins is actually necessary for when you’re simply taking a development site (in a subdirectory, say live on the root domain, and not actually moving any files??

    For example, I did a test and made my site live by following the instructions is the WordPress Codex. I simply changed the wp site URL in general settings, put a copy of the index and htaccess file in the above root folder (and tweaked index.php to require the subdirectory), updated permalinks and viola: everything works including my links to my attachments in posts.

    Curiously however, when I then “update the URLs in the database” using a dedicated plugin, then it actually breaks some of my links. Note I update all the tables except the options table as this has the wp home url link which should remain as

    I actually think this topic is one of the more unclear parts of the WordPress Codex.

    Perhaps I don’t understand the difference in effects between hardcoded links and non-hardcoded links properly?


  17. Mimi says:

    I ran the plugin and it seems it did not update any of my links so I have to them all manually :(

  18. Felix Whelan says:

    I have been blogging for a while using domain name A. I am changing to a new domain name, domain B. But I have the same hosting account with the same host. I want all my old posts to stay right where they are. I just want my new domain name to lead to them. Essentially, someone who logged in to domain A yesterday would be able to click domain B today and get to the same experience. Will this plug in accomplish that? Thank you for your help!

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      On your hosting account edit your Domain A and point it to some other directory. After that Edit domain B and point it to the directory that was previously used by domain A. You can also ask your webhost for support. After that you will need this plugin to update your URLs, you will also need to update your WordPress site and home URL in wp-config.php file to make sure it is pointing to domain B.

  19. Todd Lohenry says:

    Is there a way to do this with

  20. Joy says:


    I need a little help. I activated the Velvet Blues plug-in, and had it update my URLS for my old site to move to, but now when I do a Google search and click on old links at the I get “Not found, error 404″ on the How can I fix this?

    Also, I’m pretty new to this tech stuff, how do I “manually change any links that are hardcoded”? What’s a hardcoded link?

    Thanks in advance!

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      The plugin updates your URLs in the database but you still need to import your old site first and set the permalink structures.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Forgive my ignorance. I’m fairly new to all this and I may not be using the right terminology but I migrated from .com to .org last week. I didn’t see the “move your blog” tutorial from wpbeginner until after and so I followed my new hosts tutorial which was MUCH more difficult and technical. Anyway… I’m moved. Everything appears to be working fine but my images are still pointing to the old site. From what i read, this plug in would help but I’m stuck on old url/new url. Isn’t my url the same as my domain name? And my domain name stayed the same when I moved so… I’m a little lost there. On my NEW admin page I can go to settings>general and see that my “wordpress address” and “site address” are both the same as http:// mydomainname which is what I’ve always thought of as my url, both before and after I moved. On my OLD admin page (.com) I can’t see my “wordpress address under general settings. How do I differentiate?

    • WPBeginner Support says:

      We are sorry, but we can not understand how can your old site and new site have the same domain and how can they both be live at the same time? Can you please reply to this comment with your old and new site URLs?

      • CathyWebSavvyPR says:

        I’m betting that he paid to do 301 a redirect from to his full domain name

  22. Marshall says:

    O my god!
    When did it happen. Can’t wait to give it a try…
    Doing it via database is painful.

  23. RW says:

    Love this whole post and discussion. Some great ideas. Personally, I don’t think this is worth a plugin. I always use an SQL query or export my DB and use text editor to find and replace, then re-import. Works great. Obviously, hard-coded links have to be done manually.

    I just don’t love the idea of using more plugins unless I have too. Chuck, I’ll try out your SQL next time. Thanks for the tip!

    • Vincent Robic says:

      I totally agree with you, but in some case, settings are stored as serialized array, and it’s more convenient to use a plugin.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Why add more work for yourself, when a plugin can do it just fine. This is not a plugin that you keep active on your site. You install it, use it, and then delete it.

      • RW says:

        What about if you’re moving a site from a sub-directory to root or even the other way around? Can this plugin handle that as well?

        • Editorial Staff says:

          Yes. Because all it is doing is a search and replace in your database. This is very handy for those who don’t want to go in their phpMyAdmin. Plugins like Duplicator are more useful because they do the whole migration process and then this.

  24. Vincent Robic says:


    I just wrote a plugin that does the job. It also handles serialized data, VelvetBlues Update URLs doesn’t do at the moment ;-)

    You will still have to manually update the siteurl option in order to access the Administration Panel, but then, it will update all your stuff : posts (including pages and custom post types), excerpts, medias, custom fields, options, GUIDs.

    It’s available on the WordPress Plugin Directory :

    • Dotta Raphels says:

      Hi Vincent,

      I’m new to and would please like an idiot’s guide to installing this plugin. I host with GoDaddy. I just moved over and none of my links work. Please help!

  25. zimbrul says:

    This is something I didn’t know…used to do this manually …good tip.

  26. jeroenhoman says:

    @viking_olof Just what the doctor ordered! You saved me a few hours of rewriting my URLs…

  27. samuelcane says:

    @wpbeginner you wouldn’t believe how timely your tweet was, just moved from dev to live when I noticed my URL’s! thanks so much! #panicover

  28. easyP says:

    Hi Everyone

    I came across this plugin recently and will be trying it this weekend.

    I developed a site on a temporary URL, which means that all the URL’s for the graphics need updating so I’ll be using it for that.

  29. Adam W. Warner says:

    Yeah, this seems like a mostly un-useful plugin unfortunately. @chuckreynolds and @wpstudio advice below are both useful, use BackupBuddy (because it handles the search/replace, or do it manually with those SQL queries.

    However, one thing that I’ve run across on multiple occasions is that some plugins are using serialized data strings to store data and a simple SQL search/replace won’t update that data. BackupBuddy search/replace does account for serialized data, but I’m not sure it checks recursively.

    My method for migrating sites is using a mix of BackupBuddy, then running the awesome Serialization Fix script from

    I migrated a Multisite installation where the client had used a plugin that stored it’s data in serialized arrays and after the migration over 300 content blocks were missing. Running the script above saved the day;)

    • wpbeginner says:

      @Adam W. Warner Great suggestion Adam. This plugin might be a bit irrelevant when making the initial move, but it is a good free alternative for anyone who is not very well-versed with MySQL knowledge.BackupBuddy for the win though.

    • chuckreynolds says:

      @Adam W. Warner Nice, thanks Adam that’s useful. Cheers

      • Adam W. Warner says:

        @chuckreynolds Sharing our collective experiences is all part of being in the community:)

        p.s. Sorry to hear you won’t be involved in another WordCamp Phoenix, but I understand it’s a HUGE undertaking;)

  30. wpstudio says:

    This is why I love BackupBuddy. It updates all the URLs for you when you migrate a site.

  31. chuckreynolds says:

    plugins typically fail for doing this as most of the time you’re moving from a temp url to a domain and once you’re moved over you can’t use a plugin becuase of the redirection in place to the old url.

    The SQL queries to run to fix all that are here:

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