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HostGator hosts over 8 million domains and is known as one of the well-reputed web host in the industry. With 1-click WordPress installation, 99.9% up time gurantee, and 24/7 support, it's a smart and easy choice. Even WPBeginner is hosted on HostGator dedicated servers.


  1. Julie says:

    HostGator is terrible. I knew I’d made a mistake before I even got my WordPress site set up. I had to call just to get them to release some whatever so that I could even set up WordPress and migrate my blog over from blogger! I should have changed right away but I didn’t. I knew the day would come sooner or later when I’d absolutely have to and that day has arrived just 6 months later. I’ve had issues with my blog being slow, but I put up with it. Then it went from slow to impossible to load, returning 504 errors half the time and just spinning forever the other half. I jumped on chat support and within minutes I saw a “server reset” message show up on my blog, then the chat person came back and said “everything looks fine on our end”. Then it would load and continue loading for about a half hour before I’d be right back where I started. The second time I jumped on chat the tech blamed it on a lack of caching plugin (which I had). Within an hour after that chat I couldn’t reach my blog at all. Then I couldn’t even get the cpanel to load. I spent most of the time on hold looking for other hosting companies so I could make the switch. Of course, I’d pre-paid for HostGator but I’ll take the loss to find a hosting company that actually works and doesn’t find a reason to come up with excuses for everything. While on the phone with tech support the girl was mumbling I couldn’t understand half of what she said and I told her that. Her response was “oh it’s the connection, I can’t really understand you either”. The funny thing was starting with that statement I could understand everything she said. Excuses once again. The phone call ended with still no resolution as she had to get an admin to monitor the server and none were currently available.

  2. Ben says:

    My website has gotten hacked 3 times since allowing them to host my site (never had a problem before that). To talk to someone online, expect a 30 minute wait, which sometimes does not even connect you to someone after that time. Support is bad. I have sent in multiple tickets to try to get issues resolved. Very disappointed with hostgator.

  3. SH says:

    I have been using HostGator for a while now and they have just been hosting my website while I work on it and I have not had any trouble. They do what they are mean’t to do.

  4. anteos says:

    Im using hostgator almost 10 years now. it was great. great technical service too. they helped me redirects my website and all without question. now, it was disaster, technical support is never there waiting time is 30 mins then none will assist you they will close your window.
    Im leaving hostgator by tonight.

  5. mpatzekov says:

    I was in love with hostgator. Now their support is slow as f***. More than 24h my websites are down. If you want a professional attitude go for hostgator. White hair is guaranteed. When i was paying for a dedicated everything was fine. But on shared – very, very poor support. More than 24h downtime is more than a breakdown for any type of business. 2 out of 100.

  6. Roger Dods says:

    Hostgator is a shining example of a company that forgot what made it great.

    7 years ago they were a great company, with excellent support and short wait times. Now, you are better off going to almost anyone else.

    We have had constant downtime and went 48 hours with a complete lack of access to email. Furthermore, online chat wait times are now a minimum of 30 minutes, with my average being closer to an hour. Several times I have just give up.

    I currently have two open support tickets. One is on hour 90 with no response and the other is on hour 104 with no response.

    This is a sinking ship. Get off while you can.

  7. Jordan says:

    all the positive reviews here about Host gator are bullshit. They are the absolute worst hosting company to choose when running any type of CMS or dynamic script. STAY AWAY, it might be cheap, but its cheap for a reason…. better to spend $2 than to throw $1 away.

  8. Andrew says:

    I read about all reviews here about host gator and frankly I am about to vomit. I am quiet surprise to read about host gator`s so called integrity.
    Well let me tell you my experience with them anyway. I bought domains to be hosted by them and had monthly subscriptions going for those domains. They eventually requested for my id which is normal. I did. Then comes the weird part. I waited to have access to my control panel but none. I sent one email informing them of the log in problems….no reply. I logged into the ticket dept and informed them of my access being denied but no one replied. I thought to myself, this is I send another email and waiting for 24 hours, nothing I waited for 48 hours nothing.I send another email and waited for another few days…nothing. One week and counting down for the next subscription cycle to take place…nothing. So for all the quick reply folks, it`s not always the case. They have some bad ass ppl in the house as well. They can control that monthly subscription thing by playing dumb.I wasn`t even rude when I send my emails.
    I am still waiting….this is genuine scam. I don`t care how people interpret this but in my books,this is scam at it`s best.

  9. Jason Mathes says:

    I used to love HostGator – great cheap hosting that worked. That was until they were bought out by EIG and then migrated my site. When they moved it from the old data center to the Provo UT location? Service plumeted. My uptime was affected. It appeared that they had jammed me onto too many other users as it was painfully slow even after optimizing it and running both MaxCDN and CloudFlare!

    I was getting inconsistent times between 3-30 seconds! After the last outage they had? I moved off of them to a new host and now couldn’t be happier. If you have been moved to the Provo UT location? I’d start researching for a new host. Just make sure you search for “EIG Owned Hosting” and then stay away from all of them. They are now just ‘dummy’ companies – which are now stuffed in that same junk data center.

    I’m surprised that people still offer links or promote their hosting.

  10. Houston says:

    I have been with Host Gator for several years. I have about 40 sites hosted with them. Moving all the sites to a new hosting provider is no small task but I am thinking about doing it. Just like many of the other reviews here I have since experienced a decline both in Service and be. I have repeatedly complained to them that the server that I am on seems to respond quickly while other times it seems to be pathetically slow. This seems to be happening more and more. I am not an IT professional but I am guessing that they are cramming more and more sites on their shared server machines or they are not monitoring their servers. Whatever the reason I am not as happy as I once was.

    With regards to support. Old times have definitely ball supply over the last year or so. Please to be on Paul no more than a few minutes now it seems it’s at least 20 to 30 minutes every time I need to call them. That doesn’t bother me so much as the performance issue. Performance’s be it is critical for me as I’m sure it will be for you as well. As much as I hate to say it I cannot recommend Host Gator.

  11. James says:

    I love hostgator, been using them for about 3 years now and never missed a beat. Great support.

  12. Daniel says:

    My advertising company was been with Hostgator for years. Up until recently they were really a great company to work with. However then hold times became REALLY REALLY long, and then they started screwing up stuff. Today I discovered that they cancelled our server account for non-payment last month. However when I called our bank I discovered that the charge was actually approved. As a result of Hostgator’s screw up tons of our client’s websites went down, as did their Adword campaigns for over a week. Our clients are furious, as we have egg on our face, all because Hostgator actually got paid and then said that they didn’t. WHAT THE &*#$(# ?

    Avoid Hostgator. Not a professional organization.

  13. Ed says:

    I’ve been with hostgator for a few years now. Up until they moved their data centers everything was fine. Ever since then it’s been a nightmare. Down time, server updates, and slower speeds. Do not waste your time or money. They used to be great. Things have changed with them.

  14. Ennis says:

    I started with one company not listed in these reviews and after a very short period switched to HG. Been with them for almost four years now. In the beginning I thought they were the absolute best. Support was 24/7 and they would help with any problem. I was so green I didn’t even know what WordPress was or FTP or server and I called and asked hundreds of questions about anything that came up. They always patiently helped me out.

    I rarely had any down time to speak of. In over three years I can remember one very short period where my site was down. When I called about it, they explained what was happening and the problem was resolved in a very short period.

    I sung their praises. My site is not about technical stuff but I wrote about HG, talking about their one of a kind support and pointing everyone in their direction. I advertised HG. It has been the banner ad on my header almost exclusively since day one, although I have never once gotten a sale for my efforts.

    Now, however, things have changed. The support personnel are very very difficult to get on the phone. I believe HG has recently marketed for expansion but didn’t allow for additional support. My last support call required over 20 mins wait time and the chats aren’t any better. On one occasion, when I did get through and asked about backups – the alert said there was too much to backup – instead of an explanation on what was happening I got the emotional equivalent of “tough crap.” Backups are fine now but I still don’t know what the problem was.

    And on top of that, my site goes down regularly now. I think it is still up 99.9% but why the difference? Why more down time now? What’s happening now that wasn’t happening before?

    Will I move? I think that is inevitable but I’m not sure to where. Better, more reliable hosting, will cost more, but which host will do the best job, is the question.

    I am, however, disappointed with the accessibility of HG.

  15. Nate Silva says:

    Considering moving to HostGator … especially considering the price. But speed is definitely one of my larger concerns, and it’s why I want to leave my current host.

    Can anyone comment on the average speed of sites hosted on the Hatchling/Baby Shared Plans? I’m sure dedicated is the way to go if money is of no consideration, but it’s still a factor.

    Thanks for any and all help.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      HostGator smaller plans are good for smaller sites.

      As a side note: speed has other factors as well (such as site design, plugins you are using, etc).

      • Nate Silva says:

        Understood. The reason I ask is because my current provider is very slow with even an “out-of-the-box” install of WordPress … so at least that way, I know it’s not the site design, plugins, etc when it comes to my issues there.

        Thanks for the help.

  16. Jesse Brede says:

    I have been using HostGator for the last year and have been extremely satisfied. Their support is solid and their prices are great. Three Thumbs up.

  17. Jasmine Charter says:

    I used to recommend Hostgator, but some of their more recent practices have changed my mind and I will NEVER recommend them again. Between getting affiliate commissions from them or buying hosting for clients, I seem to have nothing but problems with them and they give LOUSY customer service. It seems one person doesn’t know what the others are doing.

    It’s happened too often for me and I will NOT be using them for any other sites and when it comes time to renew, I’ll be moving my sites to a different host.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Jasmine, I have been using HostGator since 2007. I have noticed their Live Chat support gotten worst. But I just use the phone support which gets the issue resolved within minutes.

  18. Ed Selby says:

    I’ve used HostGator for… well, for years. I have found their up-time to be as close to 100% as possible. The CPanel is a breeze for users of any level (if you even need it!).

    My only complaint is when I was webmaster for over 250 websites on HG, my account and account access was shut down due to high activity on my sites. There was no prior notice of a problem, and the shut downs happened at times when I wasn’t even able to get the one notice that was sent (late at night on a Friday). But when I moved my accounts to a different tier of service, HG made it happen quickly and painlessly with no loss in uptime.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Hey Ed,

      Yes, this goes back to the point of “unlimited resources”. There is no such thing. The smaller tier plans work great for smaller sites, but once you start getting too much traffic, they will ask you to upgrade.

  19. Hamza Tariq says:

    I have been the user of Hostgator’s since 2009, when I have launched my first blog in the universe to earn money from the blogging. I have really enjoyed the luxury of premium Hostgator hosting, even I have used shared hosting for more than 1.5 year, and face couple of deadly attacks on my blogs, such as major attack of Project Honey Bee from Beijing that almost kills the Hostgator server. But still these guys are really quick and awesome, they worked with me up to 72 hours to solve out the issue and completely saves my blog.

    It is not the single time when these guys saved my projects, couple of times I played with their servers to enable many additional features without their permission, but these guys are just awesome and dear to me, they never warned me like other hosts that they will kick me out. They always worked with me, even I trustfully shared my WP – Admin login’s with them for couple of hours to solve out the problem. Just love their response time, and their servers are mind blowing. However, from last couple of months I am having serious problems with servers, but still my vote goes to HG. They are the best hosting in the town, at least for the WP.

  20. Osama Shabrez says:

    My journey with hostgator started like a year ago when one of my clients provided me her cpanel password which finally landed on HG hosting with its very own fresh and soothing HG Theme. From the site speed to their awesome live support, phone help and ticket system everything is just fabulous which made me shift my hosting to them just after finishing my job.

    I started with a local hosting company with a limit of 10 entry processes concurrently and due to which soon shifted to JustHost, which seemed to be quite user friendly that time with unlimited addon domains support for as much low as $69 or $79, but I was never satisfied with their service once I started with them, the load time was the same like I was getting from my local provider and nothing seemed to change or improved, but HG really made my blog, my alexa dropped and so do the site load time, the user experience improved, bounce rate decreased and traffic started getting increased day by day and is still climbing the ladder.

    I’m a freelance developer I have encountered hosting companies right from yahoo to the amazon cloud, but when we talk about low budget hosting hostgator is your only choice.

    The only disadvantage I have came across until now is their affiliate network, but I am pretty sure we’ll find a way there too.

    If you are looking for budget hosting with all the features of a pro-level hosting, hostgator should be your first preference and they really eat their competition – thats what the crocodile above is for!

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